February 16, 2013
By Xoxii15 PLATINUM, Gresham, Oregon
Xoxii15 PLATINUM, Gresham, Oregon
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Its not your abilities that make you who you are... But it is your choices

Its that single moment when you get paired to someone, someone new and different. An unreal concept your mind hasn’t had the chance to interpret yet. But instead of usually writing it off as nothing, your mind and soul are urging you to take a chance. That moment, is so underrated. It’s so forgotten, and overlooked. You don’t realize it until you start to think its too late. Then you decide to settle for the basic. Well if I can’t have him, I’ll settle for being near him, because thats better than nothing at all. Honestly, its not better at all. Because now you’re having to go through life watching him with other people. Watching him talk, and smile and laugh. You’re having to live your life pretending that you’re okay. It doesn’t bother you to see him with someone else. Or to know that he isn’t thinking about you when he is alone. Like you’re thinking about him. There’s a little bit of hope in your heart. Its saying that maybe he’ll realize that he means so much to you. Maybe, he’ll make a gesture to give you a little push. To show you that he’s ready. To show you that he cares. But he won’t. Because you’re hiding. Because you’re selling yourself short. You may think that what you’re doing is for the best, but its pushing him away even more and more. Because you’re letting him think you don’t care. We’re all human. We want someone to care. Someone to care about us. More than that though, we want someone to show us that they care. To take away our fears of being alone, or forgotten. So even if the journey looks impossible or too provocative, I beg you to take it. Because it’s not worth living a life full of regret.

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