A modern Cinderella story

November 21, 2016
By , mocksville, NC

A Modern Cinderella Story
A long time ago, well more like late 2015, there was this 17
year old girl, Adeline, who had lost her mom when she was 3 due to
cancer and she had lost her dad in an earthquake in Arizona in
2005 when she was seven years since her dad died she’s lived at her
best friends Mia’s house who was also 17. At Mia’s house lived her
sisters Jacky and Abigail, and her mom Danielle.
“Have you heard that the famous model Neels Visser is coming to
back to our school to finish high school?” said Mia
“Yeah I heard about that, but who cares?”
“What do you mean who cares Adeline… first of all he's cute and
he’s famous.”
“He would never like a girl like me I'm ugly. I’m a potato.”
“You’re not ugly. Stop listening to my sisters and my mom.”
“Okay whatever but have you seen any mail come in for me I
applied for Francisco Adame’s Dance and Modeling Academy here
in Phoenix”
“That’s great I’m sure you’ll get accepted”
“Okay whatever but hurry up we have to get to school”
Itzel Cruz Jimenez
Creative writing
Fairy tell
“Okay I’m done,” said Mia as she walked out of the house.
As the girls got out of the car at school beside them came Jacky and
Abigail in their car and next thing you know Jacky threw her
cereal out and got it all over Adeline.
“OPPS!!!” exclaimed Jacky in a sarcastic way “I didn’t see you there
its like you’re invisible” said Jacky before laughing.
As Mia realized what Jacky said she yelled, “Why don’t you chill
and leave her alone. Its not her fault she’s prettier than you, now is
“Ha ha ha, she’s right Adeline is really pretty.” Said Abigail
“SHUT UP ABIGAIL!!” yelled Jacky as she drove away
“Hurry up lets go in before Neels gets here and we get trampled.”
“That’s true but you didn’t have to defend me in front of Abigail
and Jacky.”
“You’re right I didn’t but I did because you're my best friend”
“AAHHHH HE’S HERE” yelled a random girl in the school
“HE’S SO CUTE,” Yelled every one.
Itzel Cruz Jimenez
Creative writing
Fairy tell
As Neels was walking down the hall he bumped into Adeline and
knocked her books out of her hand.
“I’m sorry are you okay?” said Neels as he crouched down to help
her pick up her books.
“yeah” she said as she looked up to see who it was.
Some how when their eyes met time suddenly stopped and each
second felt like an hour. They couldn’t hear anything. For them
there was no one around other than each other.
After a few seconds Adeline got up and left to her classes and so
did Neels. That same day they announced that there would be a
black and white dance that Friday the 14th of February. As the
days before passed by and every body was looking for their dresses
Friday finally came and everybody was at home getting their hair
done or their makeup or doing last touch-ups, but at Mia's house
Danielle isn't letting Adeline go.
"Adeline I'm going to be out all night and I need my room to be
spotless clean when I get back at midnight" said Danielle as she left
the room
"Yes ma’am" said Adeline as she was calling Mia "Mia I can't go to
the dance I'm in your mom's room and I need to clean it by
Itzel Cruz Jimenez
Creative writing
Fairy tell
"Wait you're in my mom's room? Not even I have been in my
mom's room. How does it look like?"
"It's all dirty and you can't see the floor there is clothes everywhere
an it stinks, but that's not the point Mia. I can't go to the dance
because I have to make her room clean by midnight and even if I
do it will be a miracle."
"Adeline you have to go and somehow you're going"
"I can't but have fun and don't worry about me"
So Mia tried everything in her possession to get Adeline to go but
she never got to have that fairy tell dance with Neels and they
never talked after that one-day they met in the hallway.

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