Coffee shop

May 11, 2017

The café was crowded; it smelled like a mixture of coffee and sweaty New Yorkers. My nose stiffened every time I had to take a breath. My job was nothing, but a hassle that I had to deal with everyday. Making coffee for the same people that I see everyday. It was in the middle of winter, there was snow on the ground, but not the pure white snow that sparkles in the sunlight. It was the dirty, muddy, mushy snow that when you take step water leaks through your shoe. When the door opened I could feel that ice cold winter wind hit me in the face. I was taking the old frumpy lady's order when right in the middle of her saying, "I would like a low fat, ,soy mocha with no cream," when the door flung open with so much power that it made a thunder crash when it hit the wall behind. It took me a second to react, and after I looked up my eye caught what I thought was an angel from up above. The girl who swung the door open with mighty force was laughing like morning birds singing with gratitude. While admiring the delicacy, I was then rudely interrupted by the old lady waving a ten dollar bill in my face saying, "Are you going to take my money or am I going to have to go back there and do it myself ?" I replied quickly with "I'm sorry." and "Your coffee will be right out." She glared and rolled her eyes. As the girl walked over to the counter I could smell her light strawberry perfume, and I see her tight blonde curly ringlets that danced around every time she took a step closer to the counter. I hurried with the old lady's order, and rushed to the counter to get her order. I began with " Hi, How are you today?" She was looking at the menu above me, her eyes were so blue the sky would be envious. I could not help myself to stare. My hands nervously shaking and my heart pounding. She finally said, "I would like a small black coffee, please" she gave me the dollar thirty and I felt her hand. Her skin was cold but the it felt like I touched a cloud. I took my time while making her coffee, just so that I could sink her beauty in. When I handed it to her she said "Thank you, have a nice day" and walked out of the café.

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