Usefully Useless

April 21, 2017
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It was a chilly night in November when Luna asked Tony to meet up with her so they could talk. Tony didn't want to drive very far away so they settled on meeting half way at a sketchy park in Miami. The whole park was dark except for a single lamppost above a bench only big enough for two. When Luna arrived, she saw Tony pacing around.

"Tony, would you sit down already? Your pacing is making me want to rip all my hair out of my head" she said in a soft but sarcastic tone.

Tony stopped pacing and sat on the bench, gesturing for her to come sit with him.

Luna sat down calmly and began to speak, "Tony, I know you love me, but why do you keep making me feel like I have no purpose to you and I'm just someone for you to speak to and/or get romantic towards when you're lonely?"

"Well, what do I do?" Sighed Tony. "When it comes to communication with you. I don’t have an issue with restricting the romantic stuff but do we talk less?" He got up and started pacing again.

Luna stood up to face him "We can have a normal freaking conversation without you telling me you love me or miss me all the damn time!"

Tony's fingers curled into a fist and his eyes looked sharp. He could not speak. Luna had taken the words from his throat. "Tony, why do you do this to me?" Luna asked, with a harsh tone in her voice.

"Because I want to be happy and it seems like nothing I do can make me happy, not even with you." Tony rushed over to the brick wall and met his fist to it. "I left because I WAS happy, I was. Past tense, Luna. I WAS happy. I'm not anymore. I figured whenever I felt alone I could message

you and feel better, I do that. I do feel better. And then it's gone, and I don’t feel happy anymore. You're useful, but not in the way you wish to be. I'm sorry Luna, but this isn't a relationship and it ends now." 

It was hard to see because the lamppost started to flicker, but tears started to form in Tony's eyes when he looked over and saw Luna curled into a ball on the bench. Tony then went over to bench holding his hand. Tony lent in to give Luna a hug but Luna pushed Tony away and tried to walk off.

"Luna, I'm sorry!" Tony said as he grasped Luna's arm tightly. "I'm sorry but that’s the truth and I figured you might of at least deserved that, rather it's what you did or did not want to hear."

"Get off of me Tony!" Yelled Luna as she tried to escape Tony's grasp.

"Not until you listen to me and try to understand what I'm trying to say!"

Tony tried to pull Luna close but as Luna struggled to get away from Tony, something happened within the commotion. Bang! The whole park echoed as it happened. Luna's face started pouring red. The blood on Lunas lip changed her whole mood.

"L- leave me alone. Go away Tony, LEAVE!" Luna stuttered.

Tony fled off to his 1996 Ford Mustang. Smoke flew out of the exhaust pip as Tony sped away. Since that day, Tony and Luna never spoke again and the lamppost never lit up again.

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