The Boy She Fell For…

March 13, 2013
One day Ava and Luke were walking to the movies, it felt like a normal Saturday night when everything turned up-sided down. As Ava and Luke were walking around the corner a car sped down the street and hit a pole, flipped over and hitting everything in sight. Luke saw the car coming right in front of him; he pushed Ava out the way risking his own life for her. As the cops and ambulance get their Ava can’t move her leg and she had a cracked head, she got to the hospital and she received 24 stitches, she also had broken ankle, and a fractured knee. As for Luke he has 5 broken ribs, a broken arm and leg, plus he’s having hard time breathing on his own so he’s in the ICU. Ava asked about the driver, people at the hospital said “he’s alright but highly intoxicated and will be serving time in jail.”
Ava and Luke’s parents came as soon as they heard, Luke’s mother asked “How is Luke doing?!?” The doctors responded “He’s not doing to good he got hit really bad, but were keeping a close eye on him.” And Ava’s mom asked about her, the doctors said “Ava’s is doing ok… she cracked her head open and received 24 stitches, a broken ankle and fractured knee.” Their parents went to go see them. A few weeks’ has passed by and sadly Luke didn’t make it. His funeral was set 2 ½ weeks before school started. Luke’s mom asked Ava if she would like to say a few things at the funeral. She quietly said “sure.” It felt like the funeral sneak up on her, Ava told everyone how amazing he was, he always helped everyone with everything or anything. Luke had the sweetest heart, he didn’t deserve to die. She started to cry; she looked down and went back to her seat.

It’s been a month and a half since the accident, and after 4 weeks of school starting Ava was finally ready for a change, but she didn’t want to be treated differently. Everyone was so nice, showing her around to her classes, and make a surprise for her at her locker with cards, roses, and teddy bears. Ava smiled and said “Thank You Everyone!” The day went on it was 4th period and roll call was being taken Miss Darwin called out “Ava Russo!?” she replied “Here!” “Luke Rodriguez?!” no reply “Luke Rodriguez?!” Ava got out her seat and ran to the bathroom one of her best friends got up and followed. Miss Darwin asked “What’s Going on Here?!?” one of the students said “Luke is dead and Ava was his girlfriend!, she’s still recovering.” Miss Darwin said “Oh My God! I’m So Sorry I Didn’t Know.” Jennifer walked in the bathroom to make sure Ava was ok, Jennifer asked “Ava! Are you ok?!?” Ava replied “NO!! Why does everyone think I’m ok?! My boyfriend died a month ½ ago. Everyone expects me to be happy? How could I move on?” Jen said “It’s ok if you’re not ready, I was the same way when my dad died, I didn’t even want to come to school! Thankfully the teachers were so nice to send the papers over so I could pass middle school.” Ava replied “True… but still everything we’ve been through its all … gone.” They were talking for awhile but thanks to Jennifer, Ava felt a little better and thanked for the story about her dad.

It seemed the school year went by too fast, it was already May. There was a new kid at our school, he was in all of Ava’s classes and the weird thing is he looked just like Luke. But she thought it was all in her head then she asked her friend Melisa if she was crazy or did he look like Luke, Melisa said “Oh My God! He does look like Luke.” Ava went up to Luke and started talking. The school year is finally over and Ava was having a 4th of July party and Luke was there and they’ve been friends for awhile and Luke went up to her and started talking. Ava was thinking to herself “Ugh! Why can’t I just ask him out? Am I that scared he will say no? Will it ruin our friendship if we ever break up?” finally she comes out and says “Luke! I like you! A lot and I don’t want to be friends anymore I want to be more then friends.” He stands there and smiles he said “Ava! I like you to… I’ve liked you since the day we became friends, and I was planning on asking you out but I wasn’t sure when or how to do it.” So Ava just gives him a hug and said “Luke it’s not that hard, watch… Luke will you go out with me?” Luke just smiled and kissed her and boom! They were dating.

As months went by Luke was starting to feel guilty about not telling Ava what he’s been hiding, so he takes her out on romantic picnic at the park. Ava asked “Luke, Is something going on?” he said “No, well… I need to tell you something… remember you were dating that boy and you were walking to the movies with him and he got hit by that car?” she looked shocked but she said “yea… what about him?” Luke said “he was my brother. And I lived with my dad and he lived with my mom.” Ava felt like crying but in a way she was sort of happy because she had a piece of something that meant the world to her. So she said “I’m not angry but I’m sort of happy because I knew there was something about you that meant so much to me” they ended up staying together. <3

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