Murphy's Law

January 9, 2016
By mysteryone SILVER, Auburn, Alabama
mysteryone SILVER, Auburn, Alabama
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Our lives were on a collision course since the beginning of time. The tragic crash was inevitable. We should’ve seen it coming. Yet, we couldn’t have. Even if we had known, nothing would’ve changed. Unfortunately, we were both fools who ignored all warnings. Despite the skies telling tales of doom, we recklessly continued about our ways. When deceiving sparks flew, we saw them as an indication of love. However, they were the ignition of fire and explosion. When the fire burned steadily, we believed it was our passion. In truth, the raging fire was consuming our hearts as the smoke filled us with delusions.


Sooner or later, we were met with a blow to our hearts. It’s shocking how something so fragile can unleash such havoc. Our delicate love was built on shaky grounds. The love grew to freeze into a concoction of glass and ice. The explosion shattered it into shards of crystal glass. The glass pierced into our skins and hearts. Ignoring the pain and bleeding, we stooped low to pick up the pieces in an attempt for repair. We truly believed we could mend this love. However, our shattered love was in state too far for fixing.


Now, I’m left with much less than nothing. Sobbing at the lowest point of Earth, I’m drowning in my own salty tears. The impact of the blow has left me in a numb devastation. I can’t even remember how to swim. The familiar movements in my limbs are gone without a trace. I’m afraid even my basic survival instincts are being stifled by the burning heartache.


No matter how crippled I’ve been left, I don’t blame you. Nor do I blame myself. This tragedy was destined to happen. After all, you were my destiny. My cruel, bitter, and hollow destiny...

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on Jan. 13 2016 at 9:08 pm
KatelynH. SILVER, Mason, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
Failing is giving you another chance to try again

Great ending sentence! This is one of my favorites. Short but very descriptive!


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