The Prince and his Peasant

May 9, 2017
By Anonymous

Once upon a time, there was a peasant. Her name was Rosalynn. She had a big crush on this prince. His name was Prince Jacob, but he didn't know that the peasant liked him. She never told him, but she told her best friends, Jordan and Leigh. They made fun of her all the time, but she didn't care. The prince's parents already loved the little peasant girl, as the two played together all the time, unknowing that Jacob was a prince. And Rosalynn's parents love the prince, of course. As they grew older, the prince, very often, dressed as a peasant to visit Rosalynn. As more people came to know of the peasant's crush on the prince, her friend, and Leigh's boyfriend, Scott, who was also a prince, was about to tell the prince of the crush, but never did. Everyone kept pushing R to tell the prince the next time he visited her, but she could never bring herself to do it. Then one day, the King and Queen go to see the peasant girl, and bring her to the castle. So once in the castle R sees Jacob and runs up to him, and gives him a giant hug.
"Wait. Why am I here? What's today?" She asks when she lets go of Jacob.
"It's February 24th," Jacob replies to R's question.
"Oh my god! I almost forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" She gives him another hug and then suddenly pulls away. "'re all clean and princey, and I'm over here all dirty and peasanty...I would have gotten you something for your birthday, but I don't have any money." R then backs away slowly and hangs her head in shame.
"You being here is gift enough for me." This time Jacob walks over to R, pushed her head up to face him, and hugs her. And to her surprise, kisses her on the cheek. Then the prince whispers in R's ear, "I know that it's my birthday, but let me give you a present."
"Oh no, I couldn't," she says to him quietly.
"Yes you can," he answers back quickly.
"Servants, take this young lady, and treat her like your queen. She is to be bathed and dressed like a true queen should be."
"Yes your highness," they respond simultaneously. So they take R, and bathe her, and put her in the most beautiful black, red, and white dress. They do her hair, her makeup, and bring her to the throne room, where the prince, the queen, and the king are waiting for her. As soon as she walks in the prince rises to his feet, and smiles. He motions for the servants to leave, and he walks over to Rosalynn.
"You look...amazing," he says as he gets closer and smiles. "It's hard to believe that you were never not a princess." She smiles at him, and hugs him. "Now I have a very important question to ask you."
"Yes?" She asks politely.
"Will you, Rosalynn, be my princess?" Speechless, of course, R has her own unique way of saying yes by running over to the prince's throne, and sitting in it, pretending to be a princess. "I'll take that as a yes then." Prince Jacob smiles and goes to sit next to her in the king's throne. Then the queen looks at Rosalynn, and smiles as she motions towards her own seat, and Rosalynn moves to sit. They then take a picture together in their future thrones, and the king and queen couldn't be more happy. Their son is happy, and their future daughter-in-law is also happy. As they are sitting there, Jacob reaches for Rosalynn's hand, and they sit there, just holding hands for hours. Eventually they move to a different room, and watch a movie together. Later that night, R and Jacob go back to the village, and tell R's family and friends. Leigh, Scott, and Jordan are all so happy for R. She tells everyone that she's going to go live in the castle with Prince Jacob, and her family goes and moves in with them too.

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