Early Sunday Morning

February 17, 2009
By Sarah Moore BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
Sarah Moore BRONZE, Omaha, Nebraska
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“BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” The microwave buzzes in my ear telling me my no longer frozen pancakes are ready to be eaten. It is early Sunday morning and I am still drowsy wanting to go fall back asleep again, but I resist the urge.
“THUMP!” The hard hit shakes the house as if we just lost the game of battleship. “Oh, good. The paper is here.” I swear one of these days that little punk is going to break my window. I drag my slipper covered feet across the wooden floor to the front door. The door is heavy to my tired, weak arms. Right there on the front step is a thick wad of paper held together with a single rubber band. I grab it and head to the kitchen to eat my breakfast while I read about any interesting news.
Right there on the front page, staring me in the face is: UFO SIGHTING, ARE ALIENS REAL?
Oh my gosh. Are they serious? Ha, people these days will believe anything. I mean, come on, aliens? I soon get over the fact that people are going crazy and I move on to the next couple of pages. Ho hum. Married couples, sports stats, and movie listings. Okay, I think I have had enough.
I decide to go lay on the soft couch that now seems to be calling my name. I scan the room for the remote as I plop down on the cushions. Immediately my back screams with pain from landing on the nearly crushed, but found, remote. With a few clicks, I am disappointed to find there are no good shows on, just morning news, infomercials, and boring educational videos. I pick a random channel and listen to what they are talking about. It happened to be The History Channel talking about wars and significant events. The narrator had a British accent, which distracted me from what he was actually saying. Sad to say, after ten minutes of lying there trying to learn something for once, my brain began to hurt. Slowly, my eyes get heavy and I cannot keep them open any more. I was falling asleep.

“Uh? Oh, I must have dosed off.” I sit up looking for the clock to see how long I slept. Ten-o-clock! I fell asleep for four more hours? I wanted to be productive this morning! Oh well. I decide I will do what I can with the rest of the morning. First on the agenda is to take a short trip to the grocery store, since I have nothing left to eat. I climb into my silver Volvo and start the car. The radio blasts out with piercing static. I hit the button to change the station, but the noise is the same. Great, my radio is broken. This day keeps getting better. As I drive down the street, I notice I am the only car on the road. That is weird; usually there is more traffic around here. Finally, I get to the store. Is it closed today? Did I forget a holiday or something like that? There are, let me see here, about eleven cars in this monstrous parking lot. I pull into a parking space anyway, hoping I am just paranoid. I walk through the automatic, yet frustratingly slow, doors.
It is eerily quiet and all the aisles are empty. There is not even one employee at a checkout counter. The whole store seems to be vacant. Why are there cars here if there are no people here? Starting to feel confused, I make my way down the vegetable aisle, toward the back of the store. Could there have been an emergency? As I round the corner toward the bakery, I hear shuffling from behind me. Every muscle in my body becomes tense and I slowly rotate my head to get a glimpse of what made the noise.
“AHH!” I jump back and trip over my own feet in shock. Coming to my senses, I run as fast as I can and duck under a display table. I didn’t have a clue to what I just saw but it was a neon green, smooth, big eyed, monster. No, it couldn’t be…an, a-a-a alien! The newspaper was right! Aliens are here! Oh my gosh, what do I do now? Wait. That must be why there were barely any cars driving around this morning. And that weird noise on my radio! Aliens are taking over the earth! Oh, no! But, there must be people in this store since their cars are parked outside. I need to help those people! But how? I know one place that would have the answer.
I pull out my cell phone and type as fast as I can. With trembling fingers, I punch the letters:
G-O-O-G-L-E. Surely the Internet would have some website with at least a few ideas about this stuff. I scroll down the miniature screen praying for something useful. I hear the shuffling noise yet again. BOSH! The table that was once sheltering me flew across the room. I look up, horrified. The glowing green of its skin is blinding me so much I can’t see anymore.

My eyes slowly flutter open; the sun peeping threw the window wakes me up. It is early Sunday morning; The History Channel is still on. I am still sprawled out on the couch. Good, the whole thing was just a dream. I check my phone to see what time it is. On the screen is the search engine google, with how to kill an alien typed in.

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