You're a Liar

September 20, 2013
By JuneS GOLD, Ottawa, Other
JuneS GOLD, Ottawa, Other
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Who knew that being bored could become so tedious?

"Don't you think putting your feet in water is such a nice feeling?"
"What the hell are you talking about?"
The little girl stepped into the river and splashed around in the water. The boy reached out his hand to pull her out, "It's still too early to go into the water. You should wait until May."
The girl giggled and then said, "Then why does it feel so warm? The water, I mean. It's early April yet the water still feels so warm and welcoming."
"I don't understand why you like water so much, but whatever. You're weird." The boy said.
They were childhood friends. Closer than anyone in the village. However, perhaps it was because their village was so small, they just had no one to be around but each other. Whatever the reason, they were just always together. Even though one was in love with water and swimming and the other was always trying to understand her. They just simply stuck together.
Being in a small village was hard though. There was never enough food, they were constantly attacked by bandits and sometimes even the knights of the kingdom would throw them around like trash.
One day, a group of bandits invaded the village and almost everyone was wiped out.
The boy lived, he was strong enough now to fight by himself. And his mind was only fixed on finding the girl and protecting her. He didn't care about the bandits stealing their money and food, he just wanted to save and protect his friend. He couldn't find her in the mess and after the invasion broke away, he stood in front of her dead, limp, bloody body. She had been tortured to death, cuts and bruises covered her body, she was possibly raped. And the boy...
He was too late.
They burned her body and her ashes were given to the boy. He carefully took them to the river and poured them out as he whispered,
"You're free now. No one to tell you what to do, no one can cage you to this small village. Flow with the river, evaporate into the sky, do what you want.
But, you're such a liar.........." The boy dunked his feet into the water, "It's so cold."

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