Night On The Bridge

March 3, 2017
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One year ago, there was a boy & a girl at a bridge @ 5 past midnight. they both came for one reason: to jump off.

the boy, with tears streaming down his cheeks, climbed onto the side railing. he then stared at the stars with a feeling of nostalgic agony.

the girl was walking across the bridge until she saw the boy about to jump off. with a shaky voice she stammered, "wait." the boy couldn't hear her, as he was about to make the jump.

the girl, with a more panicked voice, exclaimed, "WAIT!" the boy slowly turned his head as he locked eyes with the girl. he appeared to be glaring, almost.
the girl was petrified by the look in his eye. she stammered again with her blood stained lips, "wait, please." the boy made a gesture, as if to invite her to be beside him. the girl understood him & she proceeded to sit next to him on the railing.

it was very cold, & the girl was noticeably shivering. the boy asked awkwardly, "do you want my jacket?" the girl immediately refused & said, "i won't be here for long." the boy replied, "me neither." after an awkward silence, the boy took off his gray sweater & wrapped it around her. as he did he saw her face illuminated in the moonlight. he abruptly said, "your hair flows like the river below us." he immediately became embarrassed, absolutely puzzled at himself for saying this.

the girl laughed as she said, "i got it from my mother." the night grew colder yet their embrace grew warmer. but sadly at that moment, they both wanted to do what they came here for. to jump. they would remain in silence for awhile, in silence.

part 2: it was two am & the boy broke the silence. "i know you. i swear." his face was filled with solemnity. "you have no idea.. how many times i have dreamed of this moment. me and you.. those eyes of yours.." he shuddered, as if he can't comprehend this is happening. "i can't believe.. you're real. i don't understand.. i've never even met you before." he started to look at her, still trying to convince himself that this isn't a dream.

the girl looked at him with pure emotion radiating from her eyes. "what happened in that dream?" she asked. the boy responded, "i came to this exact location, to jump and.. and.. your eyes would.. paralyze me." he paused as sweat formed on his brow. "your eyes would bring me so much peace. you were like the girlfriend i never had. but.." he started to gasp for air as he closed his eyes. "then what?" the girl asked. "you would tell me that you loved me." the boy started to sob again., as his eyes became blood red. "you were the only reason i lasted this long. my lust for you was insatiable. i would dream of you so often. I LOVE YOU." he immediately wiped off his tears and said, "sorry I'm insane. i didn't mean to disturb you. ahh i'm so crazy." he started to squirm and he made eye contact with the girl one more time. he said, "goodbye." as he was about to jump the girl grabbed him with inhuman force. the girl stared at him and said, "that girl in your dreams... those dreams you've been having... they're not fake." she forced her mouth beside his ear as she grimaced and said, "i've been having those dreams too. and.. the thought of you was my drug. when my life was absolute agony i would find comfort in my dreams, when i got to see you." she choked back her tears as she whispered with her pained voice, "i love you too." the boy & the girl looked at each other with eyes consumed with pain. they immediately locked lips as tears rolled down their cheeks. both of them couldn't help but cry in despair, even though they finally had each other. the passion of their unity had a force of a thousand wildfires.

part 3: the boy & the girl held tight to each other, as the darkest hour would arrive. the girl's head rested on the shoulder of the boy, as the hand of the boy stroked her soft hair.
the girl whispered with a stern look on her face, "maybe we can go back home, together." it was not a question, but a wish made with a hopeless heart. -

the boy replied with a smile, "that would be awesome! we can always be with each other & i would give anything t..." he paused at the sound of his lover crying. . "i surely wished we could." she started to moan in agony into the sky. "but i must die. tonight." -
the boy looked at her with shock. "why?" he asked. "you can't die! i won't LET YOU." he started to grip her shoulders with trembling arms as he said, "i love you." -
the girl looked on to the sky as she gasped for air. "i love you too." she paused to wipe the tears off her eyes. "but i don't belong here. all the people who've cursed me, all the days i've been neglected and abused, all the suffering & pain I've endured, it's a sign from above. the earth hates me & i must do the world a favor, by dying tonight. but my heart is content, for i have been good to at least one person in this wretched world." -

the boy looked at her with eyes filled with hurt. "WHO GIVES A DAMN WHAT THE WORLD THINKS? I'VE NEVER MET ANYONE AS AMAZING AS YOU AND YOU JUST LITERALLY SAVED MY DAMN LIFE AND.." he stopped yelling as he stared into her eyes, "i don't want you to leave. am i not enough for you? am i not worth living for? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS? TELL ME. PLEASE I CANNOT LIVE WITHO.." -

the girl grabbed the crying boy and kissed him with unrivaled passion. fire consumed both of their hearts. right after she said, "look into my eyes." the boy looked into those gorgeous, crystal clear eyes, and he saw the collection of the entire world's agony in her eyes. he had never seen such emotion & pain compacted into one pair of eyes. the boy nodded as he was shedding tears profusely. "I.... understand." he stammered. "I'll miss you." the girl cried with him and said, “i’ll miss you too.”

part4:"i have a gift for you, my love." she had a faint smile as she pulled out a stone from her pocket. it was shaped like a heart, as small jewels were embedded into its delicate surface. "i want you to keep this. as long as you have this, i will always be with you." she then kissed him again.

the boy responded, "how can i live while knowing i'm letting you die? and.. how can i repay you for saving me?" he started to bawl again.

the girl responded, "be happy for me. now leave, let me be." the boy then slowly got off the railing in disbelief, as he put her stone into his pocket. he closed his eyes as he heard the churning of the river. there was a great storm going on and he struggled to keep going. he had never felt more empty in his life. his fantasy lover, had taken her own life, in reality. and he let her.

and then from a distant area he thought he heard a thud. the storm immediately stopped as the clouds rolled open like a scroll. he opened his eyes. in front of him was the most beautiful sunrise he had ever seen in his life. "be happy." the boy whispered as he clutched onto the heart of stone. but all he found at that moment was sorrow. the love of his life had died.

One year later

The boy ran to the bridge, on 5 past midnight. He was drunk & absolutely destroyed.

He sat on the same location he sat with her one year ago. "i've failed you." he whispered to the sky. he pulled out the heart of stone and he held it to his own heart. "you wanted me to be happy. that was your only wish for me. but i failed you darling. i'm not happy."

he did not feel sad, but he felt a cold anger rising from his heart. "be happy," he said in a mocking tone. "you want me to be happy after leaving me like this?" he started to grow extremely angry. "if I was worth anything you would've stayed. you never loved me, OR ELSE YOU WOULDN’T HAVE LEFT." he hurled her stone into the sea in absolute fury. “the memory of you ruined me." he glared at the skies as he clenched his teeth. "It's as if you passed all your pains to me." he started to moan like a little child, "you ruined me. you never loved me. you are the root of my pains. i wish i had never met you. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!" he leaned forward as his body became motionless. soon his body was falling in midair. as he fell he saw her face, mourning in the skies. Even though he proclaimed out of anger, he still loved her dearly. It was true love, between the two. It just wasn't meant to be. Never forget what happened on the Bridge that night.

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