He Doesn't Know He Hurt You

April 3, 2013
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Why bother show that he hurt you when he’s to blind to see? You walk around depressed just to try to make him see, but he’s never going to see. You thought you were his everything, but he only dated you cause him and his ex-broke up. He said he loved you, you said it back, but the only thing was you actually meant it.

He was your first kiss, and your first kiss is always the one you can never get over. You wish he hadn’t kissed you, but you really wish he didn’t date you just cause he was trying to make someone jealous. Your heart is broken, and everyone knows it’ll never be the same after what he did. Help me, help me get over him, because I’m hurting more than anyone knows.

He gets another girlfriend, and you’re scared cause you know he’s just going to break her heart just like he did yours. No girl deserves to get her heart broken. He’ll see you with another guy and realize what a real fool he was, because he’ll realize he’ll never ever find a girl like you ever again. Sucks to be him though, because he lost a real girl, not one who acts like someone she’s not.

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