Till Death Due Us Part

May 18, 2016
By Elizabeth9295 BRONZE, Rogersville, Alabama
Elizabeth9295 BRONZE, Rogersville, Alabama
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George pressed the call button and said, "Mrs. Whitfield, you have a visitor." Christina was a little puzzled at who was here to see her. She has no family or friends, she had a very simple schedule. She went to work, home and a casual stop at the store if she ever needed anything.
“Mrs. Whitfield, are you still there?” George asked while looking at the man standing right in front of him. He smiled at the and said, “She will be right down in a minute. Please, take a seat.”
In the corner of George’s eye he sees Mrs. Whitfield glide down the clear, glass stairs. She stopped suddenly, he had noticed her eyes were glassy. She was crying… But I wonder why? Who was this guy and why was he here? He turns his head in the man’s direction, and he looks torn and broken inside. Then a thin, little smile appears on his face, and the mysterious man starts walking closer to her.
“I’m here, please don't cry.” As the mysterious man grows closer, Christina starts going down the stairs in an increasing speed. She stops right in front of the mysterious man and puts her hand on his cheek. She looks deeply into his eyes, and more tears were running down her cheeks. It was like someone had cut on the faucet to her tears. He wipes away the tears with his thumb and looks at her with the same compassion. He pulls her closer into a tight embrace as if he were scared to let her go again.
“Is it really you?” Christina whispers into his ear so faint that George couldn’t hear her. This was the person that took away all of her emotions. He shut the door on loving anyone again, and she hasn't ever loved anyone as deeply and passionately as him.
“It’s me, and I promise I will never leave you again.” He said pulling away from her.
“You better not because the Death messengers told me you were MIA. I thought I lost you forever.” Christina says with fury in her eyes. She was about to punch him in the gut but before that could happen she hears George clear his throat.
“I hate to be rude but who are you?” George said while looking over in the other guys’ direction and then back to Christina.
“Well George this is my husband Daniel Whitfield. He was a serviceman to our country. They thought he was dead but I didn’t so I used all the resources I could to get him back. It looks like I succeeded because the love of my life is standing right in front of me and I promise he will never leave my side again.” George looks at her with puzzling eyes, she must of felt something was wrong so she said. “George can you close up the shop I want to take Daniel home where he can get some rest.” All George did was nod and obeyed her command.
Before Daniel knew it they were walking through the door he left six years ago. The memory of when he left hurt him so bad he started to feel guilty for leaving her here with nobody to love. As he looks around, he notices nothing is different. The book he left on the coffee table was still there, the coat he left on the back of the couch was still there and his chair looks like it was never touched. As he thinks about it nothing has been touched since he left. He suddenly was pulled out of his thoughts when Christina asked him if he wanted tea. “Yes please, I am so thirsty I could drink a gallon of water.” He sits in his untouched chair and starts to stare at the wall.
As Christiana thinks to herself one thing keeps going through her head “Till death do us part.” A voice says the time she was fixing their tea.When their drinks were done, she added her special ingredient. She walks into the living room and hands him his cup. He mouths a sweet innocent, ‘Thank you’, and all she did was smile and take a seat in her chair. She looks over at him, holding his hand and smiling. “Till death do us part.” Was the last words she said before they both took a drink.

They both have fell into a unawakening sleep.

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