My Tale

February 11, 2009
'Hey, are you going to the dance on Friday? I heard that the songs are going to be amazing.'
'I hope. I'm going to the dance. So' who are you going with?'
'I haven't asked anyone yet. Who are you going with?'
'I haven't been asked yet. So yeah.'
'Oh, there's the bell. See you later.'

Oh my gosh. Justin actually talked to me. I walked to my next period class with a smile on my face. Oh know! I'm late to class. In the empty hallway, you could hear my shoes clicking on the tiled floor. My pace quickened to where I was running in the hallway. 'STOP!' yelled my angry principal. I stopped in an instant. The color was gone from my face as he strutted towards me. I didn't dare look back at him. I could feel the hard, cold stare he was giving me. He finally reached me, put a cold hand on my shoulder, and said one word, 'detention.' I slowly took the detention slip from his hand. He told me that I had to serve my detention in his office the next day, which was Friday. Friday was the day of the dance that every 8th grader was going to because it was the last dance of the year. I knew when I got home that day I would be in deep trouble, because this was the 5th detention that I got this year.

The school day was over, and I was headed home. The nerves started to dense up as I walked to my mom. She had this hard look on her face. She said that she received a phone call from my principal. I handed her the detention slip, then received a lecture from both of my parents. They told me I was grounded Friday and was not able to go to the dance.

The next day at school, Justin walked up to me and asked me, 'Would you like to go the dance with me tomorrow?' I went pale. I replied, 'I'm grounded.' and started to walk away before he could reply. He reached out and grabbed my arm. I looked deep into his eyes, knowing that he was hurt. 'I'm sorry. I really would love to go to the dance with you, but I can't. I got a detention for running in the hallways yesterday. Then my parents grounded me till Monday.' I tried to explain it the best I could. 'Oh, I'm sorry. I wish that we could hang out on Saturday.' He said with a sad smile. I looked at him once more, and then walked away.

It is 5:00 and the dance starts at 6:00. I flopped on my bed with tears at the corner of my eyes. I heard a tapping sound on my window. I stood up slowly, and walked to my window. I approached my window slowly. I opened my window so I could poke my head out. I saw, under the tree in my yard, Justin. He was smiling at me. I was too shocked to say anything. He whispered,' get dressed. Then come out your window.' I smiled at him, then ran to my closet, got on my dress, and gracefully crawled out my window. Like all the other fairy tales, I fell into his arms. We ran to the dance.

When the dance was over, he kissed me. I was in shock. But, also happy. I walked home, and crawled into my room. I got into bed and fell asleep. The next day was Saturday. I knew that I would remember that last night forever. I stayed in bed all day. Happy as came be.

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