The Bedtime Story

April 21, 2009
By Jenny Prescott BRONZE, Duluth, Georgia
Jenny Prescott BRONZE, Duluth, Georgia
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Once upon a time between two big mountains was the little town of Wisterlend. The sun always shined the grass was always green and the children were always playing. Through the town scattered here and there were little blue flowers called froodle berry flowers. They were very helpful in the town because Wisterlend was known for the fruit that the froodle berry flower made. At the very top of the small little flower was a little white pearl, called a froodle. Froodles tasted like chocolate covered strawberries and were all the children’s favorite thing to eat. Every morning all the townspeople would wake up and go to town square. They would all sing the town song then the day would begin. Children went to school and the main three subjects were dance, singing, and theater. Everyone in the town could do all three of these things beautifully. The townspeople all had beautiful brown hair with great big hazel eyes. Everyone looked the same and no one ever minded.

The new arrival of the children was coming soon and the Wisterlends were as busy as ever. Everyone couldn’t wait to see which couples would be entrusted with raising another talented Wisterlend. Today the sky was shining unusually bright and the grass was unusually green and the children sang as loud as they could, and down the little ones came! The townspeople gathered in the town square hoping a precious basket would fall at their feet; for it was the greatest honor to raise a Wisterlend. After all of the baskets had fallen to the ground all of the Wisterlends left to go home with their tiny bundles of joy. Looking up at the sky stood little Jamie Riley hoping that she would have a Wisterlend baby to love. She began to leave she looked up one last time see the tiniest bundle floating down from the sky. She called to Sam her husband, “Look! There’s one for us!” There they stood waiting to catch the tiny bundle that they had awaited so long. When finally the pink bundle reached Jamie’s arms a tear of joy slid down her cheek. She lifted the blanket only to reveal the smallest little girl who had ever floated down. “She’s perfect.” Jamie said with tears in her eyes. “She’ll be the most beautiful Wisterlend baby the town has ever seen.” said Sam.

The next morning came and as usual, the Riley’s were at the town square for the Naming of the Children. Every spring the babies fell and the following day the names would come down. There stood the new families waiting to know just what the new name would be. Down they came! One dropped on Jamie’s foot and unlike all the other children’s name tags, this one was in an envelope. A note was in side along with the name tag. The note said,

Dear Jamie and Sam,

The new baby I have entrusted you with is very special I took a long time to make her. She has a special purpose that I made her for, let her follow her dreams, she knows what to do. The name I have given her means tiny star. Her light will shine brightly when the time comes.

Take good care of her,

The Creator

Jamie closed the note. Her daughter was special, she didn’t know why but she knew if the Creator had spent a lot of time on her she must be very special. Sam pulled out the name tag, “Her name is Clowie.” Sam said with hesitation. This child was very different; she had blonde hair and little blue eyes. All of the new parents were whispering around them, it made Jamie and Sam feel very nervous. They remembered what the creator said and felt relieved again.

Five years later and it was Clowie’s first day of school. Her blonde hair was in little pigtails and she had on her favorite pink dress. Clowie knew she was different, and she loved it too! When she got to school her teacher greeted her and told her how much fun school was going to be. Clowie hugged her parents a good-bye and sat down at her very own desk. The other kids were scared of Clowie because she was so different. Clowie didn’t mind and kept on trying to work. Her first class was singing. She was excited to try it. Clowie opened her mouth and nothing came out. She tried again and again but nothing seemed to work. The singing teacher frowned and told Clowie to stop faking it. It was finally the next subject and Clowie was hopeful that she would be good at dance. She wasn’t. In fact the dance teacher told her she wasn’t tall enough to dance. Clowie was so sad! So it was time for theater, Clowie knew she shouldn’t even try. She was assigned a part and she couldn’t put “feeling” into her words. “I’m five!” she said when her teacher thought she was two. Clowie went home. “What’s wrong Clowie?” Her parents asked. “I can’t do anything right! I don’t have a talent! I can’t carry a tune, I can’t dance because I’m too small, and I can’t do theater because I don’t put feeling into my words!” yelled Clowie. “Sweetie, everyone has a talent and yours is something else, you’re special, the creator said so himself!” said Jamie. “You’re right! I am special! I’m going to find my talent or make a new one!!!” Clowie said excitedly. She went outside and sat down by a froodle berry flower. She took the froodle off and began eating it. Clowie looked around and saw another froodle berry flower that had died. Clowie touched it, “Poor thing, no body ate the froodle either.” She felt her hand start to burn and tingle a little. “What in the-“The dead flower began to rise and change back too froodle color and finally rose to become full and healthy. “Mommy!!” Clowie screamed. Her mom came running, “What? What happened?” Her mom said quickly. “Watch,” Clowie placed her hand on another dead froodle berry flower and she felt the same tingling feeling. The flower began to rise and became healthy and full.

Ten years later, Clowie had grown up into a young woman and her only talent was making froodle berry flowers pretty again. At first everyone was astonished. Then as the years went by, it was normal and just Clowie, the different child. It was nearing the time where all the young ladies had to become women and marry. The only way any young man would notice the girls is if they excelled in there talent. Clowie was walking and thinking about this and she started to hear her name being called. She looked around, no one was there. It sounded like a man’s voice but she couldn’t see anyone. “Hello?” asked Clowie.
“Clowie, I’m here!” said the voice.
“Who are you?”
“I am the Creator.” The voice said.
“Oh! Please! Tell me why did you make me so small and worthless?” said Clowie.
“Only to show how big I Am.” said the Creator.
“Creator, I can’t sing, dance, or act, what did you make me to do?” asked poor little Clowie.
“I made you special, and why I made you is for you to find out very soon, you’ll see.” The creator said suddenly leaving Clowie.
“Wait! When will I find out, Creator?” And he was gone.
Clowie sat amongst the froodle berry flowers wishing so hard she would find out very soon what she was capable of.

For the last five years Clowie has been wandering the hills in search of her talent. Today is Clowie’s 19th birthday. She only has one more year until she can find her one true talent otherwise she’ll have to live alone and not have the honor of taking on raising a Wisterlend. Every year since she was five Clowie had wished the same thing on her birthday; for her talent. Even though Clowie had turned nineteen she scarcely looked over nine. Clowie was so different, every time her classmates would get one year older, they would get older looking, obviously. Things were different with Clowie. Every other year she would be older looking. Therefore she looked half her age. Her height only reached her classmate’s knees.
There was one other boy who was a little bit shorter and a little bit lacking in all of the subjects. Clowie really liked him. She saw what he was really like; caring, nice, and not to mention good looking. Clowie longed for him to notice her. She wanted to show him that she did have a talent. He always said that it was amazing that she could heal flowers. He didn’t say anything else. Though when the mean Wisterlends with the amazing voices sang all eyes would be on them. The boy’s name was Joshua; he had been the smallest Wisterlend boy to fall. Clowie was immediately attracted to him. He had fallen into a very poor family. Clowie didn’t care one bit she thought he was the most amazing boy she and ever seen.

One day Clowie was sitting in her usual field and not doing much when along came Joshua.
“Hey Clowie!” Joshua said.
“Oh, hey.” Clowie said slowly.
“What’s wrong, you sound a little sad?” asked Joshua.
“Its nothing.” said Clowie. She was thinking, I shouldn’t tell him this, all he’d going to do is feel sorry for me and we’d sit here and have a pity party.

“C’mon Clow, you can tell Me.” begged Joshua.
“I don’t have a talent and I have to have one otherwise no one will like me and I’ll never get to raise a Wisterlend. I’m completely useless; the creator told me I had a purpose five years ago. He was wrong I only have one year left Joshua! No one will ever notice me.” Clowie said almost crying.
“No Clowie, you’re wrong. The creator is right, you do have a purpose, and it just isn’t time yet. Through you, I can see the creator moving in you, it makes you beautiful, and it makes me thank the creator every day for making you, almost like he made you just for me to say that. And Clow, I’ve noticed you, and I don’t care talent or no talent… I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful girl in all of Wisterlend. I wasn’t aloud to talk to you because my parents thought that something was wrong with you, but I finally realized that they can’t hold me back anymore, I have to soon make my own decisions and think for myself, they can’t tell me who I can talk to and who I can’t, Clowie, I’ve always loved you, I just couldn’t say it.” Joshua finished. Clowie had tears in her eyes. “That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me in my entire life.” With that she kissed him. Joshua pulled out of his pocket a golden froodle berry, the sign of marriage.

“Hurry up Joshua we’re going to miss it!” yelled Clowie.
“I’m coming, slow down!” Joshua yelled back. Clowie was almost dragging Joshua by the hand to the town square, to welcome the falling of the Children.
“Oh I hope we get one!!” said Clowie bouncing excitedly. And down they came!
Floating down right into Clowie’s arms was little girl. She removed the blanket to reveal a little girl with blonde hair, and blue eyes. Clowie and Joshua smiled; knowing they’re baby was special. The next day came with a bound. The name tags fell and a letter fell on Clowie. She opened it, the letter said,

Dear Clowie,

You have finally fulfilled your purpose. To show how big I am. Joshua needed someone to show him who I was and it was you. As for your new daughter, her name means promise, just like I promised you. I always keep my word. Her name is Lauren, she is also special, you know what to do I’m sure. I love you.
Take care,
The Creator
The End

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I really like this story, it's so sweet!! When Joshua speaks, it's a really long, run on sentence that could be broken down a bit, and edited (allowed, not aloud). Otherwise, this story is AMAZING!! I'd like to see it in print!!


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