Never Forgetting

March 2, 2009
By Anonymous


I'm scared. Not of heights or of the dark, I'm scared because I'm forgetting you. I'm scared because I can't admit that you've gone, because If I say it then I've lost you forever. I know you still watch me when I tie my hair back in the scrunchie you gave me, I feel you looking when I shy away from awkward conversations, you always told me that was my weakness. I know that I don't have you anymore.
I'm falling...

I don't listen to music much anymore, it reminds me of love and loss. I avoid couples because It's hard to see them together. I count the days from the last time I saw you, because it's meant to get easier isn't it? I'll treasure the wind and the rain and I'll share them with you when we meet again. I'd give you the sun if you'd return, we'd bask in it's rays as you teased me about my next crazy fantasy.
I'm falling even deeper...

I think you kept me sane, without you the world seems darker and I'm running out of light to guide my way. I think I may be dieing inside without you to tell me what I'm doing wrong. Nothing matters anymore. Except, I no longer have the light of your eyes to see me. I will never again have your freckled ears listening intently to my every word. I will never be appraised by your smile or have the ramblings of your favourite band bore me. Without you,
I'm falling...

I know it's selfish but I blame you, not because you left, but because you are impossible to forget. I loved you with every ounce of my being, and now I am incomplete. Just know that I miss you, and that...
I'll never forget.

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