The Anlonian Chronicles

April 27, 2009
By warrior BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
warrior BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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“Robert pay attention” said Mr. Turner. Robert had been daydreaming and was distracted from the lesson. He had always been distracted when Mr. Turner gave the math lessons. For a long time he had been wondering about his ancestors, that is what he was thinking about today. He is not expecting that he will find out everything he wants to know in a matter of hours.

Robert was sitting quietly at his desk waiting for his punishment for daydreaming during the lesson, because Mr. Turner was very strict about daydreaming. For some reason no punishment came. At first he had wondered if something was wrong with his teacher, but decided to ignore it.

He didn’t know why but today felt different and he couldn’t figure out why. When he got to the cafeteria he felt a chilling sensation upon walking through the doorway. It was only for a second but it still spooked him. As he sat down he spotted the school bullies Buzz and Bolt. Those weren’t their real names but it’s what they called each other.

“Well, well, well.” said buzz. “If it isn’t little Hobbit.” They didn’t call him that because he was shortest one in the class in fact he was as tall as everyone else in his class. They called him Hobbit because he was a little shorter than the two of them.

“So where’s our money eh Hobbit?” said Bolt. “I don’t have it yet.” Said Robert. Buzz and Bolt were angry at Robert, so they decided to beat him up. When Bolt tried to punch Robert he missed and hit Buzz. Now usually Bolt never misses a punch to Robert but remember this is not a usual day.

The reason Bolt missed was because Robert dodged the punch, because he saw it coming. Robert had never done this before. When Buzz tried the same thing and this time Robert blocked it. He was so amazed by what he was doing that he thought about trying to attack them. When he tried it was like he knew where their weak spots were. He successfully landed each blow. As if by luck no one even saw what happened. It was like the only thing anybody saw was Buzz and Bolt collapsing. They were immediately taken to the nurse afterwards.

Robert tried to tell his friend Jackson that he did all those things to the bullies, but he didn’t believe him. All he did was laugh in his face. Robert got so mad that his body was trembling, and while that was happening there was an earthquake. Jackson turned around and saw that Robert trembling ferociously. The second he saw Robert he knew that he was mad. He tried to calm him down, but as soon as he did the earthquake had stopped. He figured that it was only a coincidence, but then Jackson remembered what Robert had said about Buzz and Bolt. He had gotten mad at them.

For the rest of the day they were talking about the earthquake and Buzz and Bolt. They also thought about what else he could do. When Victoria Rodriguez walked by Robert sat in his seat frozen. He always had this reaction whenever he saw her. Today something had made him actually talk to her. He told her about what happened in the cafeteria, and at first she didn’t believe him, but after he made a rose appear out of thin air, and told her about the earthquake she did. Jackson and Victoria wanted to help Robert but little did they know was that they would discover that they have powers like Robert.

When Robert got home he felt another chilling sensation like before. No one was home and he felt like something was wrong. When he walked into his room he saw a man standing in the doorway. “Who are you? What are you doing here?” said Robert. I am your ancestor.” said the man. “ you must reclaim your families throne.” “What are you talking about old man?” said Robert “You are destined for greatness Robert.” said the man. “How do you know my name?” said Robert his voice trembling with fear. “You will find out soon enough. The man walked by Robert and down the hall. When Robert went down the hall after him the man disappeared. Did I just have a conversation with a ghost? It can’t be possible

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