In the Rain

March 3, 2013
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Alone. Shuddering. Freezing. Those were the three adjectives I’d use to describe my abandonment in the rain. Okay, it wasn’t so much as abandonment as it was being accidentally left behind by your team. There I was, all alone, unsure of what would happen next. In no time, I caught a cold and was sneezing furiously (I get sick really easily).

Then along she came, the girl in my class with the red-gold hair. I had been dreaming about her for a very long time, but I didn’t know whether she would notice me or not. After all, I was one of those nobodies, those who don’t get the girl…or was I? Her name was Janine Decat, and she was absolutely gorgeous. She had a fiery yet friendly reputation. I’ve never seen her hang out with people like me, so I assumed that my crush on her was just a hopeless fantasy. I thought my pursuit of her would never be rewarded…until today.

She stood close to me, pulled out a white handkerchief, and said, “It looks like you’re getting sick. Need a tissue?” I was incredibly shy and didn’t know what to say, but all I could say was, “Thanks,” and took the handkerchief. I blew into it and said, “I’ll give it back to you tomorrow, all clean and new.” She chuckled, “That’d be nice.”

As we stood outside in the heavy downpour, she turned her head and asked me, “Did you know there was a booth here?” I had failed to acknowledge that fact and I was scolding myself inside. She led me to the booth and we sat down. She looked all around to see either the bus or that we were alone. Then, she scooted closer to me and stroked my head. I found this very relieving and I couldn’t help but lean against her. She responded with a chuckle as she continued to stroke my head.

Just then, there were two lights emerging from the haze of rain. We both stood erect as the bus neared. When it stopped at our stop, we both went into the bus. We practically sat on the same side in adjacent seats. Shortly after the bus left the stop, I sneezed violently. Janine looked as if she had been pushed back.
I apologized, “I’m sorry I’m like this. I shouldn’t get you sick.” She shrugged, “Well, if I do get sick, at least I can share you pain. Besides, I’m pretty hardy as it is.” I smiled and sniffled as she put her hand on my shoulder and said, “I hope you get better soon. I would love to hang out with you.” “Really?” I beamed when she nodded.
I was really awed by her kindness and her willingness to be my friend. When my stop came up, I rose from my seat and began to walk down the aisle. But before I had the chance to walk out of the bus, Janine grabbed my wrist and asked, “I never did catch your name.” I replied, “Adam. Adam Corbett.” She smiled, “Adam. I like that.”

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