Summer Love

February 23, 2009
Evan and I walk along the shore line hand in hand. The cool ocean breeze is refreshing on this warm summer night. The beach is fairly empty, except for the few groups of teenagers having bonfire parties.

The chilly air tingles my skin, causing goose bumps to appear. I shiver, and Evan wraps and arm around my shoulder to keep me warm. I lean into him, and we continue walking intimately. When we approach the rocks at the end of the beach, Evan turns to face me. He cups my face in his warm hands and plants a gentle kiss son my forehead, followed by a flurry of butterfly kisses.

I place my hands on top of his, and I realize how small my hands are compared to his strong ones. I close the small gap between our faces and slowly kiss him on the lips. As the kiss continues it grows fervent, and Evan's hands are mussing my hair.

I pull away for a short breath, and the star catches my eye.

That star. That summer.

The memories flood back from this d'j' vu.

We were in his pick up truck, on our way home from our date at the beach. I met him at Aunt Julie's house, where I was staying for the summer. He was the country boy next door and I was the girl from the city. The first time we met he was mowing the lawn. He happened upon a daisy. He abruptly turned off the lawn mower and plucked the beautiful flower from its place in the grass. He turned to me, wwatching him from the porch (I thought my ogling was inconspicuous), and gently placed the daisy behind my ear.

I remember the feeling, the rush of electricity as his hand grazed my face, my ear, as it gently pulled back my curly brown locks of hair from my face.

'A beautiful flower for a beautiful girl,' he said.

My face grew hot and my cheeks hurt from the smile on my face.

That was the moment I knew.

Bryce and I were inseparable that summer. He was the first boy I said, 'I love you' to. He was the first--and only-- boy I made love to. I honestly thought he was my soul mate.

That is, until he walked me to the front door after our wonderful date at the beach. It was my last night in Sunny Cove. My train for Boston was leaving the next morning.

He leaned in and kissed me passionately (after all, I would be gone the next day). When Bryce pulled away, his dark blue eyes were cold, hard.

'Erin,' he said, 'it's over between us.'

I sighed. I already knew this was coming. It was the end of the summer. Tomorrow we would be going our separate ways.

'I know, Bryce,' I murmured, sadness evident iin my voice. A small, sad smile warmed my face. 'Hey,' I added, 'we can see each other at Thanksgiving, just like we talked about.' I thought back to when we did it. We threw around ideas of our future. Thanksgiving here in Sunny Cove, Christmas in Boston. I was na've. I was sixteen.

'Erin,' he continued, 'You don't understand. It's really over. I don't want holidays with you. I don't want you.' he said slowly, analyzing my reaction.

'But, but, you love me,' I stammered. 'I love you. We're meant to be together,' I insisted.

He placed a hand on my shoulder. 'I don't love you Erin,' he said, his eyes stone cold.

My eyes started watering. This couldn't be happening. 'You don't love me?' I choked out.

He shook his head mechanically, and placed an emotionless, meaningless kiss on my forehead, before turning and walking back to his truck. He walked out of my life forever that night.

And here I stand kissing a different boy. It's a different time, but the same place, Sandy Cove.

'Is everything okay?' Evan asks. I nod silently and kiss him. I draw him into me. My hands play with his blonde hair. I drown myself in him.

Anything to forget.

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laineyirwin04 said...
Nov. 4, 2015 at 1:08 pm
Oddly enough, this story is quite similar to my current relationship. My boyfriend Evan and I met during the summer of fourth grade. This story hits home in multiple ways, but I can especially relate to the line, “I place my hands on top of his, and I realize how small my hands are compared to his strong ones.” My hands are so much smaller than Evan’s. A summer love is memorable, beautiful, and sometimes, forever.
Fredwardness said...
Oct. 4, 2009 at 11:31 am
wow, it almost reminds me of newmoon in a way it was really good tho. y did he leave her? Bryce?? that part kinda confused me a little. was it just cuz she was leaving? well i loved it 5 stars
Vinnyy replied...
Jan. 5, 2012 at 9:41 pm
GREAT (: write more!
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