Love at First Sixpack

April 3, 2013
"Life is full of decisions. They can be as easy as choosing pepsi over coke,and as difficult as picking whats behind door number 1, or door number 2.Because not knowing what lies behind those doors,makes it hard to take the chance. But if it's something you really wan't then you take it anyway."


To be honest,when I first saw him, I didnt get that tinglely feeling that speads from the top of your head to your toes.At first I figured that didn't matter.I mean,who believe's in love at first sight anyway? Right? And when he approached me and introduced himself, I waited for the butterflies in my stomach to kick in,but all I'd felt was the weight of my cafeteria lunch. He'd shook my hand, and I held on to his a little longer than neccesary before letting go. Urging the electric current that was surelly between us to flow.

As he talked I looked at him wistfully, trying to evoke in myself feelings that weren't there.Only parcially listening to what he was saying, I still managed smile or laugh in all the right places. The one sided conversation went on for what seemed like hours,me nodding and smiling while he animatedly told his life story with wild gestures of his hands. I remember thinking that lunch had never dragged on this long when I realized the endless chatter had stoped. His hand had somehow found its way to my shoulder. Still, I felt nothing.

The end of lunch bell rang, and I stood there under the pressure of his hand unwilling to move because I felt I needed to make some sort of connection with him before he moved on to some other girl.So it kind of threw me for a loop when he asked me to have coffee with him after school.There was really no way I could refuse. He was the type of guy that didnt have to worry about rejection.And I wasn't going to be the first one to tell him no.

When he kissed me, it felt like ....a kiss. there was no spark or undeniable chemisty between us and in my mind i convinced myself that this was how love was.I told myself i watched too many movies and had expected love to be exactly what i had invisioned.So that when it finally came, I was too hung up on the thought of love when I was supposed to feel it i fell short.

To be continued.......

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