Yellow Glasses

November 1, 2016
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Everything in my life happens uniformly, I’ve always thought life couldn’t get any better until I met Cassandra. Her chestnut colored hair always smelled like fresh baked cookies and honeysuckle, and surprisingly I was in love with her. But who am I kidding who isn’t in love with Cassandra? She plays her music loud and jams out like nobody's watching, she speaks and her mind and doesn’t care about the consequences, she loves action, fun, and to live life at its fullest; everything that was completely opposite of me.
Who am I you might ask? I’m Gabe; I’m the kid you shove into the lockers, I’m the kid who wears glasses and literally cannot see five feet in front of me. I’m a nerd, a loser, a weirdo. Everything that was not Cassandra. I met her the first day of school she sat in front of me in U.S. Government. She always wore her yellow glasses and tilted her head to the right when she didn’t fully comprehend what was being taught. I never knew I could know so much detail about one person who has only ever said a simple, “Hello!” to me. I couldn’t help it, her smile was infectious. If only I could get her to notice me…
     * * *
“Gabe!”. I heard a girl’s voice behind me. I turned around, I instantly knew who is was. I looked around to make sure she wasn’t talking to somebody else.
“Hey! Whew, you walk so fast! I was wondering if you would like to study with me at lunch for the U.S. Gov. test tomorrow?” I was utterly stunned. Was she talking to me? I couldn’t move my mouth. Oh geez I’m going to mess this us. Don’t say something stupid, Gabe. I thought to myself. “Oh! Uh, yeah sure… where do you want to meet?” I stuttered.
“How about in the library?” Her sweet smile had me mesmerized. I knew this was my chance to win over Cassandra Bay… I headed over to the library but she wasn’t there yet. I was starting to get nervous and wondering what I would do if she didn’t show up. I paced back and forth. I looked at my watch, the time read “11:03 A.M.” She was already 10 minutes late. I felt a cold hand grab my arm; startled I jumped and turned around. “Hey! Sorry I scared you. I had to run to my car and grab my textbook” Cassandra said, she sounded out of breath. “You look really nice today, by the way! I love you glasses.” She observed, as we walked through the library doors.

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