February 14, 2018
By Anonymous

It is January 5th, 2019. It has been 1 year from now that my ex boyfriend Jacob and I broke up.
We were together for 9 months straight. We were so happy and in love… or so I thought.
I was in my room, quietly reading a book, when all of a sudden I heard my phone go off. I took a glance at my phone and waited at least 2 minutes to reply back. After the 2 minutes were up, I picked up my phone and replied back.
I read the message and it said this, “Lizbeth… I love you but I don’t think this is going to work out. I’m so sorry but I don’t really feel anything for you like I did before, I hope we can be friends. Goodbye.”
And just like that, my world was slowly crashing down. I didn't take it very well.
I ran up to my bedroom upstairs and slammed my door shut and locked it. I threw myself on my bed, crying my eyes out. I heard a knock on my door but I just pretended that I was asleep.
An hour passed by and I was still feeling sad. Normally I’m a very happy, fun person, but after what Jacob did, I knew something was going to change, I just didn’t know what.
The whole weekend passed by and I did nothing but cry and sleep. I started eating less and less. I then asked myself, “what the heck is happening to me?!”
Monday came, and I didn’t want to go to school… but knew I had to. I got up and did my morning routine. Get up, pick out my clothes, brush my teeth and hair, get changed, and eat breakfast. I went downstairs to find my mom sitting there, like if she had been waiting for me.
“How nice it must be to finally see my daughter dressed properly and cleaned herself up so well !!”
“Mom … stop over exaggerating, it was just 2 days that I hadn't cleaned myself up, no big deal.”
I walked out the front door and entered the car.
My mom then followed me into the car.
It was a very awkward, quiet ride.
“Destiny, sweetie, I’m your mom so that means you have to tell me what’s going on. I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on. So please tell me what’s wrong.”
I think to myself, “Note to self, don’t expose yourself too much, only tell her part of the story.”
“Sure mom I guess I can tell you. So Jacob and I broke up on Friday and that is why I haven’t been around you for a while.” I said
My mom then reassures me that everything will be fine… but I know it won’t be.
We arrived to my highschool, “Academy High”. It is located in Dallas Texas but I find it weird though, because I live in Royse City, and I heard the high school in Royse City is better than “Academy high” but I guess Academy high will work for now.
My mom works in Rockwall. Her job consists of her doing cosmetology stuff and her other job, well she works in a Bank.
Back to the story…
So I walked through the front door and the first thing I see is Jacob kissing another girl in a corner away from the teachers.
My heart completely shatters.
“I need to get away from here, oh god please help me make it through them.” I say to myself.
I walked fast but I still triggered the kissing couple, yeah we’ll just call them that for now, the kissing couple, it has a good ring to it, meanwhile I was saying that in my head, Jacob then called my name.
“Destiny!!!” Jacob says in excitement.
It seems like he’s happy to see me ? I question myself.
“Hey. I’ve missed you this weekend. What’s up with the ignoring my texts situation?” Jacob asks in a confused tone.
“Oh cut the slack! You broke up with me so back off! Go kiss that other girl.”
I then walked away.
The first period bell rang and I had Jacob in my class.
I think to myself, “Wow, great way to start off my day.”
The teacher took the whole class period talking about supplies and her annoying rules. This teacher gives me the chills. She even has such an odd name, “Ms.Killingsworth”.
The bell rang for us to head into 2nd period, and of course Jacob and his little preppy girlfriend were in that class. If this continues any longer, I’m so going to drop out.
Our teacher, “Mrs. Gonzalez”, is giving me good vibes. She also teaches my favorite subject, English 1.
If this day consists of just sitting in a classroom for a whole 45 minutes listening to the stupid classroom rules in every class period, I’d rather much skip.
After a long 8 hours of school, It’s finally time to go.
I hop in my truck and drive off to the mall.
As soon as I entered the mall I see the “kissing couple”.
“Can my day get any better? Of course not. Everywhere I go, all I see is Jacob and his little, dumb preppy girlfriend.” I say to myself.
I’m not mad that Jacob moved on, I’m just tempted to tell myself that he’s only doing this to make me mad and jealous which is making me upset. I could care less that Jacob moved on, after all, he did downgrade. Yeah she may be pretty but she’s so annoying and dumb.
As soon as I walked through the door, Jacob looked up at me and winked at me then he looked back down and continued kissing his little dumb, preppy, annoying girl.
Now I’m for sure that he is just doing this to piss me off.
I walk to my favorite store, “Gucci”. I saw a pair of Gucci shoes that were $200.00, so I used my money to buy them. As I was walking to the register to buy the shoes, this cute boy that had these hazel eyes, cute smile, with dark blonde hair walked into the store. The boy bumped into be on accident as soon as he walked in.
“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to.”
“It’s okay..” I say in a shy, cute voice.
The cashier smiles at us and hands me my change.
“Thank you, I’ll be coming back here tomorrow. See you later.”
I then walk out the store and entered the food court.
The cute boy follows in right after me.
“Is this seat taken ??”
*looking down at my phone* “Nahh, feel free to take the chair to your table if you’d like.”
*sits down*
*I look up and gasp when I realize it's the cute boy from the store.* “Oh sorry I thought you wanted the chair at your table?”
“I guess I should’ve asked if I can join you… May I please sit here, if nobody else is?” asks the cute boy.
“Sure but first tell me your name.”
“Mhm but of course, it’s Alejandro but people call me Alex for short.”
“Oh okay, Alex, umm my name is Destiny Linna.”
After we introduced ourselves, we started talking about random things and what not.
And just like that, my world was slowly coming back to pieces.
After a long 3 hours of talking and shopping together, Alex asked for my number and my social media(s), so I gave it to him. We say our goodbyes and make plans for the weekend.
I head back home and find my mom sitting on the couch. She looks quite upset at me.
“Sooo, you skipped school? Why is that destiny? You know what? I don’t want to hear it, go to your room, you’re grounded!”
After a long 3 months of being grounded, I finally confirm a date with Alex. I’ve missed him so much, I miss him making me smile and laugh.
Later on that evening, I see a car pull up the driveway, “It must be Alex.” I say to myself.
We head on to the movies and we both decide to watch “Annabelle creation”
The movie was starting and Alex had asked if I was cold, I said yes and he wrapped his jacket around me and pulled my closer to him.
“Do you feel uncomfortable or is this okay??” Alex asked.
“No, it’s okay, I’m enjoying it.”
We were already into 6 minutes of the movie and it is quite scary. Alex holds me tight after he had seen me jump up from my chair. I feel embarrassed but glad that I didn’t enjoy scary movies.
After the movies, We go out to eat at Applebees. He asked me if I enjoyed the date, I said yes of course.
We talked and talked all throughout the night.
Is it bad that I’m falling in love too soon? Because if falling in love is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
After a month or two, Alex took me out on a “special” date. The date where he would ask me to be his girlfriend. I’m excited, like a child getting to go to her first Disney World trip. Yup, I’m that excited.
The date took place at a nice picnic at the park. I’ve never seen this park before but man oh man was it beautiful. Water fountains everywhere, beautiful, colorful flowers and trees filled the meadow, a pond filled with ducks and the sky filled with white doves everywhere. It was so beautiful.
Alex and I start to eat the food and snacks inside the food basket. It was delicious.
After we finished eating, Jacob decided to take me home.
“I had a wonderful time, thanks for coming.” Says Alex
“Oh no problem, I’m glad I joined. I also had a wonderful time. I’ll see you later?” I say
“Of course, goodnight.” Alex said while leaning in for a kiss
So I then gave him a kiss and said goodnight back.
Months and months past by and Alex & I still continue to see each other every weekend. We both turned 18 and decided that it was time to take things to the next level.
Finally, after planing back to back, we decided to move in together to live to rest of our lives together.
It’s safe to say that Alex and I will definitely end up getting married and continuing our journey together.

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