One and Only

September 25, 2017
By madysengordon1 BRONZE, Athens, Texas
madysengordon1 BRONZE, Athens, Texas
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He always said you were his one and only, but we all know how that turns out of course. There was two teenagers a 20 year old girl named Kaitlin and and a 19 year old boy named Kade. Kade and Kaitlin had been dating for 8 months, she always talked about marriage and having kids. Kade always use to say that he did not want kids for a long time and that he did not like Kaitlin's clinginess. She was allowed to go hang out with her friends but he wasn't, so she tried to stop him from having stuff to do with his family. When he came home from work in West Texas, she made up lies about his family members so he wouldn’t have anything to do with his family. A month goes by and he still has not talked to anybody in his family. His sister text him and he does not reply, so she text him again and says “ Well guess you cannot reply to me, but  hope you had a good day and just know I love you”. Still no answer so she calls him no answer. Kaitlin text his sister and says “ Your brother does not love any of y'all i'm the only one that he loves and don’t expect to being seeing him, and lose his number he wants nothing to do with any of you”. His little sister sits on her bed and cries her mom walks in and ask what's wrong she says “ Kaitlin told me that Kade want’s nothing to do with any of us and does not love any of us and that I need to lose his number because he want’s nothing to do with me or any of us in the family”. Kade soon realized what his girlfriend had done and confronts her about it, and she said “ that she did not say any of that”, but he had proof then Kade pulled out his phone and showed Kaitlin the messages and says “were over Kaitlin”. Kaitlin runs after Kade crying when he was getting his things and leaving. Kaitlin kept apologizing and that she didn’t want things to end like this. Kade got in his truck and left, then he realized that family was everything and she should not have left on bad terms, and over a girl that made up lies about his family,and made him stop hanging out with his friends, and coming around his family. Kaitlin tried for months to get Kade back and started making rumors so that other girls couldn’t have him, but she didn’t realize that he had moved on and was happy with another girl. Four years went by and she ran into him at walmart with his wife and newborn baby boy Corbin. Kaitlin walks over to Kade and say hi, Kade says “sorry do I know you?” Kaitlin walks aways crying. Kaitlin moved to Florida and got married, then had to move back because of her job. Kade was happy with his wife and son, but still to this day Kaitlin wished that Kade was hers and only hers. In the end both of them found love got married and had kids. Kaitlin never talked to Kade until fourteen years later Kades son Corbin was dating Kaitlin's daughter Kinley. They realized that their kids were dating, they didn’t make the kids break up for something that happened in the past and that the kids didn’t know about. Kinley and Corbin got older and had kids of their own and Kade and Kaitlin shared grandkids together. Kaitlin and Kade became friends and all of them started having get togethers and would BBQ together.  Kaitlin and Kade still never told anybody and just let the past be the past and forgave each other.

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