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Inarticulate Love

Whoosh !
The gust blew through the room with all the freshers, fluttering the curtains, in from one end and out the other like flamboyant flags and dry sock curling up to get entwined with the crystal wedding cake of the fall ceiling. As the windows were slammed hard against the metallic frame, it made a sonorous, ringing sound and the caught zephyr (wind) had no where to travel. It died about the room in no time, deflating the curtains and socks which just like anchored balloons ready to be seen in the air.

As soon as the deviation escaped from the hallway of hustle and bustle, my aural sense followed a dulcet voice which seemed to me like an array of euphonious sharps and flats, which would never be played again, making it difficult for me to expunge the exuberance in her voice from the wakes of my memory.It compelled me forward to look at her, a lady buoyed up on a canape tapestry. On her milky face, I noticed her eyebrows, plucked and redrawn at an acute angle but the endeavours of nature  reinstated the antecedent alignment.

"Would you mind dancing with me, pretty lady ?"
I invited her courtly.

She gave her dainty hand with elegance and swirled her body around mine, as my pack of muscles shifted up and down when me hand slid over her crepe de chine. We exchanged our contacts for we were supposed to be together in the upcoming years of our university. I was allured by her amorous affection which never escaped her ever glowing face except for time when her face was flushed with hues of outrage. As for her, I feel she was perhaps charmed by my presence, my voice - husky tenor, my acumen and my intellect, But I just couldn't go up and express my instinct, for I feared that I would even lose out on her presence.

Everyday, at home, I gathered some mettle and boosted my nerve to take my mobile and open my box of inclination for her. But this courage dripped down and receded to the earth as soon as I had to touch the send button, highlighted in bold on my mobile screen which was gleaming against my face wrapped with shyness amalgamated with fear.
I guess, all I wanted was her to take the lead.
All I wanted to see was her status to be "typing".
All I wanted were the green progressive animated dots to appear in front of her name.

But what was she doing on the other side ?

Behind the mobile screen, 
she did the same !

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