Andreonsons Adventure

April 27, 2009
By Anonymous

Michael Andreonson was wondering what he would do this summer since he finished college. Then he got an idea and left the porch step where we was pondering to go to one of the plazas.

“Where are you going?” asked Mike’s twin sister, Andreak.

“Not here, obviously,” Mike answered

Mike reached the park plaza on his bike with a lot of wood he found in his favorite place, the junkyard. Mike was a very talented builder and designer, even though he only used stuff from the junkyard. Some people asked him what he was doing and he just replied, “Building.”

On the fifth day a ranger asked, “Do you have a building permit, and aren’t you a little young to be building?”

“No,” Mike replied.

After the tenth day he was finished with the tunnel and its interior and started taking metal from the junkyard to build a track. He finished the track and docking station by the second week and opened the ride for business.

At first, business was slow, but by the end of the first week it started to pick up. On the eleventh day of business his dad came.

“You built this without my permission?” his dad asked.

“Yes,” Mike said.

“Well, I will give you the permit, but you will owe me 90 silver coins and me a ride,” Mike’s dad said.

“Ok then, step this way,” Mike said.

In no time Mike had enough money to pay his dad. On the second week of business he hired two other people to run the ride because he was getting bored of doing operating the ride.

He then started taking metal from the junkyard to the garage and used it there. Eventually big chunks of metal that he made were in the back yard. Then, one by one, the metal pieces got moved.

While he was building one day, he got a call to head down the park plaza immediately. There was a big commotion going on with the ticket seller and a tall, blond, muscular guy.

“What is the problem here?” Mike asked.

“This guy just cut through the entire line and refuses to go to the back,” the attendant said.

“Well, who do you think you are?” Mike asked the muscular guy.

“Who do you think you are?” the muscular guy replied.

“I,” replied Mike, “am the proud owner and builder of this magnificent ride here, now, you are you?”

“I am the famous Robot Mega Battleist, Cloud Armageddon,” the muscular guy said importantly, “I am willing to pay double if I can go now.”

“You have four choices: A: You leave peacefully, B: You go to the end of the line peacefully and not cut, C: I get to have the rangers escort you away from here, or D: The rangers escort you through the line,” Mike said.

“I choose letter E.”

“Sorry not one of the choices, Mr. Armageddon. You have thirty seconds to make up your mind.”

Cloud did not answer, so Mike said, “Now I will choose for you, I choose letter C. Rangers, please escort Mr. Armageddon somewhere else.”

“Uh, why do you need him taken away?” asked a ranger who had just gotten there.

“He refuses to get off my ride and I need him removed now,” Mike said.

“Why don’t you just do it yourself?” Cloud asked.

“That wouldn’t work, now officer, please escort Mr. Armageddon somewhere else,” Mike replied.

“Ok,” the ranger said.

The two rangers there then took a firm hold of Cloud and took him away from the park plaza. Then Mike rode home to work on his metal project.

Soon all the metal pieces were removed from the Andreonson’s backyard. The day after they where all gone, Mike woke Andreak up early. He took her to his ride, which did not open for a while.

After their ride, Mike said, “Follow me.”

He took her to a huge stadium. The stadium was 20 stories and was as big as a medium-sized lake. She knew all too well that it was the RMB stadium. The Robot Mega Battle had three robots that are about 15 stories high and they go through an operation test, a logic test, and then a massive battle. It was a deadly sport that was very popular.

Mike lead Andreak into the contestants’ warm-up area and showed her what he had been working on, a RMB battle robot.

“You and I will make a good team,” he said.

“We could die,” she replied.

“The non robot battle will be the only threat, I have made this robot as safe as possible, smart, and I made it very maneuverable and I oiled it a lot,” Mike said.

“Well, I guess it is fine as long as we get in and permission,” Andreak said.

“I already asked Dad and he said fine, and we are old enough to enter, which I already did,” he said.

“Then it is settled, we will battle,” Andreak replied.

The two twins practiced all day for the battle. Then it was time for them to go out into the stadium.

“I’ll drive, and you can assist me and use the weaponry,” Andreak said as the geared up.

“Ok, that sounds fine,” Mike replied.

The performance test was very successful. The logic test was also went well thanks to Andreak.

“The current winner,” the announcer said, as suspense could be felt in the air, “Is team Cool n’ Cute or the CC team, with Andreak and Michael.”

“Yes, we have the lead,” Andeak said.

“Yes, but it is not over yet,” Mike said.

Their robot was destroyed in a few seconds. The ejection did not work as it should have and Mike could hear Andreak calling his name as they got separated. There seemed to be a mist on the ground with every step a nervous step.

Mike heard another robot crash and then found the last robot. He planted one of the charges on its leg and ran for cover. The last robot crashed to the ground. A few minutes later and he heard a scream. He rushed to the loud sound, each step not as cautious as before. He found Cloud Armageddon slowly approaching Andreak. He rushed to her side as Cloud’s partner rushed around the corner. Cloud was higher up on the ramp then Mike and Andreak were. The Mike charged and Cloud with a yell. Cloud moved a little to late and got hit in the shoulder.

“Mercy,” Cloud said as he got to his knees and Mike put his sword at Cloud’s throat.

Cloud’s partner stopped and that was the end of the game. Cloud and his partner lost and team CC won!

Mike and Andreak got their prize and called it a day. They headed home, very tired.

The rest of the summer went by slowly and normally. Mike bought a small shop with some of the money he earned from his ride and fixed up the shop. He turned the shop into his own fix it shop. He decided to call his shop: “Andreonson’s Adventure Repair” and made his slogan: “We fix it for your next adventure.” Eventually, he and Andreak got their stuff for college and headed off for his next big adventure, wondering what he would build there.

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