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Painful Romance

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In 2014, Ian Morello is shown as a mental patient being treated in Saint Theresa Hospital. The doctors there have been trying to treat him without success. Even a nurse, Zendra admits that the doctors are fed up with this situation.
A new doctor, Dr. Hayley Williams is transferred to the hospital. She is a psychiatrist with one problem; her daughter has been missing for more than a year. When her daughter went missing, she reported it to the police, but they dropped the case after six months. Dr Hayley has never forgot the police's sickening role in the case and vows to herself that she will find the truth about her daughter one day without the help of the police.

Her first patient is Ian Morello. Ian smiles upon seeing Dr Hayley, and an attempt to bond with him is successful at first. However as Dr Hayley makes an attempt to hug him, Ian suddenly becomes hysterical, and attempts to beat her up. He cries violently as Dr Hayley is led out of the room by a nurse.

Dr Hayley retreats to her room, where she finds Zendra waiting for her. Dr Hayley explains what happened. Zendra tells her that she is used to Ian behaving like this and tells Dr Hayley that previous doctors have failed in treating Ian. Dr Hayley tells Zendra that she will continue treating Ian despite the fact that he has given Dr Hayley a bad first impression.

After another mental brawl, Dr Hayley wonders what would have turned Ian into this way. She questions Zendra, however she is unable to answer the question as she has no idea about him. Her search eventually leads her to the Record Room, where records of every patient are kept. She attempts to enter, but Dr. Dan stops her, because the room is a top-secret room. She explains her plight, however he does not let her in. Dr Hayley plans to break into the room at night.When everyone has left, she invites Dr Dan for a date. Feeling flattered, he accepts.

She drugs him and leaves him in his home, and she proceeds with taking the keys of the room. She enters the room and sees the files. She eventually finds Ian's file, and takes it back with her for reading. However, a security guard notices her there, and thinks that she is an intruder. Not wanting to tarnish her image, she flees, and the security guard sees a glimpse of her face of Dr Hayley. She eventually reaches home and reads the diary.

-----------------------PART 1: 2012------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ian Morello is introduced as a 16-year old who has just moved to the town of Townsfield with his aunt and cousin. He is an orphan after his father, who is a big-time gangster was caught in jail while his mother eloped with another man. His past always haunts him, and as a result he has now moved to Townsfield in order to get on with his life. Ian is admitted into Townsfield Secondary.
When he first comes to school, he befriends a few guys. Ian tries to form a close friendship with Danny due to the latter's smartness, but Danny doesn't want to befriend him because of private reasons. Ian becomes angry when Danny's place is changed, in which Danny sits with someone else. Ian soon becomes friends with some gangsters, and as a result his previously hidden violent behaviour begins to resurface.

Ian soon tries to befriend other people after his rejection from Danny. He soon enjoys the rest of the class' company, and loved to be in the company of Abby, Bruce and Denise. Ian also fixes his friendship with Danny, and together Danny joins the group. But after a certain period, Ian soon grew fond of Abby's company. He thought that she was great,because she was the only one who respected him fully. Buan respected him too, but he wasn't that close to Ian as much as Abby was. For Ian, Denise and Danny were annoying and useless.

Abby and Ian soon begin to develop a close friendship, and Abby soon feels that she can trust Ian with her secrets. Ian, on the other hand begins to score better grades because of Abby motivating him and she allowing him to borrow her books to revise. He soon begins to fall in love with her. However, Ian hides this from Abby as he does not want to rush into the relationship. Ian becomes apprehensive when Abby introduces him to Romeo, a prefect in the second form as well as Abby's close friend. Ian and Romeo become close friends, much to Abby's delight, and a love triangle is formed between the three.

Ian soon realizes that he cannot control his love for Abby, and confides in Bruce about his feelings for Abby. Ian meets Abby to tell her about his feelings, but he is left heartbroken when Abby tells him that she loves Romeo. Ian tells her to go and get him, and she leaves, leaving a dejected Ian behind. Abby and Romeo meet and confess their feelings to each other. They soon share a quick kiss. Ian is happy at the duo's relationship, and does not sabotage their attempts. Instead, he assisted the two in their relationship.

Ian soon goes into deep depression due to the progressing relationship, and his failed attempts to get his true love, Abby. As a result, his academic and social life begins to deteriorate, and he becomes violent again. His past is revealed, and the teachers know about it but still think that he is an evil person. He began skipping classes and was rude to teachers. The entire thing eventually caught up with him, as he was punished several times by teachers. In fact, Ian now was public enemy no.1 in the school, and he was disliked by many teachers and friends.

Abby soon realizes that something is wrong with Ian because of his behavioural change. Compared to how Ian was when he first moved to Townsfield Secondary, he was now very violent and rebellious, especially to Denise. Abby decides to talk to him in order to find out about his behaviuoral change, but Ian did not change after the talk. However, Ian felt that Abby cared about him so much to have the talk, and decided that he would spend more time with her.

Abby and Romeo on the other hand, were having relationship problems due to their inabilities to trust each other. As Romeo was a womanizer, he had a lot of girlfriends, which made Abby very apprehensive. Things got even worse when Romeo accused Abby of being love with Ian as the two of them were very close to each other. Abby defends Ian, while at the same time hurt at these accusations. Romeo breaks up with her, stating that he will only get back together with Abby if she cuts her friendship with Ian. Abby is left at the crossroads, contemplating whether she should choose who.
Abby decides to hang herself as she believes that she can't choose. Romeo on the other hand believes that he has done wrong, and wants to reconcile. He arrives just in time to see his beloved hanging herself. Romeo saves Abby from committing suicide, and the couple reconcile. Ian soon learns about the couple's reconciliation and feels frustrated with himself for not being at the right place at the right time.

However their relationship goes back to square one, and they land in a fight. Romeo is expelled from the prefectorial board after committing a theft, and he blames Abby for his expulsion. After a fight, Abby and Romeo go separate ways again, with the two vowing not to meet each other again.

Abby feels so sad about the break-up that she begins to cry. Ian goes to her side and comforts her. Abby eventually stops crying and thanks Ian for comforting her. They eventually embrace and Ian kisses Abby on the cheek. As Ian leaves, Abby soon realizes that she has fallen in love with him now.

The climax of the first diary is at the school's New Year's Eve celebration, where Abby and Ian are present. Abby decides to confess her true feelings and calls Ian outside the hall. She is about to reveal her feelings when Ian breaks her heart, by telling her that he loves Sara, and sad music begins to play. Abby wishes the couple congratulations, and leaves the party.

Ian confronts her at the door, asking where she is going. Abby tells Ian that she is going home as her mother, Dr Hayley is waiting for her. She leaves the place immediately, and Ian spots her crying on the bus. Readers are left confused about Ian's feelings. As Abby begins to cry, Ian narrates in the background, stating "How would I have known about Abby's feelings that night? I was in love with Sara, wasn't I? But I guess 2013 was when the entire thing started."

--END of 2012 DIARY-----------------------------------------------
Dr Hayley soon understands the connection between Ian and Abby. She is about to read the second diary when suddenly a burglar breaks into her house. The burglar engages in a physical fight with her, and manages to displace Dr Hayley as he flees with Ian's file. Dr Hayley wakes up and becomes sad as her daughter's case can't be reopened without the file. She eventually falls asleep on the couch.

The next morning, Dr Hayley wakes up. After having breakfast, she is about to leave for work when she receives a call from the police station. The caller requests her to come to the police station immediately as they have something to show her.

At the police station, she is greeted coolly by Sergeant Samuel Lestrade. He was the sergeant in charge of Abby's case few months ago. He tells Dr Hayley that they have found a decomposed body of a girl and they need her help to identify whether it is Abby. A DNA test soon confirms that the girl is indeed Abby. Dr Hayley collapses in shock at seeing the DNA results. She is so sad to see her daughter dead. She requests Sergeant Samuel to reopen her daughter's case to bring the killer to court. But Sergeant Samuel tells her that he will not reopen the case as he doesn't have any evidence. She tries telling him about the events in the diary, however he doesn't listen and tells her to find evidence to reopen the case.

More commotion occurs when Dr Hayley arrives at the hospital. She realizes that the security guard on watch last night was shot dead, while Ian's file has gone missing. Ian has also been transferred into the ICU due to health reasons. Dr Hayley calls Zendra to her room as she wants to tell her something.

In her office, Dr Hayley tells Zendra about the events that occured the previous night. Zendra tells Dr Hayley to meet the principal of Townsfield Secondary, who is Isaac Lewis. She agrees with the idea and both of them leave the commotion-filled hospital together.

Isaac Lewis is about to leave the school when Zendra and Dr Hayley barge into his office to ask him questions about Ian, Abby and Romeo. Isaac is confused at first, but after some formal introductions he agrees to answer their questions.

Isaac tells them that Ian was a very smart boy who suddenly deteriorated in his studies towards the High School Certificate(HSC) exam. However, he is unable to tell them about Abby and Romeo as he doesn't know anything about them. Isaac soon learns that Abby is Dr Hayley's daughter and also learns about her death. Dr Hayley tells Isaac to help her find evidence so that she can reopen her daughter's case. Isaac supports her decision and vows to help her.

Dr Hayley soon returns home, only to receive a call from an unknown number. The called tells her to meet him at Port Sands if she wants to retrieve Ian's file. Dr Hayley fears for her safety and calls Sergeant Samuel to tell him about the anonymous caller. Sergeant Samuel tells her to call the anonymous caller so that he can trace the guy. He later learns that the call is coming from inside Dr Hayley's house. Dr Hayley rushes out of the house only to be knocked down by a car. She is immediately admitted into hospital.

She wakes up a few hours later only to find out that an unknown person knocked her down and kind Detective Nina Watson helped her by bringing Dr Hayley to the hospital. Hayley thanks Nina for her help, who then reveals that she is working under Sergeant Samuel.
Nina brings Dr Hayley to the police station in order to meet Sergeant Samuel, only to find out that he is out. Nina suddenly trips on the floor and finds that there is a file under the cupboard. She takes out and discovers that it is Ian's file. She tells Dr Hayley, who is overjoyed to find the lost file. They settle down in his office to read the first diary in a flash, and then the second diary.

----Part 2: 2012-----
The second diary continues off from the first, as Abby now returns to school seeing Ian and Sara together, causing her to feel jealous. Abby is angered by the fact that Ian begins to distance himself from her.

Abby soon goes into depression and her friends begin worrying for her. Sara feels pity for her, and decides to visit her and bring some flowers.

Sara arrives at Abby's house to find out that Abby does not want to talk to her. Sara soon realizes that Abby is angry at her for stealing Ian. Sara decides to tell Abby the truth, stating that her love with Ian was a play so that Abby would chase after him. Sara tells Abby to go and confess to Ian, stating that she will sacrifice her love for her friend. Abby thanks Sara by giving her a hug.

Abby rushes to the school field, where she finds Ian playing by himself in the field. She walks up to Ian and slaps him, only to hug him afterwards. As they are about to kiss, suddenly Romeo catches them together in the field. Romeo walks up to them, but Ian takes Abby's hand and does not let it go. An enraged Romeo watches them embrace, as Abby and Ian finally confess their love for each other.
However, Romeo separates the embracing couple, and expresses his anger. Abby tells him that not everyone will get who they want and asks him to bless the couple. Romeo gets angry and gives Abby a stomach jab, who faints at the brutal shock. Ian and Romeo engage in a physical fight, in which Ian acknowledges Romeo's physical strength but can't outmatch his speed. Ian eventually wins the fight, causing Romeo to flee from the place. Despite the depletion of his physical strength, he manages to carry Abby to the infirmary, where he passes out as a result of injuries which consist of bruises. Abby eventually wake up a few hours later to find out that Ian has saved her life. Feeling grateful, Abby and Ian share a kiss, and spend the night together in the infirmary.

Abby and Ian's relationship progresses at the expense of Romeo, who has become increasingly jealous at their closeness. He attempts to confront Abby one day, only to be rebuffed by her stating that she will never get back together with him. Romeo becomes angered and decides that he will have to split the couple.

The story climaxes when Ian and Abby attend Sara's party, which is a get together before the crucial HSC exams. Romeo decides not to attend the party as he has some stuff to do. Ian and Abby have a wonderful time at the party, and Ian decides to walk Abby home as she feels afraid. They are last seen at 10.58pm when they walk past the front gates.

Abby and Ian are walking through the path when suddenly someone hits them with a large axe. Abby and Ian are hurt by the shock and both of them fall onto the ground. Romeo laughs at the sight of them holding their heads in pain. Romeo tells Abby to get back together with him or he will kill her and Ian. She refuses, and Ian jumps to her defense. This enrages Romeo, who orders his gang members to kill them. Ian engages in a physical fight with them, displacing several members. He is shocked to learn that all of his friends have turned against him, and becomes angry. Suddenly he hears Abby screaming, as she has been stabbed with a knife.Ian rushes to her defense, only to be hit by the axe once again. Abby falls down to the ground and begs Ian to help her. Ian tries, but suddenly Romeo takes the axe and whacks her. Ian screams, but it is too late; Abby has died. Ian screams for his loved one, only for Romeo to hit him with the axe and he passes out.

He regains consciousness two hours later, only to find out that Abby and the guys have gone. In a flash, Ian's memory is restored and he realizes that he needs help. Ian rushes home despite being physically injured, and begs for his aunt to open the door. As she does, he suddenly collapses in a pool of blood.
Ian is admitted to hospital, where the doctors realize that he has gone mental due to the after effects of his lover's death. He is transferred to the Mental Asylum, where he has been kept for two years.

Dr Hayley and Nina soon find the truth about Ian's past. They attempt to tell Sergeant Samuel about the diary, but he is angered at the fact that Nina tampered with the evidence. Nina is ordered to be arrested due to tampering with evidence. Dr Hayley thinks that Nina is not guilty and calls Isaac and Zendra to come and help her.
In the mental asylum, Hayley and Zendra attempt to revive Ian's memory by the diaries. He however reacts violently and tells Dr Hayley to take him to Romeo so that he can take revenge. Isaac is able to track down his location, which is somewhere in the East Coast.
Hayley, Zendra, Isaac and Ian drive over to the East Coast where they want to meet Romeo. However, it turns out to be Sergeant Samuel. Romeo soon reveals that he has impersonated the former and has kidnapped the real sergeant, who had taken his side at first, for asking too many questions. Despite taking his side, he said that Sergeant Samuel never supported him.

Dr Hayley attempts to question Romeo about his involvement in her daughter's death, but Ian stops her. Ian has finally regained sanity, and engages in a physical fight with Romeo. The two men take axes to fight with each other. Romeo becomes injured after being hit by the axe, but he throws a spear into Ian, who becomes severely injured as well.

Suddenly, a ghostly version of Abby arrives and stops the two from fighting. Abby tells them to stop fighting, and tells Romeo that she has come to settle her affairs. Together with Ian, they whack Romeo's head with the axe and he falls down the cliff and eventually dies.

Abby and Ian's eyes meet as the two attempts to reconcile. Ian apologizes for not being able to save Abby during her death while she apologizes to her mother for not being a good daughter. The three of them smile at each other. However, as a result of his injuries Ian collapses. Dr Hayley is shocked to see this happen. She tries to resuscitate him, but Ian succumbs to his injuries. Abby and Dr Hayley are shocked at his death. Abby suddenly disappears; implying that she thought her mother caused the death of her boyfriend.

Two months later, Dr Hayley arrives at the police station to retrieve the full statement of the case. It is shown that Nina has been released, while the real Sergeant Samuel is back at work. He apologizes for not reopening the case and defending the villain, but Dr Hayley accepts his apology. As she walks away a painting of Ian and Abby can be seen, implying that they were united finally in heaven.

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