Lost Between Realities

June 11, 2017
By Anonymous

She sat in the corner, waiting. Waiting for her life to begin, waiting for her dreams to become a reality, just waiting. In her mind, they would call her “Brianna”, they would compliment her daily, smart, nice, talented, everything she ever wanted. However in reality they would call everything but that. She was invisible, she had no name, nobody loved her. The life she would call her own was one that did not exist in reality, only in the comfort of her mind. “Brianna” had everything, there was not a single person who hated her like they did in reality. The girl in real life had nobody, it was all a sea of gray without a single bit of color to help her get by. She reached out only to have the rough waters pull her away from everyone, just as it always had been. It was not until home where she really felt alive. “Brianna” came to school and everyone would welcome her, all of her friends would walk with her. A whole sea of color, “Brianna” would get lost in the happiness and bliss of the wonderful life she had. The life “Brianna” had was just a distant hope for the girl, a world she dreamt up with the goal of experiencing a world she felt a stranger to. The girl would wake up two hours early, all spent on making her look presentable, at least in her own mind. The laughter was ingrained in her mind, it was too late to get over it. At least before he had walked up to her.
“Hey, are you okay?” he asked her.
“Yeah I am okay, thank you.” she said.
After that they slowly became friends. The nights where they talked “Brianna” started to be unhappy, as Brie became satisfied with reality the fake world she had created began to lose it’s purpose. She started to lose the attention, nobody wanted to talk to her anymore. In reality the girl knew him as Steve, Steve had known her as Brie. They soon enough became inseparable, the best of friends. Brie thanked Steve for what he had done each and every day. Every once and awhile people would yell to her, saying “Hey Brie!” She would smile and wave back. All the while “Brianna” has lost all of her friends, she herself begun to disappear from the once abundant world that was inhabited by all those Brie dreamed of, including Brie. However in reality, Brie and Steve began to fall in love, they would often talk of marriage, after all they were twenty-five years old and at the same job together. On their wedding day, she saw “Brianna” sitting in the audience, crying tears of joy for the new life Brie had.
“Brie?” Steve said.
“Oh, sorry I got distracted.” Brie responded.
When she looked back “Brianna” was gone, Brie just smiled ear to ear and cried tears of joy, her life was no longer imaginary, her dreams had become a reality. The love Steve and Brie shared lasted a lifetime, and every time he would call her name she would remember back to “Brianna” and become thankful for all she has.

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