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Destiny Is Not Destined To Be

December 8, 2017
By brooknerj BRONZE, Harvard, Illinois
brooknerj BRONZE, Harvard, Illinois
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As all love stories go, there was a young girl and boy. The boy was naive and the girl was beautiful and smart. A typical Romeo and Juliet story. Ironically, the boy’s name was Rome and the girls was Julie. Rome and Julie lived in a small town. Julie lived downtown right above the local hardware store and Rome lived on the outskirts. The two were complete opposites but had one thing in common. The love for nature.

Julie spent her free time wandering the woods searching for new insects to add to her bug collection. Julie was most profoundly fond of butterflies. She admired the way the sunlight reflected off their wings and how easily they sailed through the air. The definition of beautiful itself.

Rome never left the house and constantly worked on the new trucks that his drunken father brought home. He hated his home life but didn’t want to leave because of Julie.

Everyday Rome and Julie sat next to each other in class. They passed notes and giggled.  That following day they had planned to hangout. Rome had something important to tell her.

They were walking on a dirt path on a secluded part of the woods. Rome’s mind was racing he just had to tell Julie to run away with him. Every time he went to blurt out his idea he was cut off my one of Julie’s remarks. Just when he had the perfect opportunity Julie bolted off hand in hand with Rome. She dragged him until his legs became limber. Then they stop. Rome between grasping for air was trying to ask Julie what the hell that was about. All Julie did was shush him. She started towards a branch. Then he returned to Rome with the most beautiful butterfly in hand. This gave him the perfect idea. He knew how he was exactly going to ask Julie.
“Julie, I’ve been meaning to ask you something.”


“Yes, anything. My ears are all yours.”

“Well you see, my home life isn’t the best..and and I’ve kinda well um..I’ve kinda been meaning to leave but I can’t leave you..”

“Okay I understand, but what do you really have to say?”

“I’ll get there but let me tell you a story first. You see this here butterfly? Pretty huh? Kinda like you. Well this butterfly has to migrate every year or else it’ll die. But it can’t go alone, that’d just be no fun.”

“What are you getting at Rome..?”

“Julie, I’m this butterfly. Trapping and needing to leave but I can’t go alone. I love you and can’t be without you. So I guess what I’m trying to say is..will you go with me?”

The author's comments:

This short story piece is a spin off of Romeo and Juliet in modern times. It shows a couple who must part their seperate ways. 

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