April 26, 2009
By SecretlyCoy BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
SecretlyCoy BRONZE, Gilbert, Arizona
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I am dead. I remember clearly what happened moments before. How I died. I look around and find myself in a movie theater, at the front stood a man. His hair was long and held back in a ponytail and he wore a suit. He saw me and beckoned me over. I knew who he was, he looked nothing like I imagined. I always imagined God as a tall man, with white robes and white long hair, this man looked nothing like that, but there was a heavenly aura around him. He smiled, as I got closer.

“I saw you’re sacrifice.” He said.

“…I…I’m dead, that man he…”I stuttered.

He looked at me with sympathy “Do you regret it, dying for that little girl?”

“I….No.” I said, staring his feet.

“Would you go back and change anything?” said God. “What if I could show you what your life would have been like had you not died?”

“Could….I mean would you?” I said.

“Can you live with what you didn’t get to do?” he asked.

“I think so. I would rather know than spend all eternity wondering.” I replied.

“Well, then take a seat.” He gestured to a chair.

I sat down, and with a whisper of the wind, he disappeared. The screen began a countdown.

I saw the man, running the little girl in tow, but instead of running after them, I called the police and waited for them to arrive. I lived but the girl did not a news broadcast flashed across the screen. The girl had been killed during the apprehension of her attacker. My heartbeat stopped Tears welled up in my eyes, and I knew I had died for the right reason. Then I saw myself, watching the broadcast, alive, but distraught. My best guy friend had showed up to comfort me. After I stopped crying he told me, he loved me. I recoiled in my seat. He loved me. After that, my life seemed to be lived in fast forward. My best friend and I got married. I cried at the wedding. We had two boys, George and Luke. They were beautiful, I cried even harder. I saw myself cheering for George at his first flag football game. I saw myself clap at Luke's orchestra concert. I saw myself cheer for George at his high school championship, and I saw myself clap when Luke was Valedictorian. I saw them grow up and marry (I cried especially hard.). Then I saw my grandchildren. They were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Then finally, I saw myself die, for a second time that day, but this time it was peaceful. It was over. The lights went up. I wiped my eyes and God was there. He looked at me with knowing.

“You could live that you know.” He said.

“No,” I mumbled. “When I died, I died knowing I made a difference.”” The only thing I regret is not giving my children the chance to live.”

He smiled. You can always watch this he said gesturing at the screen. I smiled and thanked him. He opened the theater doors. “When you’re ready, heaven is waiting just through these doors, you can return to watch this whenever.”

I looked at the screen. I turned and went through the doors. Heaven Was nice, I could look forward to an eternity there.

Nightly News

Today we mourn the tragic death of Dawn Brown. She was shot several times when she ran after the kidnapper or Linda Latch. She saved little Linda by tossing her out of the building window, unto a soft grassy area. Then was shot by the attacker, in the arm, leg, and chest. She died on scene.

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