Long Island NY

April 20, 2009
By jimmy f BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
jimmy f BRONZE, North Wales, Pennsylvania
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Today in Long Island, NY something bad happens. A 19 year old drug dealer named John Farinella, deals to a guy named Chad Scrent in a dark alley on a rainy night.
“Did you bring it?”
“Yeah it’s right here.”
“Throw it in my car.”
He throws it in and walks away smiling.
When John gets home, he counts the money carefully and sees that it’s only half of what they agreed on. He looks at suitcase frantically.
“Hmm a letter.” He opens it and reads,
Dear John,

I hope you enjoyed the money, Sucks that I only paid half. If you think you can do anything about your wrong and if you try, you’re gonna die.

Your Friend:

Chad Scrent
“He thinks I’m gonna die?” John walks outside to look around if anyone’s watching. He runs back in and hops on his computer. He pulls up Google and types Chad Scrent. About 800 results came up. Half of them were junk but he found lots that said stuff about gangs and he clicked on one. Chad Scrent, gang leader and drug dealer was released from jail on February 13, 2009 after serving 7 years. “This guy’s famous.” John walks outside, gets in his lambo, and drives to wawa. He gets his usual salad with added salt and pepper which usually calms him, it didn’t this time. All he could do was think about finding Chad and getting his 6 grand back.
He calls his best friend, who knows lots about computers,
“Yo Sean, I need you to find someone for me.”
“Sure John who is it.”
“Chad Scrent.”
“Uh John, you know who…”
He cuts him off, “Yeah, Yeah, just do it.”
“Ok, it says that he is a gang leader.”
“I know.”
“Ok, it also says that his gang likes to hang out at this run down hotel.”
John shouts, “Where is it!”
Sean pauses then says, “Uhm, 346 Lake Dr.”
“Thanks.” He hangs up. In his head he’s plotting a huge plan to get everyone but Chad out of that building. He plans for days, weeks, and eventually months. Chad has probably forgotten about him by now, but he keeps planning. He starts to play guitar.
The next day he wakes up to the sound of glass breaking. He glances at his clock and sees that its 3 am. “Oh, my god.” He looks out his window, “What the!” He grabs his Gold Desert Eagle and sprints out his front door.
“Hey, what are you doing?” he screams.
Three guys wearing all Black see him and start to run. He dashes after them carrying his gun still. They all split up but he was still right on the tail of one of them. He hears a huge bang but can’t see because it’s to dark.

“Wo!” He flips over a trashcan and sprints after the hooded guy. He sees him turn a corner so he goes around the building and waits. He sees a flickering light and looks up to see a street light that looks like someone broke a while ago.
He hears the footsteps.

“Here he comes.” He mumbles. He sees the dark figure walk past him like nothing happened. He goes to take his mask off and John jumps out and has him on the ground with his gun to his head.

“Who sent you!”
He says nothing. John rips off his mask and sees no one that he knows. He pulls out his phone and takes picture of him. He looks around and picks up a metal pole that he sees lying next to the guy he’s captured and swings it at him. He blocks it and tries to get away but John is to strong. John knocks him out and checks his pockets he finds random things, a knife, his wallet, trash, and then he sees an id card.


“It’s not his license but I can’t really see it in this light.” He says to himself.
He walks home thinking of who sent them when he remembers Chad and the gang that he owns. Once he gets home and sees his jacked up Lamborghini. He goes inside to rest. Plunk. John drops his pistol and falls asleep. When he wakes up the next morning he walks outside and sits on his porch to think. He wonders how long it will take to finish his plan or if he should just forget the plan and kill everyone in the hotel. Then he wonders if they ever switch hideouts which made him want to find them now. He got up walked inside and typed in his 7 combo lock to get into his gun vault, He grabs his ak-47, Desert eagle, 9mm, and a couple of stun and frag grenades. He walks out his house with it all hanging around his neck.

“Oh, I almost forgot.”
He ran back inside and lit his plans on fire.

“There we go, just kill everyone.”
He goes back outside and starts to walk down the street towards the hotel. He gets there and it’s just a big building that doesn’t look anything like its run down. He knocks on the door with his ak-47 ready.

“Hmm no one home.”
He kicks down the door, runs inside, flips over a table, and shoots everyone he sees. One guy ducks and hides, but johns to good for that. He dives around the table over some chairs and skims his head with an ak bullet. The scared man tries to run for new cover. John gets up and just walks behind him following him. He smacks him down with his gun and catches a glimpse of his face.

“It’s you.”
John picks him up by his throat and slams him against the wall.

“Didya enjoy wrecking my car, didya?”

He takes out his desert eagle and shoots him through the temple. Blood splatters all over the wall and Johns face. He continues on through the hotel. He stops at a door that says “STASH” on it. He walks in.

“Oh my god.”
He sees about 10 guys sitting in a circle smoking a bong bigger then him. He pulls out a frag grenade and drops it. He continues down the hall. He sees a door that says “Chad” on it. He opens it slowly and peeks through with his gun ready. He hears the people inside talking.

“So what’s all the ruckus about out there Chad?”

“He’s come to kill me, my guards will take care of him.”
John thinks about what he should do.

“Stun.” He mumbles.
He pulls the pin off of a stun grenade and holds it.

He kicks the door open and pegs Chad in the face with it. He closes the door, covers his ears, and waits for a second. He opens the door again and runs in. BANG. He hits a guard in the chest. BANG, BANG. He takes out 2 more. Click.

“I’m out.”
He throws the gun at the remaining guard and runs behind Chad who is sitting at the head of a long round table. He pulls out his knife, puts it to his throat and waits until Chad comes back to his senses.

“uhg.” Chad says finally.

“Remember me?” John whispers.
John slices his neck and drops him. He sees a money filled bag in the corner.

“There’s my money.”
He grabs it and reaches for the door. BANG. He feels a huge pain in the right lower part of his back by his stomach.

“Aahhhhhhhh.” He screams falling.
He turns around and sees the guy that he threw the gun at lying on the ground pointing a gun at him. John struggles to get up and runs towards him. He takes the gun out of his hand and beats him senselessly. He grabs his money and walks out bleeding badly. He rips his shirt and wraps it around his wound. When he is at his steps at his house he falls down and starts throwing up blood. Cough cough. He sits on his sofa in his house and falls asleep drowning in his own blood, he dies.

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