Kaly and the Indian

February 9, 2014
Once upon a time there was a girl named Kaly. A group Indians kidnapped Kaly when she was six years old. Her family tried looking for her but they never succeed, or that was what Kaly thought.

Now lets go back and focus on Kaly right after she was kidnapped all she ever wanted was to go home. What makes this worse was that she was the only one who didn’t understand what was going on. The truth was that her family was in a pickle to pay the rent on their house and with ten mouths to feed it just didn’t work out. Her parents thought about what if their youngest child was kidnapped people would do anything to try and get her back. So one night when Kaly was asleep they snuck out and talked to a local Indian tribe about kidnapping their youngest daughter. The chief of that tribe said why not, but the catch was if the tribe got caught they would tell the law everything.

By now Kaly is sixteen and ready to get her life on the road so the next day she left for her best adventure ever. She told the chief not to allow anyone to follow her because she wanted to do this on her own. The truth was Kaly was trying to find her real parents the tribe was a great family, but she needed to ask her parents why they hadn’t tried to find her. Most of the Indians obeyed her request, but there were a few Indians who didn’t want Kaly to go so they followed her.

On Kaly’s journey she endured tornadoes, buffalo stampedes, freezing nights, scorching afternoons, and huge spells of homesickness. The few Indians were still following her but what they endured will be told at a later time. Kaly went with her gut and started asking around with the little information that she had learn from eavesdropping on the chief during his meeting. So far she ended up blank with a disappointed look on her face. Then one day she was eating lunch and talking to a little girl, and telling her about her quest to find her parents. Once Kaly was done tell her story the little girl said that that story kinda reminded her of some of the stories that her parents told her about having her older sister being kidnapped when she was little.

That got Kaly thinking because what if the older sister in the little girl’s story was her, and this little girl knew where her parents were. So she asked the little girl if she could meet her parents. The little girl said yes and that was that. What happen at the dinner is to come but now it is time to tell you what the Indians that were following Kaly went though.

First of all I better tell you the names of the Indians. There was Mighty Star, Owl, Eagle, Big One, and Tall One. They endure mostly the same stuff as Kaly, but they also had a gut feeling that if they went back with Kaly they would be kicked out then if they didn’t find her they would feel so much regret. The reason why they were following her was, they were each given a chance to woo her into marriage, but none of them were given a chance. So now was their chance for one of them to marry her.

Now you know about the Indians, it is time to get back to Kaly. She made it to the little girl’s house just fine, but all though the meal all she wanted to do was ask them all of her questions. The meal took forever in Kaly’s eyes, but is reality it only took about an hour. After the meal there was dishes to be cleaned and a room to be swept. Finally after all of that was over Kaly got to ask her questions.

The answers to her questions were what she wanted, but part of her wanted to take all of the quest back. So she could be back with the people who raised her, but Kaly knew deep down inside that that would never happen. Kaly was deeply sorry that she made the quest because she just realized all that she had gotten taken away. She lost the family that raised her, the freedom to say what she had on her mind, people who loved her, people who would take an arrow for her, and most of all she lost the chance at love. When Kaly realized this it was too late to do anything.

After she found out that the little girl’s parents were her own, she was dying to ask why they didn’t try to find her. All they could do was sit they’re staring at her like she had something on her face. They would even give her a straight answer so she left without turning back. While she was clearing her head she ran into Mighty Star, one of the Indians that she figured would come after her because she knew that he was in love with her. She was filled with anger towards him that he disobeyed her and followed her there, but there was another part that was relieved to have a familiar face to look at. There was something else about him that she never had before then and there she realized that she was in love with Mighty Star. She knew that if she stayed with her real parents she could never marry her one true love, but on the other hand could she leave the people who raised her.

She ran back to the house of her parents that left her with some Indians to try to make some money. Kaly had to ask her so-called parents if she could follow her heart or if she had to stay there. Her so-called parents didn’t give her the answer she wanted because they said that she must stay with them because they had lost her for most of her life and they wanted to be a part of the rest. Kaly once again resented ever starting the quest, but then she realized that with out the quest she would have never discovered that she was in love with Mighty Star. She was torn whether to follow her heart or listen to her so-called parents that left her and didn’t want her.

Her mind was in a twist because she wanted to do the right thing, but she didn’t know which one was the right one to pick. She thought about it for quite some time then it dawn on her, to find the right answer she had to talk to the townspeople
to see if her parents were actually looking for her. So she found out that her parents said that they were looking for her, but some said that as soon as she was said to be missing her parents just magically had new everything in their house. Then it dawn on Kaly that her parents knew where she was at all times, they gave her away just to get some extra money. Right then and there Kaly promised herself that they wouldn’t get away with it.

This is what Kaly did, she asked her parents to prove that they were actually looking for her, but as you know they couldn’t so they made up every excuses that they could. All Kaly could do to stop herself for killing them on the spot was sit there and breathe because she knew that if she killed them that she wouldn’t be allowed back with the people that she felt the safest around. So that night she went to see Mighty Star to see what she should do, but all he told her was stick to heart and that would bring her out with the upper hand. That advice was good in some ways, but all she wanted to do was know why they ripped her from knowing her biological parents.

Kaly’s next phase of action was ask them how it felt to have their daughter stolen by a group of Indians in the middle of the night. All they had in reply was it was heartbreaking, but now there was nothing that could be done about it. Kaly knew that they were lying, but as you know she could do nothing about it. She knew what she must do now, and it wouldn’t be easy, she had to tell her so-called parents that she decided to go back to the people who would take a bullet for her. Her so-called parents took it the way she had thought, they were shocked that she could go back to the people that kidnapped her. That was it for Kaly she told them about what Mighty One had told her when they were just kids because he was the chief’s son so he was told a lot of things. What Mighty One told her was that his father told him that her parents gave her to them when she was just a little baby so they could get the money that people would give them to help find her, but Kaly’s so-called parents knew that the townspeople would never find her because the Indians moved around so much. Kaly hadn’t put two and two together until that moment.

Once she told her so-called parents they tried to deny it, but they knew that they had messed up, and in the confusion of it all her so-called father screamed at her that he had wished that they had killed her off like he had wanted to at they very beginning, but her so-called mother wouldn’t had let him because she had wanted the very best for Kaly. Even if it meant sending her off with complete strangers that were Indians.

Soon after her so-called parents blow up she met up with Mighty One, and begged him to take her home. He told her that he thought that this was her home, but she reminded him that she had some unfinished business with the people who would take the bullet for her. Right then and there Mighty One knew what she meant, and went to find the other Indians to tell them that Kaly was ready to go home. The other Indians were nowhere to be found, but where they were last seen there was a note that said, “ They had to go home to find some brides of their own because they know that Kaly would pick Mighty One. And they would meet them at home.” Kaly and Mighty One both wondered why they would leave without telling them then it came to them that they must have had a gut feeling that they would get together in the end so they left.

The trip back was a lot better than the trip there because they knew where they were going for one, and the other is they had each other to keep each other company. Once they got back they were welcomed with open arms. They were married within the next week. And as you might know they happily ever after.

Well sort of because like all married couple they had their ups and downs. The biggest down was when their first born son fell off a cliff and died. Other than him they had five daughters and seven sons. Their daughters names were Lily, Rose, Lilac, Jennifer, and Laura then their sons names were Willow, Palm, Tom, James, Cottonwood, Shining Star, and Oak. All of their children grew up and started their own families. Kaly and Mighty One were always ready to tell their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and any one else that wanted to know the story of how they found out that they loved each other. To this very day some of their descendants their tragic love story.

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annmariemeyer said...
Mar. 4, 2014 at 3:02 pm
I like this piece because it shows that love can conquer anything.
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