The Complicated Life Of Georgia Rae

February 10, 2017

Life is complicated, so complicated. I’m Georgia Rae Bells, I’m from the south, so obviously our whole town is about God, Football, and Family. Considering our sunny ole’ “happy” town’s population is EXTREMELY small, drama gets around, fast, and well...I’m the preacher's daughter, so lets just say rumors do too. It all just kind’ve happened. The whole thing really just feels like a dream.

It all started when we had our church's annual cookout, today was the day the football coach decided who the new football managers would be, the coach decided it had to be two girls, for actually more than one reason, every boy in school was on the football team, and girls are obviously more mature than boys. Pastor Bells stood away so Coach Barton could announce who he had assigned to be the “lucky” managers.

As Coach Barton appeared upon the podium, his daughter Sadie Lee gave me the harshest look i’ve ever laid my eyes on. Maybe I can give you a small description, you know the cliche “Little Miss Perfect” girl in all the movies? That’s her, Sadie wore her always preppy outfit, although today she straightened her hair, she still sat there in her bright pink patterned shirt with her glowing pearls giving me a witches look, if there was one person I couldn’t stand in this world it was Sadie Lee Barton for sure.

Coach Barton stood at the Maple wood podium as the sun glared in his Dark black and blue sunshades, you could her him smacking heavily on his chewing gum from the back row. As he waited for everyone’s attention he stared harshly into the crowd, the exact same harsh look his “perfect” daughter gave me.  As soon as everyone settled down he was very ecstatic to announce who he has elected as our Mongountry football managers.

Everyone sat eagerly as he said, “I am proud to announce our new Mongountry Football managers, Miss Sadie Lee Barton, and Miss Georgia Rae Bells!”

I stood in shock. Yes, my whole life I had been the town’s “sweetheart” but in my position, this didn’t ever cross my mind. Everyone clapped and screamed their whoos, my dad looked so proud, I’ve never seen him this proud.

Of course my father tries to be the best role model he can be, considering I don’t have a feminine one I can look up to. My mom Kathy as I know her, left us when I was 2, so obviously I don’t remember anything. I don’t try to ask my father anything about her, he seems to get quite upset when I do. I don’t know why she left us, she must’ve been forced to, because here are you?” ‘Oh this ole’ shag, no, I’m from London.”


London. Is there honestly anything more dreamy than that? I don’t think so. Hi accent did not whatsoever deny where he was from. His slicked back hair, ripped up jeans and leather jacket alerted me he was bad… but is it bad… to like bad? Maybe I should try something new. “Are you coming to the gathering tonight?” I asked very shyly. “Maybe, Will you be there?” Of course I was gonna be. “Why don’t you come find out, if you come..ask for Georgia Ray.” I said. My names Theo Winston!” I heard in the distance, I looked back for well… I don’t see why she’d want to. Everyone came up to congratulate me for my new achievement and position. I made my way down the sidewalk appreciating the warmth the sun laid on me. I was looking down watching my feet of course and all of a sudden I tripped and bumped into something which actually happened to be a someone. The very handsome tall, skinny, and tan complected fellow wasn’t to happy with me, “Watch where you’re going… lovely ladies like you shouldn't be wobbling all over the place.” His accent definitely wasn’t from around here. “Well you’re definitely not from a second and just kept walking. Up the street was the trailer park, where my best friend Cherry Daniel lives. All the orange dirt rocks annoyed me terribly, always getting my shoes dirty.  I arrived to trailer number six as I saw a blue 99’ Mustang scram away, leaving dust all on Cherry.


I could tell she was having an extra rough day. ‘Ryan again?” I asked… honestly not surprised. “Of course it is, everyone has always warned me about him.” Cherry said, with the saddest look on her face. Ryan Hutson, almost the baddest guy in our town, but of course if it’s trouble.. Cherry can’t stay away. Ryan and Cherry weren’t a thing, all they ever do is hook-up. As I said Ryan is “almost” the baddest means, he never gets in trouble. His rich parents get him out of EVERYTHING. “So we’re going to the gathering tonight.. Right?” Of course we were, but I was trying to get her mind off of everything.  “Why wouldn’t we?” Cherry said happier. “That’s the spirit!” I said. A “Gathering” is actually a party,of course, but i’m honestly not sure why everyone says gathering instead of party.. What's the big deal? We start getting dressed at Cherry’s, just because she insisted. “I don’t have any clothes.” I said. “Borrow mine.” She said happily.


I glanced into the closet, the majority of what she had were short-shorts and sundresses. Which honestly wasn’t even a surprise considering that’s what almost everyone owned. I took the cliche road and wore a light blue flowery sun dress with my tan boots.. And yes, cowgirl boots. We hopped in Cherry’s red 89’ Chevy. We arrived on a white dirt road by a huge lake and plenty of woods, it seemed more like a hideout place than a party place. Todd Tucker started walking up to me, Todd was the Varsity quarterback for our football team, he had sort’ve spiky blond hair and was a total babe. “I heard about your position, but I guess that’s not news considering the whole town has too” he says with a small smirk. “Yeah, it’s not really anything to brag about, to me atleast” I say quietly. As soon as I knew it I was having fun and feeling free, but Cherry and I had to return home early, she was really sick it seems. I was sober so I took the keys to the old battered red truck and took off. We pulled up to the trailer and I watched her go inside as I walked to my house.


I started walking and a black shiny Camaro pulled up beside me, I was definitely scared, but then the window rolled down and it was quite familiar face, it was Theo. “I looked for ya G.” He said it like he’s known me forever. I hopped in with a little worry and we drove.  As soon as we pulled into the concrete path to the big red brick house the lights inside turned on. I started to panic as my dad stood in the light by the door, “You should go” I said a little upset. I hopped out of that car as fast as I could. I was dead meat. He was bright red with anger, he put on his glasses and started tapping his toe at me, as his forehead vein started to bulge. “Do you have any idea how worried I was about you?” He said sternly. “I’m sorry daddy, I really am.. I just wanted to have a little fun.” I said with a tear rolling down my cheek, I was ashamed. “Well you could’ve had fun with your father knowing, I just want the best for you.” He said with disappointment. I ended up being grounded for 3 months not able to go anywhere except football meets, school, and church. I tried to sneak out so many times, but my nightly missions always failed. I came to football practice on Tuesday afternoon to see Theo, he was actually a great player, yet Todd always made it a competition against Theo, I’m honestly not sure why. Theo walked up to me and actually talked to me. I am 16 and I’ve never had my first kiss, I believe that’s a bad thing, but is it even worse to want it from him?


We talked for while and I kinda flirted, it was the first time I think I’ve ever had such a great interest for a guy. I got in my silver malibu and drove straight home, considering I was grounded. I got home as my father was rushing out the door, he was headed to a state pastors meeting. I didn’t even know that was a thing. He stopped me to tell me something, that I was not glad to hear. “Dear, Sadie Lee’s coming to watch you.” He said like it was nothing. “Sadie Lee?!” I screamed horrified. Sadie Lee is the same age as me, and he wants her to watch me? I can not stand Sadie Lee. She think she’s perfect, it wouldn’t surprise me if she thought she was God or something. I heard the doorbell ring and preppy, prissy, horrible Sadie walked in my house. “We’ll be good Mr.Bell's, we’ll have lots of fun, won’t we Georgia?” She said with the fakest smile I’ve ever seen. “Of course!” I said with the most sarcasm possible. As soon as my dad’s car was long gone Sadie turned to me and said “Get dressed loser, we’re going to a party.” She said happily, but in her own evil way. I was honestly surprised, Little Miss Perfect wanting to party? ‘I don’t want to go if I have to follow you like a lost puppy” I said with the embarrassing thought in my head. “Oh please, I don’t want you anywhere near me.” She said with all the hate in her heart. “Looks like we’re on the same track” I said with a smile, I walked up stairs as fast as I could and quickly got dressed. We got in Sadie's blue red bug and cruised down the paved road straight into the backwoods. We got there and the place was filled with more than our own town itself.


I could tell there were people from all different places. I met up with Theo as he was heavily wasted, we ended up arguing… I don’t even know why, we weren’t even together. Theo and I screamed back in forth, I was in so much pain, until he took Sadie by her arm, swung her around and kissed her. He kissed her, the guy I wanted kissed the girl who had a total hate for me. I sat in shock as I literally felt my heart break. I could feel the tears coming, I got a small lump in my throat that got bigger and bigger. I felt the warm salty tears on my cheeks as I ran away. I ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I found a lake surrounded by a few people, Todd Tucker just happened to be one of them. He walked up to me when he saw that I was crying. “What happened?” He said concerned. Todd Tucker actually cared about me, and in that moment I could tell. “It’s really complicated and honestly stupid.” I said wiping my tears away. “I understand, you don’t have to talk about it.” He said with a sad look. “Wanna have some fun?” He said with a small grin. “Todd Tucker, asking me to have fun? I guess I could fit you into my schedule.” I said giggling.


We went on the dock and just talked all night long, I expressed all of the emotion I was feeling, it was like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders. I headed back to the woods and found Sadie hanging with Theo, this time it kind’ve didn’t bother me. Sadie was drunker than a 50 year old man in a barn full of beer. We got in the little red bug and headed home, it was 2 o’clock in the morning and I was exhausted. It was a school night and I honestly forgot, I woke up at 6 in the morning sleep deprived. I headed to school in my own car, and Sadie in hers. I wish she would leave already, I don’t even need her with me. Cherry and I met up at school to talk, apparently she had some news. “What’s up Cherry?” She looked at me with tears scattered all over her face. “Cherry?” I said worried more than ever. “I… I’m pregnant.” She said sobbing even worse. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to say, it was like I was in a daze. I knew who the dad was, and sadly.. It was Ryan. Ryan left for college, he got a scholarship in football for SunnyTown University, it’s huge, so we already knew it would be hard to find him. “After school we’ll go to SunnyTown and look for Ryan.” I said a little mad, mainly because I knew Ryan would be a total jerk about the whole situation. Cherry looked a little relieved, “I really don't want to go through this alone.” Cherry said. “I know this might not be a big deal, but you won’t be alone Cherry, I’m here. I patiently waited for the last bell to ring so Cherry and I could be on our way. Cherry hopped into my car and we started on our way, two (What felt like) long hours and we were finally there. This place was huge. All Ryans ever talked about is being in a sorority, so we checked them out, of course he was in GGU, some party sorority. We walked up the sidewalk to the GGU kappa house.


The sidewalk was decorated with what looked like White Christmas lights, We walked up the obviously used rugged stairs and knocked on the door. The house was painted light blue, but there were so many chips in the paint job you could hardly tell. It was our luck to find Ryan had answered the door. He was shocked to see us. My only words for him were “Come with us.” He came, he climbed into the backseat and had to crouch his head because of his outrageous height. We pulled up to an old vintage restaurant and decided on a booth, I felt this was the right place because it was public and he couldn’t get to fired up. We all three sat quietly, but I think it was the most awkward for them. “Cherry has something to say.” I busted out ruining the silence. Cherry kind’ve panicked as tears rolled down her cheeks, soon enough she built up the courage to say the news, “I’m pregnant” Cherry said softly. Ryan sat there, and thought. For the longest time there was a deadly silence that would be hard to resolve. “Do you have anything to say?” I asked Ryan curiously. Ryan sat there and finally said “Get rid of it.” Ryan wanted Cherry to get an abortion, which made me quite furious. “You don’t want to end up like your dead beat of a mother, do ya Cherry” Ryan said quietly. Ryan made me the most mad i’ve been in a long time, but honestly I felt it was not my place. “I don’t know” Cherry said ashamed of herself, and her mother. “I need money.” said Cherry. “And I’d be glad to give it to you.” Said Ryan. I’ve always thought that abortion was wrong, the commandments of the lord say, “Thou Shalt not kill”, the whole time those words pounded in my head. Cherry took the money and headed to the car. I glared at Ryan as we walked out of the restaurant into the parking lot. We dropped Ryan off back at the sorority house, and the car was filled with silence. “Is it bad to have second thoughts about an abortion” Cherry asked shyly.


I didn’t honestly know what to say. “Honestly, I don’t think so, you should choose what you want.” I said. “How do I know what that is?” Said Cherry. “You know when you know.” I said. I felt stressed, twisted, and I wasn’t even the pregnant one so I really couldn’t imagine what Cherry’s thoughts were. Months went by, Cherry got the abortion. Who knows what that baby could’ve been, football season was long gone and it was time for basketball. Everything was back to normal at this point, dad was home, Cherry wasn’t pregnant any longer, and Sadie left. The only thing I couldn’t find out was my love life. There was
Theo, the bad guy, who has a way with words, in an instant he could tear me down and build me up at the same time, but there was also Todd. Todd made me happy all the time, my dad actually likes Todd and we were raised together. I don’t know what I want, and either way, I’m not sure if I have a choice, I’m sure Sadie has her grimey hands around Theo. I walked into school trying to figure my life out, I was honestly glad it was Friday, I had a calm weekend coming at me. I saw Theo, he was so upset, I wasn’t sure why. I thought about his mother, he told me long ago she was in the hospital with cancer, he always compared her to dust, slowly blowing away, longing to be gone. When he said those words I thought I could feel his pain. I could tell he wanted to sob, but was trying to play it cool. I walked up to him. “Are you okay?” I asked knowing he wasn’t. “Honestly, no, my mom..she’s not doing well.” He said with an obvious lump in his throat. “Ya know, it's okay to cry, sometimes that’s just what we need.” I said. I started to walk away because I knew that would be the best thing to do. I approached my class and that’s when I ran into Todd, he had a bright pink poster board that said nothing, until he turned it around and the words said “Winter Formal?” Todd Tucker was asking me to Winter Formal. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with him or not, well it’s not new, I haven’t known what I want for a long time. Of course I said yes, only because I didn’t want to embarrass him, besides it can’t be that terrible.  History felt like a flash. It seems like one moment we were talking World War Two, the next all I can think about is Winter Formal. Maybe Todd is the one for me. It’s not like I have to date anyone, I’m free to be single if I want to be. It just seems like I’m being pressured.


Algebra was horrible. The teacher Mr.Sterling hates me with a passion, and he makes it quite clear. Poor Thomas Waldner gets picked on everyday, I try to talk to him, it’s so sad how the basketball boys pick on the poor guy, he’s done nothing wrong. I sit there trying to get my work done but Cherry keeps tapping me, finally I look up to her “Yes?” I say annoyed out of my mind. She points to Sadie and her friends laughing at us. “What’s your problem?” I say to Sadie madly. “I don’t have a problem.” She says. “What makes you think you can talk to me anyway.”She says. “I don’t see why I can’t” I say. “Well look at the trash you hang out with.” she says. “You’re a preacher's daughter and you’re still not as perfect as me.” She says laughing with her friends. “Well who says I wanna be.” I say back. Sadie and her friends go silent and have nothing else to say to me. It was amazing.  Winter Formal is this Friday and I’m still not to sure what to wear, Cherry and I go dress shopping, and that’s when I find “The Dress” it was a beautiful turquoise diamond designer gown, it touched the ground and was perfect in every way. Cherry picked a gorgeous long red diamond designer dress, we were bound to look amazing.      I approached the Winter Formal, I walked in with Todd, arm and arm linked down a gorgreous red carpet. I walked in and explored the scenary, I saw Theo with Sadie and ran straight to the restroom. I looked in the mirror and I made two decisions then and there, I wasn't me anymore, and I do not want to be with Theo. Maybe God has put me through all this stress to show me who I really am, or who I wanted myself to be. 

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