April 28, 2009
By Alex Ashley BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
Alex Ashley BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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It was a peaceful day in the year 2013. School day was just beginning and everything was going the right way. No one expected what was going to happen. John was a normal kid. He was doing well in school and was on the lacrosse team. Lacrosse was his schools main. The school was number 1 in the state. John was happy to be a defender and he was good at it. Today he was going to have the championship game, but he didn’t know that this game was going to be the last thing on his mind.
He got to class and sat down in the middle row of chairs. Class was just beginning and his friends came in and sat next to him. John and his friends started talking about the game and how they could win it. A few minutes later, the teacher came and told everyone to be quiet. The teacher started taking about mathematics. John knew this stuff but he still listed. Then out of thin air he heard a voice. He looked around thinking someone was whispering to him, but no one was talking. He wondered about the voice but then he just moved on. He was out in the halls talking to his friends. John then heard the voice again, but this time he understood what the voice was saying. The voice said, “He is coming, be ready.”
John looked around again, then at his friends but no one was talking to him. He started to think about what the voice said to him but he didn’t get who was coming. He went on to the next period. This class was Spanish. John did know some Spanish, but he still was learning. A few minutes into the class, he started to see different colors. He rubbed his eyes but that didn’t help. Everything went to black and white. When class ended, John went straight into the bathroom and washed his face with water. The color came back to his vision. He went back out of the bathroom and went to his locker. His friends came over and John told them about the voices he heard and his vision going bad. They told him to take it easy today and John tried to calm down. He wanted to be ready for the game later today.

It was lunchtime and everyone was eating. John was still hearing voices telling him that someone was coming and he needed to be ready. John didn’t know what to do. He just ignored the voice. He was at the lunch table with his friends, eating and talking. Then he heard the voice again. The voice said, “Do not ignore the warnings…” right after he heard that he vision went black.
He woke up in a bed, in the nurses’ office. The nurse looked at him and asked him if he was okay. John said, “Yes. What happed?”
The nurse told him about him blacking out and falling on the ground at lunch. That was two hours ago. John was stunned to hear that he was out for that long. He went outside and saw that his friends were waiting for him. They wanted to see if he was okay and he told him that he was fine. They walked back to their class. There were only a few minutes left in his class, so the teacher let him wait outside. The class let out and he met up with his friends at the lockers. They asked him what happed and he told them about just blacking out for no reason and waking up in the nurse’s office. Then he heard the voices again but they said, “ Your life is in danger! Be on your guard.”
He didn’t like the tone of the voice but he ignored it. Then at that moment his vision went blank and he blacked out again. His friends quickly got help and the nurse called an ambulance to come and bring him to an emergency room. The doctor looked at him and he couldn’t find anything wrong with John. He let him out an hour later. He said to go home and get some rest. John did that.
Hours had passed and John got ready for the lacrosse game. He then felt weak and fell down but didn’t black out. He felt himself get stronger but felt that his body was changing. His teeth and jaw grew out and his vision went black and white. He started growing fur. His hands were starting to turn into paws. Then everything stopped and he saw that he turned into a wolf. John tried to talk but all he heard was barks. He didn’t know what to do. He wanted to go to the lacrosse game but he didn’t want anyone to see him. His Mom knocked on the door. She asked, “ Are you alright, John?”
John tried to answer but his mom didn’t understand him. His mom walked in and saw him as a wolf. She screamed so loud that John had to jump out of the window. He tried to figure out what went wrong and how to change back. Then he heard that voice again and it said, “ The only way to change back is to stop him.”
John didn’t know who “him” was but the voice was gone before he could ask any question. He wandered the streets, ducking in and out of alleyways so that no one could see him. He saw a puddle of water and looked in the reflection and saw that he was slowly turning back to normal. 30 minutes later he was back to normal, with all his clothes he had before the transformation.
John went back to his house and his mom was so glad to see he wasn’t hurt. His mom told about the wolf that was in his room. John wanted to tell his mom that it was him but he didn’t. He drove to the lacrosse game by himself. He got to game and saw that it hadn’t started, so he got his gear out of the car and went to meet his teammates. They were glad he could come to the game. The coach was worried about John blacking out again, but he let John play.
The game was about to start and John jogged to his spot on the field. John started to feel weird again, but again he didn’t black out and he felt the strength that he felt earlier that day. The game had started and John’s eyes turned red. The other team had the ball and tried to bring it down. When the player close to John got the ball, John flattened him out. The ball popped out and he picked it up and ran down field. One of the other team’s defenders tried to stop him but when they got close to John, he jumped over the defender and kept on going. No one else was in his way. He took a shot and it sped right by the goalie and right through the net. The hole in the net was a little burned from where the ball went through. Everyone couldn’t believe what just happened. The ref checked the net and said it was a goal. They patched up the net and started playing again.
The game was almost over and John’s team looked like they were going to win. John felt this pain like he felt in his bedroom. He was subbed out and the coach checked him out. John was on the ground unable to get up from the pain. It felt like his body was being torn apart. Then his jaw started to grow out and his teeth started to get longer. He started to look like a wolf again. Everyone started to back away slowly. John tried to stop himself from turning into a wolf but he couldn’t stop it. A few seconds later, he looked like the wolf in his bedroom. Everyone was stunned. The game was stopped. He tried to walk towards his teammates but they were running away from him. He didn’t know what to do. He heard that same voice again and it said, “He is near”.
John looked around and saw a strange looking person in the middle of the field. He noticed that the person was from his school, but he didn’t know who he was. He walked towards that person and that person attacked John. The guy turned into a wolf too and they fought. The sky turned dark and everyone was in fear. Lightning flashed across the sky. The winds were howling and it looked liked the end of the world. The battle was hard and fast. Both wolves were had good strength and speed. Few minutes later John got the other wolf down and he started chewing his flesh off. There was blood everywhere but the blood was black not red.
When John stopped and stepped back, he saw that the other wolf had disappeared. He wondered who the guy was but before he could find out he heard a howl and looked up on the hill. He saw that there were several wolves running down. John didn’t know if they were friends or enemy but before he could move, one of them attacked him. He was able to dodge the attack and tackle the other wolf. The rest of the pack was coming over and it looked like John was going to die. Then he heard another howl and saw four more wolves jump out of the crowd. The new wolves jumped at him. John got ready to fight to the death but then he saw that they didn’t attack him and he heard his friends’ voices in his head. They told him that they were here to help. John was happy that he had his friends to help but he was stunned to find out that they were like him.
The whole pack attacked the five of them. The fighting was hard and John and his friends were badly hurt, but they were able to kill all of the other wolves. Then there was a giant roar. John and his friends looked around and one of his friends said, “ Behind us.”
The five of them turned around and saw a giant wolf-like monster. The people who were watching the fight ran to their cars and drove away in fear. The monster attacked them, but John and his friends were faster. They dodged his attacks and countered. John jumped on the back of the monster and started to bite his neck. The monster threw him off and tackled John. John flew about 50 feet away. His friends tackled the wolf and were able to kill it. All five of them were badly hurt and bleeding. John tried to get up but fell down. He started to turn back to normal and he heard a voice again. It said, “Good job, I may call on you again some day.”
His friends turned back into their normal selves and helped John up. Then a strange guy in a robe appeared out of nowhere. The guy in a robe told John and his friends that they must keep their talent a secret and not to tell anyone. John realized that the guy in the robe was the voice in his head. John tried to ask some questions but the guy in the robe said, “ All questions are going to be answered in time.” Then he disappeared.
After that day, John lived a normal life and everyone didn’t know that he could turn into a wolf. He started to ask his friends about what was happening and they told him a little. It was good to talk about their ability to change into wolves. For him, it was peaceful for now, but he knew that one day he and his friends might be called on to help.

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AE said...
on May. 19 2009 at 6:50 pm
I really like how you mix ordinary details with fantasy elements and leave the ending suspenseful.


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