The Story of Derrick and Taylor

June 20, 2017
By tequila2 BRONZE, Lehi, Utah
tequila2 BRONZE, Lehi, Utah
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Sam had many friends, but two in particular, Taylor and Derrick. Sam had introduced Taylor and Derrick when they were in eighth grade. They did not hangout or talk much until eleventh grade. In their eleventh grade year, Taylor was getting her Certified Nursing Assistant and had to change all her classes around in school. She went into the counseling office to change her English class around. She changed it to her last period. The next day, she went to that new English class, not knowing what to expect. She walked in the class and sat by her friend Jack, Derrick turned out to sit right next to her as well. The next week, the teacher had made a seating chart. Taylor and Derrick sat right next to each other. Was it coincidental or was it fate?

Taylor and Derrick started to talk, and Taylor had told him she went to the hospital for suicide. Derrick was surprised by what she had said. He gave her his number and told her to call or text him anytime she felt that way. So she did, the next time she wanted to kill herself, she called him and he calmed her down. The next day when they were sitting next to each other Taylor was extremely sad, so Derrick asked what was wrong. She said, “My boyfriend, Roger, is lying to me all the time. Saying he will be there for me and just leaves me without giving me a warning.” Derrick had told her he was not worth the pain. She broke up with him that day.

Derrick started dating this girl, Penelope, who did not care for him all that much. She never hung out with him, never talked to him. It’s like they weren’t even together. Derrick told Taylor everything. Taylor felt a little jealous when he told her he had a girlfriend, but she pushed away the jealousy. Taylor was there for him, just like he was for her. They started to fall for each other. That’s when the story begins.

Derrick texted Taylor asking if she wanted to go to the movies with him. She said yes. They agreed that one person buys tickets and the other buys food. Taylor didn’t think it was a date, she thought they were hanging out. They get in their seats, and the movie starts. They scootch closer and closer to each other. Taylor leans her head on her hand almost touching his shoulder. I wish I could lean my head on his shoulder, Taylor thought. She didn’t do it, for the sake of saving herself embarrassment. Derrick was holding the popcorn, they both put their hands inside the bowl and touched hands, they looked at each other like they just had sparks go between them. When the movie was over, Taylor dropped Derrick off at his house and he gave her a hug. “We should do this again.” Derrick said. Taylor nodded her head in agreement.

  A week goes by, they go to another movie, Taylor still wishes she could hold his hand or lean on his shoulder. But she still gets anxiety thinking about it, so she doesn’t. The movie gets over, and once again she drops him off and gets another hug. She gets home and turns her phone on, she got a text from Derrick. It says: I really wanted to kiss you. Taylor jumps up and down, very excitedly. She texts back saying she wants to as well. They hang out a week later. They go for a drive to one of their spots. Derrick puts his hand on Taylor’s cheek and leans in, Taylor leans in and their lips touch. Taylor has never been kissed this way before. She then started to think, she really likes him, not because he kissed her. But because he was there for her, he respected her like no other guy did, he likes her for who she is, and doesn’t care how talkative she is, she realizes then that she never wants to lose him.

A few years go by, and Derrick is buying a ring. He gets this beautiful silver ring with a small diamond. He takes Taylor to the canyon and up to a meadow. He tells her to look in the trees, so she does. Meanwhile, he pulls out the ring and gets down on one knee. She turns around and starts crying with her hands over her mouth. He says, “Taylor, ever since I laid eyes on you I have been in love with you, I’ve known I wanted to marry you since the day we met. Will you do the honors of marrying me?” Taylor is crying so much all she can do is nod. She puts out her hand, and Derrick puts the ring on her finger and they hug, kiss and laugh.

They get back home from the meadow. They go inside the house, and Taylor starts telling her family they are engaged and are getting married! They start getting magazines with wedding advertisements. They plan the wedding in the spring with Osiris flowers and white table cloths. After the wedding and the reception, they go to Casa em Paraty near Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. A month after their honeymoon, Taylor starts vomiting and craving foods she doesn’t like. So she tells her husband she might be pregnant. They get excited, they have always wanted kids. They go to the store and buy pregnancy tests and they go home to take the tests. The first line appears, then the second line. It’s positive. Derrick and Taylor start getting super happy, and they realize they have to think of names. They buy a chalkboard to write ideas on. Derrick likes the name Lara, Taylor likes the name Renesme for a girl. For a boy, Taylor likes the name Luke, Derrick likes the name Jensen.

They went to their OB/GYN and got an ultrasound, when Taylor hit 22 weeks. They found out they were having twins. Both boys. They decided to name them Luke and Jensen. 18 weeks later, they brought two beautiful baby boys into this world. They raised these boys into wonderful, respectful men. Jensen meets his wife at college. Luke meets his wife at a bar. They got married and had kids of their own. Derrick and Taylor became grandparents to two girls and three boys.

Derrick and Taylor started to travel all over the world. They went to Ireland, Jamaica, Germany, the Bahamas, and many more places. After traveling for years, they decided to stay home to be with their kids and grandchildren.Three weeks after they decided to stay home, Taylor passed away peacefully in her sleep. Derrick had such heartbreak, he passed away a week later. Luke and Jensen had their parents cremated. They spread their ashes in the spot, where their parents had their first kiss.

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This was based on my first love. 

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