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October 17, 2013
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I don't eaxactly know what it means when he told me "i love you".well i am sandra nicknamed sandy moresoever for my golden locks!well he is jake i call him "crazy eyes".it all happened on the new years eve.i was rlaxing on the couch when the door bell rang leaving me confused!i just opened the door to find janet in her short black frock flaunting her curves.she came up to me and told"its ten hurry up "well i did remember about the party amy had thrown out that night but little did i know that it would make me fall in love!i just had and hot energizing shower .i was now fresh but still not awake!i longed to have a nap but janet's echoing voice was quite the worst lullaby!

my sister had gifted me last year for my birthday a red gown with floral prints all was the first time i wore it ,i had preserved it all these days but my gloomy off coloured mood never matched my with no choice left i still wore a boring pant and the normal casual tee!it was cold outside so i prefered my jacket!its was cozy!i couldnt help but sleep in janet's car!she woke up all over again!
i was now a at party with all eyeballs fastening on me for my weird dressing but i didn't seem to care i just went forward and sat next to amy where they where playing a game called truth or dare .the game had begun and it seemed as though we were late and i sat next to rebecca and she was dressed worst than me .there was two seats empty next to me and two next to bill .suddenly the door opened there was an eerie silence and then their walked in this tall guy with those crystal blue eyes dressed in his bests.he was perfect.i expecyed it was amy's boyfriend as she was popular among boys for her sense of fashion and offcourse for her royalty!but it was surprising to see this crazy eyes make his was next to me!
i was spell bound by his fragrance i guess its was a costly perfume!he sat next to me and was cool with it!i was their sitting like a lame one.the game started with all confessions like whom do u like,to your first date!but i was lucky as i did not get a chance but this crazy eyes got!and his question was"whom do u have a crush on"and all eyes where on hhim..he nodded and blushed its sandra!i almost fell off my chair.all where surprised as i was.the lights went off and i dint have a flair for dancing so i just went out to enjoy amy's garden then came this guy who held my hand and said its going to be twelve!i said wats so great!in an other minute!it was 12 and he was on his knees!i was dumb struck .he said "i love you"he gently stood up and looked around to see if they were any spies slowly he assured himself and bought his lips closer to mine an for the next two minute there was nothing but passion and love in those chaste kiss.its a great time waiting for the next new year!

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amyrory said...
Nov. 3, 2013 at 2:15 pm
I really like how this stranger with beautiful eyes decides he likes this girl who has never met him. It was confusing though because of the grammar. And maybe they shouldv'e progressed a bit more in their relationship before he says that he loves her? Overall though good job!
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