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The Girl who watched Me Die

January 10, 2018
By TheUnkownAuthor BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
TheUnkownAuthor BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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Um...not as bad or depressing as you think it is. Please, just read the story. I'm bad a summarizing a story since I give too many spoilers away.

Chapter 1: Have you ever...

Have you ever told yourself: this is the person? The person I want to go on adventues with. To feel the adrenaline rush flow through my body with, to laugh whenever I do something stupid with, and to just enjoy life to the fullest. Well, what if someone told you that you can't have it? My name is Tyler McGregor and I want to tell you my story of the girl who watched me die.

Chapter 2: Intorductions If you're still reading, that must mean that a) you have way too much time on your hands, b) you're pretty lazy and only need to find an excuse to kill time or c) you must really be a depressing person judging by the fact that you enjoy listening to a person rant. Either way, I like that in a person.
Now, oh yes the person I was talking about. You see, I met this person when it was only the summer of my 3rd Grade year. My neighborhood is the type that the road workers were either to lazy to flatten the road or weren't paid enough and this was their way of saying "f you governmet". Well, either way my house is found on the top of a really steep hill. You know, the ones where you and your bunch of friends haul up your bikes, but enjoy the feeling of rushing down it after all that hard work only to climb up it again. Well, let's just say: this is how I met that person. How I met Maxine "Maxie" Foster.
Again, it was a summer day in my 3rd Grade year. The sun's rays was beating down on me, and every step I took hurt like heck. I stared down at the road ahead of me: houses lined up parallel to the other, but stopping at the main road that lead to the highway. Dogs would bark every now and then while middle aged husbands would grumble about how much they hated barbeque parties or mowing the lawn in this dead heat. Honestly, I couldn't agree more with them. In fact, it was my mom who forced me outside. She said "playing too much Pokémon can rot a child's brain or worse...they could end up living in the basement". Any who, I stared down at the road as I got onto my bike. She was a bit rusty (but then again, anything Dad gives me are usually hand me downs from 500 B.C.) as I steadied my bike. I wiped the sweat from my brow and, before I knew it, I was off.
The wind blazed through my hair as adrenaline began pumping through my body, causing my legs to push on the pedals making the bike go faster. Life was perfect for me...if not for the fact that a moving truck pulled out of a driveway. Then, everything went black. The last thing I heard was "You IDIOT!!" Before slipping in unconsciousness.

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