A Road Trip Well Needed

May 10, 2017

I’m sitting on my window couch looking outside. The window is open and all I can smell is wet grass and rain. It is humid and I feel sticky. The tree’s are filled with different shades of green and are dripping with water. Everything is still except for the rain falling from the sky. I hear the bird chirping which makes me think of happiness. I close my window and stand up. Dizzy, I need something to eat. I trod downstairs slowly to try to keep my balance. It has been at least 3 days since I have eaten anything. I can not keep anything down. The only reason i’m not crying is because I’m dehydrated. My mouth is dry and it makes it hard to breathe. I open the fridge and pull out a juice box. “Nice to finally see you out of your room” I hear my father say behind me. I ignore him. “Do you realize how long you have been in there?” He asks “You locked the door and I couldn't come in. I was worried about you.”. “I’m fine” I say shrugging him off. I sit down at the kitchen counter and look at the calendar with puppies on it. I find the date of my mom funeral and go three days ahead of that, today's date. I stare blankly at the numbers. They all start running together and I start thinking. I start thinking about my mom and all the games we used to play. I think about the way she would always say I love you and I wouldn't say it back, even though she knew I did. I loved her so much and now I can’t tell her that. I realize how lucky I was to have a mom. My mom was sweet as lilies in May. It’s hard to face the fact that she is gone and that I will never get to see her again. I snap out of it, tears in my eyes. I was drowning in a sea of grief. I walk over the cupboard and find some ramen noodles to cook. I have to wash a pot because the sink is full of dishes. After I eat I go upstairs and shower. Today will be the first day I have been out of the house in a week, besides my mom’s funeral.
I pull up to  my best friend’s house and she walks outside and hops in my passenger seat. We drive away, in dead silence. I wonder why she isn’t saying much, does she think she will offend me? “Is everything okay?” I ask. “i'm fine” she says “is everything okay with you?” she sneers back. “I think you know the answer to that question.” I practically yell back to her. “You know.” She starts “It’s not my fault your mom died.” I smash my breaks in the middle of the road. “What did you say?” I ask. “You heard me, you act like it’s a big deal but everyone knows that you never loved your mom.” she snaps back. “I loved my mom so much and you have no right to say that. Get out of my car!” I scream, tears running down my face. She gets out and I drive away, fast. I keep driving and driving. I had to get away from this place, this town, these horrible people.
I drive from noon to midnight, filling up my car once with my debit card. I felt as if I drove around the country twice. I pull into a motel 6 and walk inside, maybe they will have a place for me to crash. I walk to the desk and ask if they have any rooms available. They hand me a key and I pay. I walk down empty, creepy hallways and finally reach my door, room 120. I slide the key card and open my door. I look around, not the best but it’ll do. I walk over to my bed and hop in. As soon as I hit the mattress, I was out.
I wake up to a blaring loud noise. I sit up and look around, my eyes too blurry to see anything. I finally notice the red flashing light coming from the fire alarm in the corner of my room. The sprinkler starts squirting and I jump up as the cold water hits my face. A lady’s voice comes out of the blue. “Use the stairs and exit the building” she says over and over. I put my shoes on and walk out my door. There were people everywhere panicking. I walk down the hallway trying to shut out all the loud noises. I pass the swimming pool and go outside the very back doors. There are two girls and a guy out here. They are wearing all black and are smoking cigarettes. I sit down in a lounge chair. “Hey” says the deep voiced guy “What’s your name?” he asks. I look at him. He’s smiling “Ashley” I tell him. “Ashley, well it’s nice to meet you, I’m Chance and these are my sisters; Amanda and Haley.” I look at them, smile and nod. “Where are ya’ll from?” I ask, knowing that we are somewhere in Ohio now. “We’re from Indiana” says Haley. “I’m guessing you are from somewhere down south.” Chance says. “By the way you said ya’ll and your huge belt buckle” I chuckle. “Yeah, I’m from Georgia” I say proudly. “Why are you here?” Amanda asks. “Uhh I erm, I’m on my way to visit my grandma, she lives in uh Columbia.” I say not very convincing. They all nod like they know I’m lying. They wouldn’t let us back in the motel for another three hours and I got to know them all very well. We all exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch. After the second hour of being outside Ashley and Haley fell asleep, so it was just me and Chance. I told him everything, about my mom, about my friend and that I wasn’t really going to see my grandma. I only knew I was in Ohio because of someone’s shirt. Chance asks me to go back home to Indiana with him. Until I can get back on my own feet and after a lot of talking, I finally agree and we head to Indiana that next morning.

After a 5 hour car ride, me following behind. We make it to a long driveway and pull in. At the end of the driveway is a large white two-story house practically begging me to step inside. I am instructed to pull my car into the garage and get out. I am met by two older looking people. Maybe in their 50’s. Chance’s parents, they introduce themselves as Barb and Bill and tell me to come inside and make myself a home. Days pass and life gets great. I don’t find myself missing any of my family yet, but I called my dad to let him know that I am safe. He understands and tells me to come home soon but that’ll be awhile from now. Right now, all I want to do is spend them with these amazing people. My new family, they understand me and they want the best for me. Months go by and I begin to realize that I am completely in love with Chance. Without him I may not even be alive, let alone happy. He makes me feel special, like I’m actually worth something. He gives me a warm love feeling just like my mom used to. We started dating a few months after I moved in with him and I have never been happier. Now, I think it’s time he meets my dad.

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