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March 4, 2009
By Marissa Walker BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Utah
Marissa Walker BRONZE, Pleasant Grove, Utah
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How can life be so dreamy? Like a neverending fairy talke. Every moment a good movie moment. You have made my life the best it's ever been! You with your dimpled smile, loving enwrapping, strong arms, heart filled laughter and love. How to explain this feeling to you? It's quite impossible for words cannot describe this feeling. THis floating on air, tumbling head over heels, butterflies fluttering, intoxicating feeling!

I never knew what was missing from my life. It's a weird sense to feel that for once, I'm complete. There are no holes, no voids, no unfinished business. You're everything. You've become my whole world from start to finish. When least expecting you flash into my head leaving me smiling and breathless. You're my little secret kept and locked inside my heart. Whenever I need a smile, hope, or love, I just have to unlock the door to my heart, for one brief moment!

One touch of your hand my heart goes wheeling, like I was shocked by electricity. I notice every movement; I'm more aware of every touch, every word, every close encounter, and every thought. You have no idea what you have done to me. You walking out now would be like a fish trying to survive on land. It can't be done.

Love, that's one word to describe my heart. But what is love? Two souls clashing as they embrace in perfect harmony? Two hearts beating as one? Is it the joys in seeing the laughter, the smiles, the friendship set on fire? Is it giving your whole self for one significant other? Some may say it's the feeling of being whole and becoming one. Some say it's the acceptance of a person to the darkest, dorkiest, deepest, recesses of another's soul.

To me love takes over every heart beat that flows. Love is selfless, not selfish. It's giving your heart so someone can share it, feel it, hold it, and know it. Love is an emotion that travels through your whole body. It's not just a word but a deep, meaningful, thoughtful feeling. It's a part of you that you give to another whole heartedly. It's caring more about someone than your own self. You take on their emotions; when they're happy your happy, when they're sad your sad. It's wanting to share in their happiness, be there to lift them in their sorrow, and calm them in their anger.

Love to me is trust; opening up to the innermost recesses of your heart, mind, and soul. Love is friendship, being able to laugh, be stupid, nerdishly smart, or blondely dumb. It's about being whoyou are and accepting each other to the littlest fault. To me love is unexplainable, it's one that warms your body from head to foot. It's believing in the impossible. It's believing in each other.

Love is honesty in all it's forms. It's kind, peaceful, gentle, warming, smile filled, and heart pounding. Love is patient, and in waiting in patience love will come. So when I try to sum my feeling for you into one word it would be love. For love has many definitions that could go on for eternity! It may sound stragne, and kind of crazy, but this is what you have done to me. So thank you! No matter what thank you for showing me love and making me complete. And always remember I love you, for love it seems is endless!

The author's comments:
I wanted to share this because as a teenager we're faced with seeing relationships all around us. We long for love and want it so much. There is someone out there for each and every one of us. Just know he or she will make you feel as I have described above. Don't give up if you don't find it as a teenager, you will. Like I said love is patient and in waiting in patience love will come!

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