October 19, 2017
By LexiLuHu BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
LexiLuHu BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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Working in a hospital can be extremely taxing physically and emotionally but, when a new nurse accidentally eavesdrops on a doctors devastating break up...feelings can change.

Chapter 1: Hypnotic

“Doctor, I cannot do this anymore.” A heavy voice caught in my ears and I stopped dead in my tracks in the hallway. Nurses and doctors rushed all around me while I waited to hear the striking articulation again to prove it wasn’t just a fragment of my imagination. The mysterious voice spoke once more and immediately all of the hospital bustling was almost completely drowned out. “Why not?!” The female doctor cried out obviously on the verge of tears, her weak simple words were breaking. She sniffled and blew her nose as the heavenly voice tried to soothe her. “Janet, I am really sorry. We’ve had a wonderful time together and please know that I enjoyed being with you.” Instant jealousy coursed through me  although I wasn’t sure why. “What can I say, the chemistry between us died after I found out that you cheated on me with my brother.” The office went completely silent and I realized I was standing out from behind the partially closed door, hanging onto every word. Doctor Janet suddenly howled and broke out into a horrendous sob. His beautiful voice sighed. It was so strong, dense, and distinctly masculine, it made my knees weak. A quick flicker of guilt penetrated my apparently shallow soul because deep down I knew I shouldn’t be eavesdropping. But how could I not? His deep voice was so hypnotic, so mysterious. It dripped like honey; Thick, golden, and irresistibly smooth. “I’m so sorry, but I can’t trust you anymore. You shattered my heart when I found out. We’ve been dating for almost two years and I actually brought this.” The voice sighed. What did he bring?! I had to know! I swiftly walked by the office door as subtly and casually as I could, trying to absorb the whole scene. I only saw the two figures and a gorgeous engagement ring that sparkled in the light. “No!” She wailed. “Please forgive me.” I heard him stand up and prepare to take his leave. I rapidly looked down at my empty clipboard and rehearsed how I could have just walked up and needed to talk to Doctor Janet for some medical reason. When he stepped out of the room, I hesitantly gazed up to see the owner of the hypnotic voice. A tall man stood there simply in jeans and wearing a nice blue vest. He was charming in every feature, his light brown eyes, his clean shaven face, and that gentle polite smile he offered me. My heart stopped entirely and I stood there motionless until I was sure he had walked away. When his footsteps receded  I continued my day but only then have I ever smiled so wide.

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