Letters of Love

June 10, 2013
“Thank you again so much for buying this property,” the young man said to Malorie as he shook her hand, “since my grandparents died it has been nothing but a burden to my sisters and I. Sorry if it is still a little messy, we could not get it all cleared out.”

Malorie shook her head and smiled, “I don’t mind a little cleaning. It will help me get a feel for the house. If I find anything you missed, where should I send it?”

The man smirked, “just throw it away. We don’t want it.” He handed Malorie the keys and walked away.

Malorie stared at the man, puzzled for a moment, but then just pushed him out of her mind. She walked into the house and smiled. It was an old Victorian style house with high ceilings and beautiful crown molding. The staircase winded up in such a beautiful curve that made her feel like a princess every time she walked up them. She quickly ordered some pizza and began working.

After a couple hours, Malorie stopped working to take a break. She had just finished the second story bathroom and had the whole downstairs finished already. She wandered around the house, smiling as she pictured her family there. The first bedroom once you reached the second floor would be the twin’s room. As seven year old girls, they would love the vaulted ceiling with plenty of room to hang objects from as well as the bay window that overlooked the pond and the backyard below. As Malorie gazed out of the window, she pictured the girls’ swing set in the yard with her husband, Myles, pushing the girls alternately so that one doesn’t get angry and throw a temper tantrum. She could imagine Michelle, the brave one, yelling for her daddy to swing her higher and higher and Misty, the quiet one, agreeing but only because she didn’t want her sister to call her a coward. She could even see their bright red, curly hair blowing backwards in the wind, hair that matched hers.

She moved on to the Master Suite. She could picture Myles and herself sprawled out on the bed after a long day of work and the girls. She saw the late nights of work that was still left to do, the nights where they just enjoyed being together and cuddling. She quickly moved on down the hall where she found a door. Assuming it was just a closet, she opened it. To her surprise, there was a staircase she didn’t know about. Malorie quickly walked downstairs to find her flashlight and began investigating.

At the top of the stairs, she found herself in a dusty attic full of old things long since forgotten. As she shone the flashlight around the room, a mirror reflecting her own image frightened her. She approached it, and dusted it off to see more clearly.

Malorie saw her curly red hair was flying everywhere, even though she had put it all up in a ponytail tightly before she began her adventure. Her big green eyes stared back at her, sticking out against her complexion. She smiled at her reflection and moved on. She was just about to give up on finding anything in the attic when she stumbled upon a box marked with the years 1940-1950 printed on it in small, careful handwriting. She gently opened the box to find it was full of letters. She took the one from the top and found the same small cursive writing written on the front of the envelope.
Penelope Griffith
1485 Northshire Lane
Daisytown PA 15427
Robert Henderson
Troop 105
Honolulu HI 96815
She realized these were letters written back and forth between the young man’s grandparents during World War II. She thought about calling him to give him the box, but she remembered he told her to pitch everything. She carefully opened up the letter and began reading.

Dearest Robert,

I miss you so dearly. Every night that you are gone fills me with loneliness and worry. I know you are out fighting for what is right, but I will spend every day that you are away worrying about your safety. Things have not changed much since you left. I guess you probably already knew that. Nothing ever changes in this town. Is Hawaii beautiful? I know we used to talk about going there. I’d love to hear all about it. I went to the park today to our spot. You know the one right under the giant shade tree? RH+PG is still written in the bark. I knew it would still be there, but I just had to go see it again. Oh Robert, I miss you so much. Seeing that tree reminded me of everything; you down on one knee, that picnic, and even the first time we made love. It seems unreal that was only two weeks ago. Even as I am writing this, tears are falling down my face as I think of how far away you are. I pray every night this war will be over and you can come home safe. I often find myself questioning why we are even drafting for this war. None of the fighting has come our way. I know you are going to help other men so they can go home to their fiancées, but I can’t help but to stubbornly feel that you should be allowed to just stay here with me. Let them fight their own fight. Well, it is getting late and this letter is getting long. I’m going to go to sleep now and dream of you. Please stay safe, My Love, and come home to me soon. I love you.

Forever yours,


Malorie could not believe what she had just read. This was before the bombing on Pearl Harbor. She was getting a first-hand look into a woman, desperately in love with a soldier. She quickly found another, but this time it was from Robert to Penelope.

My Dearest Penelope,

Everything here is alright. We are mostly just at the docks, helping other soldiers as they return from overseas. We have just received word that my troop will not be sent to Great Britian. We will stay stateside which is good news for me. That means I will be out of danger. I miss you every day and every night. I long to have you in my arms once more. I miss our spot under that tree. Every night before I go to bed, I travel back to that day I carved those initials into the bark. I had just asked you to be mine forever, and you agreed. The smile on your face and the happy tears I saw streaming down your face is what keeps me going on every night. I know that soon enough I will be back on that bus, heading towards you and our future together. Hawaii is beautiful, breathtaking actually. The ocean is the most beautiful shade of blue and the islands are just amazing. When I come back, I will bring you here so you can experience this beauty with me. I’m running out of time to write, so I will end this letter here. Stay strong my sweet, for I will be home soon. Sleep well and know that I am there with you in your heart. Goodnight my sweet Penelope. I eagerly await your next letter.

Forever and always,

Your loyal soldier, Robert

Malorie couldn’t help but let tears spring to her eyes. All the love she felt in these letters, it was unreal. She carefully sealed the letters back up and carried the box to the Master Suite where she had set up a bed to sleep. She gently pulled out a letter, telling herself it was the last one for the night.

My Robert,

It was so great to hear from you. When I opened the mailbox and saw your handwriting on an envelope I could hardly contain my excitement. I tore it open right there in the front yard and hugged it tight. I miss you more and more each day. I’m glad Hawaii is beautiful and I hope you get to enjoy it. I have been listening to the radio. It seems that the war is worsening. Even the Government can’t control his Hitler guy. I am scared for you. I’m afraid they will send you over there and I would not be able to bear it. I’m sorry this letter has to be so short, but it has been very busy around here and I am very tired all the time. Goodnight my love, stay safe and have great dreams.

Your faithful fiancée,


Malorie smiled, even though the letter was short, it was so full of love. As she replaced it back, she noticed something odd. The letters were in order, yet the next letter was another one from Penelope instead of from Robert, and it was addressed two days later. She quickly opened it and began reading.

My Loving Robert,
Oh honey I just heard on the radio about the attack on Pearl Harbor. I know that is where they transferred you to and I am worried. They said so many soldiers had died but they will not release any names. Oh please Robert, please be okay. Respond to my letter as quickly as you can. Call if you can. I need to know that you are okay. If I ever lost you, I would not know what to do with myself. I need you here. Oh Robert I was going to wait until you responded to my last letter to tell you this, but I am pregnant. I went and saw Dr. Styles yesterday and he confirmed it. We are going to be parents. I need you to come home safely. WE need you to come home safely. I have not stopped praying since I heard the news. Please my love, respond to me as quickly as you can. I am sending this express mail, but I am unsure at how quickly it will get to you due to the attack. I love you Robert, forever and always. Please don’t let this be the end of our forever.

Your devoted fiancée and soon to be mother of your child,


A tear streamed down Melonie’s cheek as she read the letter. “What a terrible time,” she muttered outloud.

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r4ch_87 said...
Jun. 25, 2013 at 3:16 pm
Hi i read your story as im doing a writing course and have to evaluate the themes of short stories, i'd like to read the rest and really enjoyed it, your writing style is great.  
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