Never Thought It Would Happen Like This

March 7, 2014
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Never thought it would happen like This.

Looking up at the sky, Felisha’s eyes squint up at the sun as she makes her way to Central High School for her first day of school. Right there, books fall, glasses fall off, not being able to see anything.
“Excuse me, excuse me can someone help me? I need to find my glasses,” Felisha says squinting her eyes.
“Are these your glasses?,” Michael says.
“Yes. I think, thank you for helping me find my glasses,” Felisha says.
Beep beep beep, there goes the bell to first period. I wonder how the class will look. Will it be big, small? Teacher, man or woman? Well, enough of that let me go pick a choose a seat to seat in. Everyone is looking at me, do I have something on face? What’s going on?
“Who’s that girl in the back, what is she wearing? Does she think its Halloween? jajaja,” saying one of the students.

What was that about, I hope they weren’t laughing at me… I should just forget about it maybe i’m just tired.

“Hey mom! is it okay if I go to a senior party this weekend, please please please?,” Felisha says, while jumping around with eyes wide open.
“No, you know your cousins are coming over here from Dassanech. You can’t just leave them,” Felisha’s mother said with her face red and hands shaking.
“Okay mom, i’ll stay,” Felisha’s says with her face red and storming up the stairs.
Later that day Felisha’s cousins came over screaming and shouting “We’re here everybody!!,” She clenches her fist, taps her foot, and thinks whether she should go to the party or not. I can hold it anymore i’m leaving i don’t care if I get in trouble.

“Felisha, come you come down here?,” Minutes passed.
“Felisha, honey where are you?,” No answer. Felisha’s mom said with hands shaking, face red and watery eyes.
“Felisha honey, i know you’re here. Where are you?”
“Aunt Amy, look someones in the middle of the dance floor. Its Felisha!,” Boom boom boom here comes the drums with guitars, all behind Felisha’s family. Cheeks red, hands shaking and feet tapping as Felisha sees her family coming in with their traditional dance from Dassanech. Her feet are tapping.
“Hey, what is this?!?!? This a senior party why are these people here?!,” said Michael, one of the students at the party.
“Leave them alone! What they are doing is pretty cool. You judge people too fast and do not let them express themselves,” said Mary a girl at the party.
The spotlight shines on Felisha and her family. Girls wearing brown short skirts made out of the jewelry that they make, themselves and belly shirts. Boys are wearing underwear that cover enough of their bodies with no shirts. Their performance was one of the most amazing performances that anyone at the party has ever seen. At first, Felisha didn’t like the idea of her family coming to the senior party and “embarrassing” her in front of everyone, but then she thought of it for a while and said, “I guess it’s not that bad to have my family show everyone our traditional dance,” with her chin up and a grin on her face.

“Hey that dance you did was pretty cool. I really liked it,” said Michael with a big smile on his face, cheeks red and butterflies in his stomach.
“Really, I thought you didn’t like it or me because of the way you looked at me,” said Felisha.
“Yeah, I really liked it, and sorry if I looked I you wrong I was just having one of my bad days,” Michael said as he looked down at the floor.
“Oh okay then,” Felisha said.

Surprisingly, Michael and and Felisha were boyfriend and girlfriend. He received her the way she was even if she wasn’t from America, he loved her for her. Felisha would have never imagined that she would go out with Michael, the boy she has had a crush on for months now. Michael and Felisha got married and Michael got to meet her family and engage with their culture.

Being from a different culture doesn’t that you won’t be loved. You just have to wait for the right person to come.

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