The Day We Met

April 20, 2018
By Anonymous

It was a sunny day when I was walking through the park and a magnificent boy caught my eye. I am thirteen years old and although I may be too young to be in love, I feel as though on this day in the park, I met the love of my life. His tall stature and shimmering eyes met mine as I passed him by. The feeling I felt cannot be described. I felt like the whole world revolved around him as the sun shone around him like an angel’s halo. His hair was shining bright by the reflection of the sun’s rays. I looked at him, he looked at me and we both kind of made a soft smile and kept walking. The whole rest of that beautiful day I felt like I was living in a dream. I continued on my normal daily routine and went to bed that night. As I was falling asleep, I could not stop thinking about him and how he looked so magnificent and angelic. When I woke up, I felt the urge to go back to that same park, so I did. When I went to the park, I could not believe my eyes because I saw him again. He stood there looking even better than he did the day before. His light blonde hair was swaying in the wind and he looked up at me and said, “Hello. My name is John.” Who knew those five simple words could sound so perfect. I took a while to process these words he had spoken to me and finally answered back, “Hi, I’m Elizabeth. Nice to see you again.” He looked at me with the same eyes I can imagine I was looking at him with. As the day went on, we continued to talk on for hours. As the sun went down, we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. Little did I know that this would not be the last time I saw him. Ten years have passed by and I am in college. I walk into my first class of my senior year and see him. He sat right in front of the room and stared back at me when I looked at him. I knew he remembered.

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