The Girl we never knew about

April 11, 2009
He always said that he was in love with his girlfriend. Told everyone about her and how he couldn't live his life without her. One day eveything changed when we caught him with another girl.The girl he didin't say he loved it was another girl, hst same girl was all over him t the movies. Told his girlfriend that he was with a friend but really with another girl.She believed him with all her heart that he could never cheat on her. She never knew it was coming she thought everything was fine that nothing could go wrong.She went to the mall with her friends and say him kissing another girl. She lost control and stormed over their and told him it was over and that she never wanted to see im again. Her friends took her home and told her he dosen't deserve her.Later that night he came over and ask her if they could get back together. He said that he was so sorry for what he did and that he wants her back. She was like your not worth my time anymore get lost. The next day she saw him with...

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_broken_heart_ said...
Apr. 20, 2009 at 12:47 pm
I love it lazjaye good job!!
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