March 8, 2014
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“Whoa.” I said as I bounced on the mattress as Zak THREW me on to the bed with a mighty heave; it amazed me how strong he really was, I mean it WAS one of the biggest thing his fans raved about but it never failed to surprise me.
I sat there in my black underwear and camisole my legs bent slightly and spread partly. He stood at the foot of the bed and pulled his black tee-shirt up over his head not even messing up his prideful hair; still so perfect in that frohawk of his that i loved so much.
He began to crawl towards me laughing; he always did that; so happy and giggly in this kind of time. i smiled at him and couldn’t help but laugh at him too. God i loved him so much, more than words in these pages could express, he was mine and i was his that was all that mattered.
He smiled at this and got closer and i reached for his neck my fingers tangling in his hair. He kissed me and i kissed him. as we got more fervent and intrigued we became closer and laughed even more when our lips parted. then suddenly…
‘DAMN IT!’ I thought to myself as i heard Jess start to cry in the other room down the hall. I let out a small silent sigh out of my nose as i pulled away from Zak and looked down to our pressing thighs.
Zak let out a sigh and did the same. “I’m sorry.” i whispered as he sighed again when she got louder and rolled away on to the bed folding his arms over his eyes.
I got up and grabbed my long blue robe and went down to Jess’s room “oh baby shh shh it's okay baby.” i picked her up as she quieted down when i did then started again. i layed her down on the changing table and changed her.
i laid her back in her bed and went down the hall and down the six steps then to my right to the kitchen and found on the counter a bottle with measured formula. i filled it to the six oz line with lukewarm water while i heard her begin to cry once more. i climbed my way up the steps while i pressed down the nipple and shook the bottle in a way that made my brest shake.
“shhh it’s okay.” i whispered to her as i picked her up and placed the bottle in her mouth and sat in the rocking chair and began to rock her back and forth. “im still not used to you yet; i keep forgetting you can’t read the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door.” i said jokingly. i softly hummed to her and when she finished 3 oz i stopped to burp her then continued.
She finished and was now falling asleep so i switched out the bottle for her pacifier and rocked slowly as my eyes felt weak. i began to rock slowly and at times stopped completely then remembered again.
but this time the darkness came back around the edges of my eyes and wrapped around me like a warm heavy blanket and i couldn't stop it.

Zak p.o.v
It had been a while since Angeanna left so I got up and went down the hall to check on her and help with Jess.
It was dark in the room but I could tell she was asleep. i sighed and chuckled at her. I softly crept across the floor to her and took Jess from her arms and placed her up and over the bars and into her crib.
I looked to Angle and shook my head and chuckled again. i went to her right side and placed my arm behind her back and under the crook of her knees and fixed my legs and used them to lift her.
I gave a small huff but this was about a third of what i did at the gym. I lifted and carried to our room my little ‘wifie’.

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