March 21, 2017
By Anonymous

The worst feeling in the world is watching someone you love, love someone else. Well, that's what my junior year consisted of. My name is Trevor and I have been in love with the same girl since I was in the eighth grade. She is the most beautiful girl in our high school. Her name is Caroline. She has long blonde hair, sky blue eyes, and the nicest personality. Ever since we met we've been best friends, but she has no clue how I actually feel about her after 3 years. The saddest past is that she is dating the biggest jerk in our grade and I have to sit here and watch him treat her like garbage. Her boyfriend's name is Jay and sadly, he's one of my god friends and has been since the first grade. Even if he is my best friend, I can't help but hate him a little bit for how he treats Caroline.

Caroline and I have this tradition where every Tuesday we go eat dinner at the local Mexican restaurant for Taco Tuesday. When we went today she wouldn't stop talking about Jay. "I just don't get why he thinks it's okay to lie to me about every little thing?" she said. I asked her what he lied about this time. She said, "He tried to tell me that he didn't cheat on me last weekend when I have picture proof!" "If he keeps cheating on you Caroline, don't you think it's time for a break up?" I replied. "He'll stop Trevor.. he's just going through a phase." She said. After we ate out tacos, I took her home. "Thanks for dinner Trev, i got it next time!" She said as she walked up the steps to her big white house. The next day at school Caroline come to my locker balling so I asked her what happened. "He broke up with me.." she cried. "What?!" I replied "Why?!" She said back to me, "I don't even know, he texted me this morning that we are over!" and she cried some more. I could help but get furious over this but I had to keep my cool for Caroline and just be there for her. I asked her if she wanted to ditch the rest of the day with me and she said yes. We went and got ice cream and the parlor and went back to my house. I asked her if she wanted to talk about it but she said no and I don't blame her. "Hey Caroline" I say. "Yes Trevor?" She responds "I love you" I say back. "Yeah I love you too" she said. If only she new I meant I was actually in love with her but I kept that part to myself. It was almost 9:00 PM so I took her home and after that I went straight to Jay's house. "Dude what the heck, why did you dumb Caroline?" was the first thing I said walking in his room. "I don't know, she was boring and pushy" he said back to me. "Honestly, that's your excuse?" I said. "Yeah, why do you care?" He said laughing. All I could do at that moment was leave, I couldn't stand looking at him. The next day Caroline wasn't at school so I went by her house after last period. Her mom told me she didn't want to see anyone so I went home. I tried to Facebook message her and snap chat her but she never responded to any of my attempts of reaching out to her.
I let Caroline have her space for the next couple weeks, she still never came to school and never called me. When she finally came back after a week of being gone I didn't even recognize her. The long beautiful blonde hair was now short and hot pink, she had piercings, and a tattoo. "Caroline?" I said and she walk past me. "Sup" she responded with. This wasn't the Caroline I know and loved, I don't know who this is anymore. I stopped by her moms office at lunch (her mom was the guidance counselor) to ask her what is going on. She told me that Caroline is suffering from depression and this is how she is dealing with it. All I could think is that this is all because of stupid Jay.. Her mom also told me that she is switching schools at the end of the semester which is in one week and I should say my goodbyes to her but she wouldn't even say more than one word to me. It sucks watching someone you love, love someone else. Then get hurt by that someone

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