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July 15, 2016
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i love the way that my arm fits right around the crook of your shoulder. and that i have a shoulder you can cry on. and that i can bring you tears of joy.

i love eating your burnt cookies. and burning romantic bonfires on the beach. and taking long strolls on the shore.

i love watching sunday movies with you. and having monday dinners. and tuesday bowling nights.

i love playing music with you. and listening to the car radio while watching the sunset. and singing love songs together.

i love the stars in your eyes. and watching the night sky with you in my arms. and the hugs your arms wrap me in when we're cold.

i love listening to your stories. and telling you all of mine. and remembering all of our good times together while simultaneously knowing there will be many more.

everything we do is connected. like we are. like how i want to stay.

because you and me are intertwined. mentally, spiritually, physically. we are one.

i didn't know how powerful love can be. until i realized. love can't control a person.

love is fragile. love is fickle. love is interchangeable.

it's you. people change people. you changed me.

i love the way you love me. and the way i love you. and the way our love connects.

people forget. people always forget that we change each other and our love changes each other and we are all connected. so i can thankfully say that you are mine, because we've changed each other in amazing ways, and i love the way we match.

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