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They Don’t Know

April 4, 2018
By JaunaeLove BRONZE, Rockdale, Georgia
JaunaeLove BRONZE, Rockdale, Georgia
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This girl also has a secret she is bisexual her family doesn’t know but a lot of people at her school does. This is about me a girl who was heartbroken by the first girl she dated but then 2 days later found someone else.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1 > The Start

Well first of let me tell you something... You might think that I am really young to be bisexual and oh I haven’t found myself yet. But maybe you are right. I started off talking about being bi in 5th grade. I never really told anyone that I wanted to be bisexual. 6th grade I didn’t really talk about it. 7th grade is when I put my foot down and said I’m going to be who I want to be. I never really wanted to be myself because now days all people do is judge you. 55% of people support gay marriage. But then you have the other 45% who don’t support it. I stopped caring what other people thought. I would stop a min and think to myself I would say “well people are going to judge me and I don’t want to be judged’’. But then the other half of me said ‘’I have to be who I am and stop hiding and stop caring about what other people think”. I say that because the rest of your life you’re always going to have someone talking about you. There’s just always going to be that one person that has an opinion. There opinion doesn’t matter #justbeyou.

Chapter 2: Chapter 2 * Just Be You

Be you . Be your own weird self.  You are beautiful don’t let anyone try to tell you some different. You didn’t decide what you were going to look like when you came out of your mom. God did so be thankful your alive because not everyone gets a chance to live and experience the things every other living ordinary person does. Be someone who isn’t like any other person. You might think of you have to be like everyone else ohm you have to be straight because people will be mean to you if you be you. You have to be you. Showing people that you don’t care what they say is a big deal. I decided this name because I was thinking about myself and all the other people. What am I talking about? I’m talking about all the other people who are hiding under there shell who just need to come out and be them no matter what. YOU HAVE TO BE YOU.

Chapter 3: How We Became Friends

The first girl I dated was acutely my best friend. We became friends a weird way. SO let me tell you how we became friends. SO what happened was I had a friend named Chas who dated her and she had been telling me about this girl I didn’t really know her myself though. But One day I got a text from her let’s say her name is faith. Faith text me and asked me if I liked her boyfriend I told her no and I was wondering why she would have thought that. Faith had been dating this boy named Jacques who I then started being friends with. Me and him weren’t close close but I txt him a lot I do that when I’m bored and to people who take forever to respond. But anyways back to faith after a few hours and min she then told me people kept telling her rumors about her boyfriend. Like he was going to break up with her. She told me that she really liked him and that really really wanted to be with him. I told her not to let anyone break them apart because that’s all people try to do these days and I told her that people always going to try to break them up. I told her that if she ever needed advice or needed someone to talk to to IM here. That’s just the type of person I am. Weeks after weeks of weeks of talking we became friends. And One day as I was texting her she said that me and her should go out. I thought she was playing so I responded with ohm yen I agree we should go to the movies. IF you knew me in real life you would now that I an lil slow poo Chapter 4: The Day

A day later she had asked if I would date a girl and then asked if I was bi. I told her idk but I really I just wanted to scream yes be I liked her. But days later I just kept kind of being slowed and funny. But then I finally said yes and gosh she so pretty, and she funny and she demanding and she freaky Chapter 5: A Few Days Later !

Days later I started fixing myself and then I stopped caring not really but I said I did but I was lying to make people think I was good so they wouldn’t keep asking if imp ok. But then my bestie Chas said to me she liked me and I kept telling her she was playing then she kept saying she wasn’t then finally I started believing her and then she said she was jp. But Two days later she told me she liked me and now we are dating. But then I started having a problem with my ex Faith. She told me she hated me with a passion when she said that all I had to say to myself was that I love her with a passion. She would also call me a ho ho. Eventually she wouldn’t stop so I went to the consouler. At the consulers office I told her I was dating chas. Bc she kept asking who I was dating and when she asked me if it was chas I said like nooo but then she was like soo you going to start off our friendship lying soo I just went and told her. I told faith that she made me nervous she asked if it was because I though she was gonna to hit me or if it was bc I thought she was pretty. I told her idkk but really it was bothh. I was not looking at her soo she started getting In my face and all I was thinking is wow she so pretty. She asked me if my gf was prettier or was she I said my gf cause I mean all faith was gonna do is go and tell my gf I said faith If I did. And then she said to me you going to give up everything for someone else it made me so saddd because I am like wowwww that sounds messed up. Then she told me when we were dating I said chas was ugly and then faith told me that she never called me ugly bc Im beautiful …. It just made me feel so good inside. But soon as we let the consuler office she was right back at mehh she didn’t know what to say to me….

Chapter 6: P?oems

Acutely I am not quite down. I have a few poems but also there will be a second part im not just going to leave u guys or gurls hanging … that would be messed up …. Chapter Notes:

?Nun of these poems belong to me all credits go the beautiful and crafty people who made these.

The author's comments:

I am 14 years old my birthday is April 10th I have been writing stories for a while I started off writing songs but then realized that was not for me…  lol My inspiration for wanting to write books was that I started typing a lot and I love  making stories . SO I put an Idea together I started putting my typing skills to work. And hopefully many of you enjoy my first book.
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