I Found You

February 9, 2017
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Her fingers grazed the worn spines. Each book, in her eyes, was collector worthy though she knew he could take care of them better than anyone else. A soft smile played across pale, pink lips. One book, one she had not seen before, caught her eyes and with a moment’s hesitation she pulled it from the shelf and caressed the pale blue cover with care. A quick glance toward the kitchen confirmed her love was still busying himself. Her eyes remained on the room as she sat on the velvety, plush couch, and gently opened the supposed book she grabbed only to find it being a photo album. The first images looked fragile and old, as though they were some of the first photographs. As she turned each page, a sick feeling settled in her stomach. These pictures spanned a little over a hundred years and each had her love and a woman in them. The final page, so far, she thought, had a photo reel of her and him when they first started dating nearly three years ago. Nonetheless, there were thirty pages of him with other women through the many years her immortal love had been on this Earth. It worried her. Would there be more after she was deceased? Would he continue as if she never happened in his life? A shaking of her head warded off such thoughts. He loved her with all his being as she did hers. Hesitantly she looked at the pictures more thoroughly, taking in the familiar details beginning to appear continuously. The hairs on the back of her neck stood once she reached the conclusion: they all were her in varying eras. A soft breath hitch brought her snapping back to the present, her eyes shooting up to meet those of her love’s. He looked pleading, a desperate glimmer in his eyes.

“This… Is this me?” her voice whispered out. A faint nod was the only response. “You’ve been looking for me… for how long?”

“Years. So… So many years,” his throat constricted. “But I found you. When I’d almost given up-I found you. Right where I always do. At that monument, reading a book of poems.” She stared at him as he took a tentative step forward, watching her closely as though she would disappear before his eyes. She stood, stepping forward, and buried her face in his chest as his arms wrapped securely around her.

“You found me, my love,” she murmured into his chest before looking up and catching his eyes. Hers were filled with recognition. He found her. He wouldn’t let her go.

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