A boquet of Lilies

March 6, 2013
Lilith laid sprawled out in the knee high grass, watching as differently shaped fluffy white clouds rolled past her line of sight. She smiled. The grass swayed gently, back and forth, tickling her. Sighing she turned over, and giggled. He had fallen asleep. His long eye lashes rested delicately against his high cheek bones. He had the softest of smiles on his face, Lilith vaguely wondered if that had something to do with her. She watched his chest rise and fall rhythmically. Earlier on, he had taken off his shirt and under shirt, she shook her head at the thought. "Show off," she grumbled quietly. His body was lithe and lean. She trailed a pale finger down his chest, slowly, as if memorizing each indentation, each subtle scar on his creamy white skin. Her hand came to a stop at his abdomen, her face flushing in realization at how far down her hand had gone.

"After all this time," he chuckled, "You still blush." Lilith's jade eyes snapped up to meet his ebony ones.

"Well," she mumbled, "I'm only blushing because I got caught." Her eyes sparkled bashfully. "You're very handsome, you know?" He looked away, and cleared his throat. "I mean it," she whispered. He shrugged off the compliment.

"How long was I asleep?"

"About an hour," she shifted back onto her back, "You want to go get some lunch?"

"Nah," he said, Lilith frowned.

"Aren't you hungry," Lilith asked, persistently. He just rolled his eyes.

"What am I? Five?" Lilith glared at him.

"Well sorry that I care for your well being," she snapped. He threw his head back and laughed boisterously. His eyes gleamed as he met her steady angry gaze.

"Lighten up, lily." She huffed indignantly, and stood up. He scrambled up onto his feet, throwing on his undershirt and over shirt, while trying to keep up with her quick pace. He tripped, twice, but steadied himself before he fell face first onto the ground. "Lily," he called out warningly. She turned back to look at him, eyes narrowed.

"What, Daniel?"

He sighed and pursed his lips, debating if he wanted to come any closer, she looked lethal. A silly smile broke out on his face at the thought. She was so tiny, she couldn't hurt a fly even if she tried. He took her in, his heart swelling with pride. She could hold her own, that much was clear. Her choppy, black hair undulated in the wind. Her grey and green flowery sundress and simple eye make up mad her emerald eyes pop. She had painted her nails navy blue, his smile broadened, his favorite color.

"Daniel, seriously." Her aggravated tone snapped him out of his inner musings.

"Remember how I promised you I would get you flowers," he asked.

Lilith nodded her head slowly, "Yeah, I remember," she regarded him with caution.

He chortled, "Lets stop at that nice flower shop you love, I'll get them for you." She tried desperately to hide her joy, but failed miserably.


"Really," he whispered.

She squealed happily and nibbled on her lower lip, "I want a bouquet of white lilies," she said sternly.

"What ever you want."

Lilith strode over to him, quickly, and laced her fingers with his, pulling him in the direction of town excitedly.

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