My Boyfriend Is A murderer

April 12, 2009
By lalafreak BRONZE, New York City, New York
lalafreak BRONZE, New York City, New York
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Chapter 1 the killer.

Of course i wasn't
thinking when i asked
him out. Even though
my friends had warned
me about him.

He was...
as the girls would say...
which had no effect
on me at all.

Just the thought of him
gave me chills down my
spine. He was cute no doubt.
But he was also tall.... really

My friends were
afraid of him and
i wasn't sure why.
the thing is....
they wont tell me.....

So what was i to do?
i had no idea.
so i just forgot about it.

As i went out with him,
he was mean to other people
and would never let me go anywhere
without him.

I broke up with him
and we both didnt
take it very well.
it seemed like both of our
hearts were shattered

Then i called one of my

I had to find out
why they were
so scared of this

Turns out he is dangerous.
and i didn't know that.


Jus last year
ther was a girl named
Cassidy. But then she suddenly

i wanted to know what
happened. So they told me.

He killed her.

Just because she
broke up with him.
and thats not all...
She knew about it too
but she forgot...

i hoped that it wouldnt
happen to me.

I broke out it
tears knowing he would
do the same to me. I didn't
even want to think about it.

I had to avoid him.
It was the only way. Or
he might kill me too.

Avoiding him was a
stupid idea. Just after school
he found me on the sidewalk
towards my house and pushed me
to the ground.

He told me that
no one is allowed to
break up with him and that
he can only break up with you.

He told me he woud see
me Friday night with a four inch wide
three inch long pocket knife. and that it was
coming for me.

My heart started
pounding with fear
and i couldn't breathe.

I had four days to think of a plan.


Chapter 2 Lie

after i was just rudely
pushed over i got up
and my hand was throbbing
in pain.

I didn't want to look
but i did. there was a cut
about three inches long on
my palm.

I had landed on a
very sharp rock. I was Bleeding. A lot.
and i had nothing to make it stop.

I ran home as fast as i could and
wrapped it up in bandages.
it still hurt but i knew that the
pain would go away eventually.

i went up to my room and looked
on my bed and saw a note.
this is what it said:

Dear Molly,
your father and i have gone
on a business trip and we will
be back in about two months so
you are alone. you know how to make
food for yourself.
Mom & Dad

i was devastated to even see it.
i am alone is what my mom had said
and that wasn't good. I needed protection
and i was on my own.

Then there was a knock
at the door......

My heart was going
ninety miles an hour and
i was freaking out. but luckily it
was just the mail man.

I had a letter from my friend in
Mississippi. she moved last year.
here is what it said.

sorry to hear you are
going to be dead. (i hear things) dont
ask how i know this please i will explain
i have internet now so i get emails from
jason. (your killer) so good luck and please
dont die.
Much love,
Kelly Rodrick.

I put the letter down and
went to the park. i saw emily
and brooke so i hung out with them.
until they saw jason.

My friends ran and i just
stood there. He pulled out
his knife and started running
towards me.

I ran.

I ran as fast as i could but
i could still hear his feet
pounding on the ground.
i reached my house and lunged inside
and locked the door. Then i heard a thump.
His knife was sticking through the door.

Then i knew what he
was thinking. He lied
so he could get to me before
i had a plan. He was going to my
house anyway. He wasn't going to kill me
friday night. He wanted to just come to my house and
do it then.

I slid down to the floor
and balled my eyes out.
i couldn't stop crying.

I was scared and i didn't know
what to do. Then my phone rang
scaring the crap out of me.

It was Brooke.
she was crying too.
and she was asking me what happened
when she left.

I told her.

She was so scared
and didn't believe me
at first. then she was crying and
immediately hung up.

I understood why.
she wasn't going to just
sit there and cry on the
phone thats why.

I had to think of a plan before
Chapter 3 My plan.

My plan was to face him.
He wanted to kill me
at the homecoming dance tonight.
so i would go and face him.
Brooke would protect me and i
could just avoid him.

I slipped on my gold
dress and shoes and walked to the


When i got to the dance
he was there. Thank god he didnt
see me yet.

He had the knife
he had evil written all over
his fore head
But i had a knife too
and mine was longer.

I was sure i wasn't going to use it
I couldn't
I didn't all night.
I had fun all night.
I had forgotten about my plan.
all night.

not good.

i remembered that i left
my sweater in the gym so
i went back in before i left to go
get it.

It was dark

I sensed a disturbance
that something was wrong.

Thats when i remembered

I heard slow quiet footsteps
behind me....

I screamed loud.

A teacher came in and
saw me laying on the ground
and jason standing right by my feet
but he had put the knife back in time.

thank god.

I walked back home

My heart was pounding
and i was scared that he
would lunge out and just stab

Thank god he didn't and
my very strong brother
who is on the wrestling team
and football team just got home

I knew that he would protect me

let me explain that:

he is not one of those brothers
that is evil and hates me
he loves me.

and just then..................

someone knocked at the door.

my heart pounding i told my brother
to answer it and if it was jason DO
NOT LET HIM IN. he understood and
unfortunately it was jason. my brother
let him in. and then he told me to leave him alone
cause he is really tired and wants to rest.

i backed away from the doorway about
ten feet away from jason. He just looked at
me with his evil smile of his and i just froze right

you are probably wondering what i did?
yeah i did about the stupidest thing ever.

i threw a glass plate at him and it shattered.
he didnt have a knife untill i just gave it to him
right? right.

i just about fainted at the
thought that i gave him a
chance to kill me at that point
he seemed really happy in an
evil way.

he was holding a shard of glass in
his hands. he was looking at it and then looking
at me. over and over again. we just stood there
and then he left.......
Chapter 4 confused

I stood there looking at the
glass that he just dropped there.
i know it wasnt over yet though.
i just knew it.

so i left and followed him.

it was hard because he could hear
me. so then i took off my shoes.
my feet were insanely cold. but i had to
find out where he was going because
he was going exactly the opposite
direction of his house.

He went into an old broken down
barn with shovels and an old SUV in the
back. Then he picked up something shiny
and silver. He found a pocket knife. and it was
the same as his but new.

I looked at it and
noticed it wasnt new
it was really old and rusty.
he was going to kill me painfully
and that is why he left.

no longer confused i got out from
behind the SUV and snuck out of the
barn. he didnt see me. then i ran home.
i thought that if i told my brother. He would
kill him so i just forgot about that.

Then My window bursted open
and then jason jumped in. i ran to my door
but i couldn't open it. he had a friend take
care of that is what he said.

just then he had pulled out the knife and showed
it to me as if i should see it before it saw my
skin. I looked at the bits of rust on the blade
and tip. My heart pounding so hard i could
hear it ringing in my ears.

I heard a huge thump and
a yell and then another
thump outside my door.
and then my door swung open
and my brother came in. Jason
grabbed me and pulled me to him.
then he put the blade by my neck
threatining that if my brother did
anything he would hurt me.

i wailed in terror and jason yelled SHUT UP!
i was horrified so i elbowed him in the ribs took
his knife my brother was calling 911 and i pushed him
out the window. He died that evening of a broken

i didn't care.

but he did cut me.

i took that risk though. he had cut
my cheek when i elbowed him. which
became a scar. i call it my proof.
Chapter 5 the horrid phone call. (sort of horrid)

the phone rang and this happened
to take place five months later.
it was a doctor to tell us that jason
has not died. and he is on his way over.

I started crying and screaming at the
same time. not knowing how long it would
be before he would try to kill me again.

and then there was a knock at the door.

i answered it and there was nothing but
an envelope saying my name on it on the
front step.

i read the letter:

so sorry about everything. i didnt know
what i was doing. i seriously didn't.
something just made me angry and
i wanted someones pain. but i realized it
was wrong.


sorry about your cheek.

i smiled at this and tucked the
note in my pocket.

i just realized that if i died he would
feel bad because he would
have gone to prison which would
have given him a long time to think about

But all i have in a tender
scar right on the middle of my
left cheek. and that is all i have of

jake, his best friend, went out
with me shortly after that day.
and long story short. he isnt exactly
what you think he is.........

but thats another story....................

The author's comments:
I wrote this and it became popular among my friends..

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This article has 3 comments.

JessC SILVER said...
on May. 5 2009 at 2:08 am
JessC SILVER, Waterloo, Other
7 articles 6 photos 27 comments
I really liked it. U missed a fiew commas, and I agree, a bit chippy, but overall, it was amazing. nice job.

on May. 1 2009 at 8:52 pm
Blue-Streek BRONZE, Hamilton, Other
2 articles 0 photos 8 comments
I liked it, I thought it wa really good(except for all the wrong words) I'm a horror girl myself. Yeah it was choppy, but it was still creative,dude, the guy fallowed her there with a knife, her friends left, then she started to be chased. what don't u get?

on Apr. 23 2009 at 7:29 pm
saratana95 BRONZE, Tulsa, Oklahoma
2 articles 1 photo 5 comments
Okay, it was a good story overall, but mostly it is missing important details. One minute she is chatting with her friends and then the next, she's being chased by a guy with a knife. Basically, it was choppy. That is just my view, maybe it will help you to edit this story in the near future.

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