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Story of a girl

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"Tell me something I don't know" muttered sixteen year old Emilia as she read yet another message calling her a slut. Ever since she went out with that jerk Devin everyone has been saying she slept with him and that she's easy. "Well none of that is true” she whispered under her breath as she opened up a new message to her best friend Charlotte "Hey char, did you see that another person called me a slut?” Emmy read her message one more time then pressed send trying to get Char's attention. A couple minutes later she got it when Char replied back "Yeah, don't listen to them Emmy, they just want to hurt you". Emmy read Char's reply then got off line saying "I’ve had enough of this” as she grabbed her new purple bag and headed to school.
Twenty minutes later she walked into school and spotted Char and her two other friends Kyleea and Mariyah huddled in a circle giggling over something. "I wonder what they are laughing at" she thought as she slowly walked up to her friends. "Hey girls, what’s up?" Emmy giggled as she grabbed Char's arm and smiled at Kyleea and Mariyah. "Nothing much" laughed Char as she grasped Emmy’s hand and left Mariyah and Kyleea calling "Things to do" over her shoulder as she quickly yanked Emmy into the bathroom.
"We have got to do something about your hair and makeup Hun, You look like a slut" Char said as she started to brush Emmy’s curls out of her black hair and remove her makeup. "I thought I looked good, you were the only one who never said that to me" cried Emmy as she burst into tears and jerked away from Char running from the bathroom. Emmy blindly walked the halls tears streaming down her face as she went over and over Char's comment in her head. "I'm not a slut, why does everyone think that?" Emmy whispered as she bumped right into Devin. "Hey babe, how about you give me a hug?" Devin chuckled as he grabbed her and pulled her to him . "Get off me, I'm not in the mood" Emmy said as she pulled away from him. "Don't pull away from me baby, my girls never pull away" he said as he gripped her arm. Emmy turned and walked away shaking her head and crying. She turned the corner and saw Char. "I'm sorry Emmy, I'm just jealous that you are so pretty" Char said through tears as she hugged Emmy. As they walked and talked they realized that sometimes even friends say things they shouldn’t say. Friends may be important but they aren’t your best friends unless they are willing to tell you the hard truth regardless of how it may hurt.
Emmy smiled as she walked with her best friend until she turned around and heard the bell ringing. “AWWW SNAP that’s the bell” she giggled to Char as they turned and walked to their first period chemistry class with Mr. Nielsen where they sat side by side. “Oh it’s a lab today” smiled Char as she read the board. “Partners?” Emmy replied. “That’s a dumb question for you to ask” muttered Char. They sat down at the lab table and started to work on the MgO pre-lab. They worked until 8:05 then looked up as they heard Mr. Nielsen yell “TIME TO PACK UP”. It was almost time to go so the girls grabbed their things and smiled at Nielsen. As the bell rang they left and headed to English with Ms. Wike and Mariyah and Kyleea. The teacher was not in the classroom when they arrived so they sat down looking for Mariyah and Kyleea. “Over here” Mariyah yelled as she waved to the girls. Char and Emmy headed over to sit by their friends in the corner of the room where they used to sit. Soon afterwards Ms.Wike walked in, she was a young brown haired woman who was always full of energy. “Sit down please, I need to take attendance before the play previews and we are ALL sitting together”. “This sucks” responded Emmy as she looked up at Ms. Wike and pushed her hair out of her eyes. “I agree Emilia, but sometimes I need a break” laughed Ms. Wike. The whole class groaned and left for the play preview with heavy feet. Afterwards the day was over for Emmy and Char as they went outside to go to Sno-Isle. It was back to Cosmetology again. After graduation the girls want to open a spa and name it “Chez Amore”. That technically means nothing to the girls but it sounds good and should be popular enough to earn some cash for clothes. So after everything they went through the girls would always be best friends. They would always be by the other one’s side. Nothing and no one can separate them for as long as they both shall live.

Three months later it was time for Char and Mariyah to graduate. Unfortunately Emmy and Kyleea were still only juniors and had one more year before they could join their friends in the apartment on the water. They were bummed over the fact. They wanted to graduate and open their business with the only 2 friends they really liked being with at this stupid school. After everything they’ve been through their friends would be gone.
The week before graduation was the prom. Kyleea, Mariyah, Charlotte and Emmy were all going shopping together to buy the hottest dresses available. They walked into Hot Threads and looked around a bit before Emmy spotted her dress. It was black; low cut and had a sequin belt around the middle. “A bit too modest and plain Em” giggled Mariyah. Em turned around, grabbed a blue low-cut strapless dress with slits in the side and said “This one?” After a bit Char found her dress; hot pink, black sequined belt and low as it could go. “DAMN that’s hot” laughed Kyleea.
Now it was Kylee’s turn to find a dress. Her dress was blue with a modest neckline and a loose belt. “What’s wrong with you Ky?” said Emmy with a worried look on her face. “Nothing is wrong why?” answered Kyleea. “You got the most appropriate dress out of the four of us” Emmy said. After this drama went down Mariyah chose her green low cut lace paneled dress. “My treat” Char smiled pulling out her credit card to pay. After they went shopping the girls decided to go out to eat, (once again it was on Char)… After eating the girls each decided to go buy shoes and makeup and jewelry for the prom, (yet again all on char). At the end of the day the girls ended up spending over three thousand dollars of Char’s mom’s money. “Oh my god, mine and mariyah’s mom will be so surprised when she gets the bill, she said no more than 4 thousand and we spent 1 thousand less then we could” smiled Char in relief. “Don’t you always spend MORE then you should” retorted Emmy sassily.
So the girls all went home to char’s house to show her and mariyah’s mom the purchases. “That’s all u spent? What’s wrong with you Char? Are you feeling ok?” laughed her mom as she saw the dresses and added up the amount of money spent. She turned to Kyleea and asked which one was her’s. “The blue one with the loose belt and modest top” Kyleea whispered in embarrassment. “Are you okay? You don’t look so good” replied Char’s mom with a worried glance at Kylee. “I’m not ok, but I have to go” sighed Kyleea as she grabbed her purse and said “I’ll pick up the dress tomorrow” before she ran out of the house. “What’s wrong with Kyleea?” asked Charlotte. A few minutes later Emmy went home and it was time for dinner. After all the drama of the week, prom night came around and all the girls had an amazing time. Of course none of them had dates but plenty of guys danced with them. What do you expect; they’re the hottest most popular girls in school. No one would ever neglect to dance with these girls. The girls never figured out Kyleea’s problem but everything turned out great in the end because she was just nervous about prom. Char and Mariyah graduated and can’t wait till their friends can join them.

Story of a girl pt. 2

Picture this. It’s dark outside and rain is pouring down on a girl the day after an amazing date with her boyfriend and she was so happy… All of a sudden she receives a message from him saying he wants to break…. She poured her heart out to him only to discover he didn’t feel the same. And now she can’t tell apart the raindrops from her own tears.
“I clearly remember that day” Emmie whispered as she looked up at her friend Kyleea. Emmie frowned as she thought of the day she lost Devyn and her best friend Char. Devyn was Emmie’s first boyfriend and it hurt to think Char could ruin it like that... “Speaking of Char, here she comes” Kyleea muttered as she grabbed Emmie’s hand gently stroking her thumb. Char looked at Emmie and quietly whispered to her “Listen please” as she took Emmie’s other hand. Emmie took one look at Char and started sobbing. “Get out of here” Kyleea said looking at Char with a pissed look. This made Char grab Emmie’s hand tighter as she kept whispering please. Emmie took one look at Char saying “No” and running home. When she got home she locked herself in her room crying softly on the bed. After an hour she texted Char and told her to come over, then washed her face and unlocked the door. Ten minutes later Emmie’s mom knocked on the door and opened it letting Char into Emmie’s room. Emmie grabbed Char, pulled her into the room and closed the door. Char looked at Emmie and whispered “I never dated Devyn; I only broke you two up because I … wanted you for myself”. Emmie gasped and pulled Char closer to her giving her an earth shattering kiss, softly running her tongue along Char’s lower lip biting and nibbling as she kissed her cheek and ear and neck , after a few moments of this Emmie pulled away looking at Char’s awestruck face. Char stared at Emmie and whispered “What was that?” Emmie smiled and said “It was me saying I want u to be mine too”. After a few more minutes of kissing and hugging the two girls broke apart and decided to have a sleepover , even though there was school the next day. The two told Emmie’s mom and crawled into bed looking at one another. Char smiled and leaned in responding to Emmie’s kiss with a soft bite on her lower lip which turned into a soft slow intense makeout session which built until both girls were wrapped around each other, hands all over each other’s bodies.

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